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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   melpn
    A turkey. Literally. A frozen turkey.
  2. by   Hypersheep
    We don't get bonuses in the UK, at least not in the NHS (government funded sector). I'm not sure about nurses in private hospitals.
  3. by   country mom
    Reading these posts, I feel lucky. We get a $20 gift certificate to the hospital gift shop. The employees actually look forward to going down and spending it. THe volunteer ladies who run it are nice about coming in early morn hours, & extra Saturdays so night staff, etc. get a chance to spend theirs. I guess I like it- it's my one chance to go and get something frivolous for myself for once.
  4. by   warhawk
    monday, i just received my $15 gift certificate from a local grocery store ($10 if pt employee). how embarrassing!!!! anyways... MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 U & your family.

  5. by   Kyrshamarks
    I got the $700.00 my wife got a little over $5000. She works as an office nurse for an OB/GYN doc. She has worked for her for 10 years.
  6. by   ltg623
    We get a turkey...I get 2 because I am also working on my BSN completion at the college affiliated with the hospital. Best is you have to guess the weight of the turkey because it is not marked !!! Our docs do have a Chirstmas party every year..I have never gone since I have always worked Saturday nights. Our docs did send us all a signed card and a gift card to Starbuck's a few weeks ago..just because. That was nice. We got Starbucks last Sunday because we were having a hellacious night. The hospital has a nice party and they actually have one in the afternoon and one at night so night folks can go. I miss the private sector..........
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    No bonus ever for homecare staff working in a non-profit agency.

    However, we did have a lunch buffet from outside caterer with gift box chocolates and hand lotion. Drawing for those attending included Poinsetta's and the lovely frozen turkey.............along with the coveted allnurses pens. The committee is mid level Mgrs so will work to step it up a notch next year

    My own 20 staff members had lunch prepared by me Wed....told I need to go into catering business by team.
    Staff always willing to work with me on department issues so my personal expendature reaps far more rewards year round.
  8. by   marygirl
    The hospital where I work gave out a bonus this year, not sure if this is common or not since I am a newbie. It was based upon hours worked from the fiscal year June 05 - July 06 or something like that. I got $100, but the max amount was $200. I didn't start working full time until May 06, I was occasional before. I doubt if they counted my occasional hours.

    I was happy with my $100 check.
    It doesn't compare to my $5000 bonuses I used to get when I worked for a large corporation before I became a nurse, but I knew those days were over.
  9. by   Teh48
    First of all, I'ld liketo say I was a member before but could not remember my password, etc, so here I am again. I was fired from a job last February. I felt it devasted my life. Did not find a good job until October this year. Now for the bonus-----NEVER in my life have I been beter treated. This private residential school for boys 8 to 18 gave us a whole weeks pay as our bonus, a full course catered meal, repeated throught out the day so all shifts had the same treatment. Also received a beautiful fleece zip up vest in the right size and a beautiful addrss book, made of the finest softest leather with gold lettering and page linings.
    I cannot believe they gave everyone the same thing. I work with another RN under the RN Supervisor (used to work alone). She is married to the CEO and it is a very welcoming, warm, friendly place to end my carreer. I am so happy and wish all of you could feel the same happiness.
    I know the rotten stories also. Last year - a $10 gift certificate to Stop & Shop for Thanksgiving; for Christmas NOTHING! All the while this private psych hospital located in Westwood, MA the Main CEO of the entire organization made a $2 million discretionary bonus - YES - it was discretionary! Which means that does not include his regular bonus. They treated and continue to treat their staff like dirt under their feet. Firing for no reasons to menial reasons. Thank God I was thrown out. The old saying: When one door closes, another opens, can't be more true for me.

    God Bless, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh(sp),Happy Ramadan and Happy Kwanza!!
  10. by   BJLynn
    I got $25 this year. The max at our facility is $150. It's a non profit, so I understand.
  11. by   meme_911
    bonus :roll :chuckle :biere: :smackingf :lol_hitti :Santa5:
  12. by   MsLady06
    Quote from HommerRN
    we get a calendar so we can keep track of the hours we are suppose to work???

  13. by   crb613
    $50 gift certificate to Wal-Mart, party, & country ham supper at our cafeteria...served by the DON, CEO, & the other big wigs. They cooked fresh food for nights...so we did not get leftovers.