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  1. jmeador

    What's your favorite type of patient?

    Oldies but goodies with a good sense of humor. I like when pts teach me as much as I teach them. The "true" cooperative pt. Also, I like the ones who make me work for a smile.
  2. jmeador

    Whats to Enjoy about Nursing?

    You post really disgusted me. Please try to find a job where you work with paperwork. You seem burned out. "Negativity drags everyone down, and it seems like there are plenty of people who don't need a lot of encouragement to feed off it when a busybody complainer comes in the bunch. Pretty soon, though, nothing is right, everything is wrong and it's like a toilet bowl with everyone swirling and going down the drain together." This is a quote by you. Please realize that you are being negative about a profession that creates so much joy for me. Sure there are plenty of things to get angry and frustrated about, but in the end it is about the pts. We would not have a job without the pts. Laughter heals a lot more than tears. I can relate to your background of "gripers". I have found that my thoughts are so much more powerful than I give them credit for. Turn some of those negative comments into positives because it is what you chose to focus on. Best of Luck -- Spring is almost here motocycle mama:cool:
  3. jmeador

    Do you trust automatic "vitals" machines??

    I worked at a University Hospital as a Senior Nursing Associate. When we were checked off in the lab (at school) and checked off 3 times with direct supervision by a nurse. We were allowed to be delegated blood draws, catheters, dressing changes, sugars, trach drsg changes... But remember it is up to the nurse to delegate these tasks and the should be sure of the competency of their aides. I loved the extra practice and it allowed me to keep my skills sharp. Its a great role transition for new nurses. Nurses aides technically are not to be assessing pts. but any good nurse knows that you have to contantly assess, assess, and re-assess. So I can see you shock when techs do a drsg change ... "without assessing". :roll
  4. jmeador

    Calling all cath lab RNs

    I met my preceptor today. She was in the ICU for 20 years before working in the Cath Lab. I will be completing 320 hours this semester- Do you think that would qualify me for a Cath Lab position apon graduating? At this Cath Lab all the nurses are very experienced. It's intiminating- but hopefully they will see I am willing to go the extra mile and a half with a lead apron on!
  5. jmeador

    Is there REALLY a nursing shortage?

    I invite you to become part of your state's nurses association- You seem to share the same ideas that nurses collectively share. Last year I attended the Kansas State Nurses Association (30th Annual Day at the Legislature), it inspired me to be an advocate for me and all other nurses. Usually, we are so aware of being advocates for pts that by the end of the day we have forgotten about ourselves. To keep nurses strong we have to keep ourselves happy. Okay enough soapbox---
  6. jmeador

    You Know You're an Old(er) Nurse If . . .

    I worked at a small long term care home (8 pts). The owner/operator was maybe 50. She thought I was stuck up for wearing gloves "just to clean up pee":idea: Maybe, I should have given her less attitude considering the stance just a couple of decades ago. But come on-- That's just gross considering STDs, HepC, and God only knows what.
  7. jmeador

    Is there REALLY a nursing shortage?

    So many of us, yet very few write congressmen (...) Isn't there something we can do to secure our profession wages and workload at a prudent nurses ability.
  8. :balloons: The second semester of nursing school we had to give our trusty lab partners deltoid, glute, and SQ injections. We also started IVs, and drew blood. BUT because of sparse flu shots over the last 2 years our Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic had to be canceled.
  9. jmeador

    Most RN's first borns?

    2nd girl born. Mom and Dad both abuse ETOH.
  10. jmeador

    What's your holiday bonus?

    :monkeydance: Once when I was a CNA at a nursing home, they gave us all butterball turkey or ham gift certificates. It would be even funnier if I were a vegan.
  11. jmeador

    Croc shoes Worth it? Or forget it??

    My facility does not allow crocs. Any suggestions to keep my feet happy?

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