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I'm a student and have been reading up on some of these forums and many, many nurses would leave their jobs if they didn't need the money. Everyone continually talks about how stressful their jobs... Read More

  1. by   Djuna
    I am an RN from New Zealand currently working in Australia. My partner and I are hoping to move to the US sometime this year or next but after reading many of the posts in here I have huge trepidations.

    I work in a rural hospital in New South Wales, a small hospital where we see approximately 60 patients a day through the Emergency Department. Sometimes it's absolute havoc and busy but the support we receive from each other and our wonderful Charge Nurse makes up for the times when we barely sit down for a cup of coffee.

    I earn $30/hr with an extra 50% on Saturday and 75% on Sundays plus shift allowances for afternoons and nights so my take home pay averages out pretty nicely. We are encouraged to do further training and we are always given study days when needed.

    Some of the doctors can get snappy but in general they know they have to treat nurses nicely because otherwise we don't do anything for them which makes their job more difficult, as well as the fact abuse is simply not tolerated by management.

    I have been nursing for 14 years now both here in Australia and in New Zealand and if I don't like the culture of a ward or unit, I just leave. There's always another place to work.

    Nursing can be boring, it can be ridiculously busy and exhausting, it can be frustrating dealing with people all the time, but it has variety, career options, decent pay and you always get a laugh somewhere in your day.

    I enjoy nursing and when I feel burnt out and need a break, I change specialty and it feels all new all over again.
  2. by   twotrees2
    Quote from RavenC
    I never did prison nursing but the two nurses that I know who did it, said they LOVED it. The guards took good care of them too and they never felt afraid. One of the nurses said they were told not to learn why the prisoners were there, because once you know what they did, you really hate to care for them, thinking they deserve to suffer, 'after what they did', to someone. I did agency for years in PA and swore I'd never go back to a facility. The only reason I did was because I moved to Arizona and there are a lot of places that flatly refuse to use them, so work can sometimes be scarce. The attitude toward them out here is much more negative. But with agency you don't have to go back if you hate it, you don't have to deal with the politics and you make more money. I may yet go back to agency to fill in the money gaps while learning to make my way in real estate, but I've also found that PRN can be nice. For you, even if you do a lot of prison nursing, you can tell the agency to give you a couple shifts in a dementia setting. I always said dementia was my favorite, but then I had some patients that I could talk to and found that interacting with them on that level was also wonderful. I think agency gives you the best of both worlds. And remember, you work when you want to so don't be afraid to plan that vacation or enjoy a holiday.
    Interesting about your last job...relates to the level of respect we get. At the end of February I went to work and wasn't on the schedule...that day or for the next month...a new person was in my place. No one knew anything. Finally the DON came in and promised to explain but was busy at the moment. I stayed and worked cause another nurse went home, but never got any explanation. I'm using my savings and part-time job to support me while I get my real estate license. The scheduler called one day and wanted me to work and I said, "Do I even work there anymore?" She found out this...the DON just wanted the new person to have hours to get used to the job and "never meant to offend me". I still have my full time job. I told her sorry I'm not available till the end of March. I have no intention of giving up on real estate even tho I know I'll need nursing to supplement my income. A LOT to be said for agency!! Good luck...bet you enjoy the change.
    thanks for the encouragement- the hardest part though i only worked "per diem" or " casual call" as they called it - i worked over half time there for TWO YeARS - what a slap in the face to be told that unless after 2 yrs i followed there rules of ( 2 weekend days and one other - mind you vs the 10 - 14 days i did work) - then i "couldt work for them anymore." -

    again thank you - i do hope i enjoy the change - who knows maybe this direction shall be even better. god bless.
  3. by   Msnurselaura
    Clara you are going to make a great nurse. Im starting my 2nd semester in nursing school and find that the little things that we do can make all the differance...Good luck and I can feel you pain when going to clinicals and putting on that silly uniform, We do it because we are going to make a differance. Take care
  4. by   Imafloat
    There is a lot to enjoy about nursing.

    I enjoy that everything I do at work matters.
    I enjoy that I am a part of one of the most trusted professions.
    I enjoy the paycheck and the job security.
    I enjoy the job portability. I know that no matter where my husband may be relocated, I will be able to find a job.
    I enjoy my patients, I work in the NICU, I get my baby fix, then I get to go home.
    I enjoy my fellow nurses, we are all so different, but we all care, that is why we became nurses.
    I enjoy having 4 days off a week.
    I enjoy wearing comfy scrubs and crocs to work.