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OK. I don't want to fluff any feathers. I'm simply trying to get an opinion to experienced nurses and try to see this from the nurses point of view. I'm a nursing student so my POV is still very... Read More

  1. by   RedhairedNurse
    Quote from momofqc
    I didn't judge anyone, and condemning? My only disapproval is not being respectful to pt's/clients and families whether or not they are your prize pt/client. There is a better way to handle situations. (again, not talking about extreme "hands in the bloody chest" pts)

    It sounds as though they are judging and condeming you momofqc.
    Just my opinion though!

    You will see this type of nurses in person when you start working,
    however, you can't just say as you feel like on this board, but you will see it.
    Again, sad for my profession at times. You will develop thick skin as you gain
    experience and that is the case here with a lot of experienced nurses.
    They have been through **** and highwater and I can understand the
    bitterness towards family members to a certain extent, but they should
    still remain respectful.

    It was the first time I experienced an AWFUL family member the other night.
    Oh, it was awful. I work nights so I don't get this a lot, but if I did, I may
    understand more how every one feels. This pt family was giving me so
    much attitude at the beginning of my shift it was ridiculous, but I remained
    professional and respectful.
  2. by   ayla2004
    hmm very few famillies enagage is pratical pat care from my experince. we even extended visting so that they could and they didn't. most famillies see that as nursing work they are there to talk and take the pt out for a coffee in the hospial at most(love when this happens better for pt ).
    it could be my pt are all old, very dependent and often have formal home carers I still ahve seen how tired and drawn a pt canm be from enteraining a visitor and the enerdgy it requires. They may not have a nap or delay going to bed due to a visitor often a nice break but it depends on the number.
  3. by   southernbeegirl
    ahhhh don't yall wish you knew as much NOW as you did when we were students?

    when i go in a room and a visitor tells me "im a nursing student" i'd like to just shoot myself in the head. it would be less painful that dealing with the student nurse visitor.
  4. by   BigRussKCMO
    If I am at the hospital for any family (esp mom and dad) members and the nurse is rude to them esp post op...better be finding some boxing gloves because its game on.
  5. by   mykidzmom
    at the risk of repeating what others have said. i agree the pain issue was handled inappropriately. i am sorry about that. when i have medicated a patient with everything i had ordered and pain med is still being requested.....i have been known to be very apologetic that it takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect combination of analgesics, (which we WILL have for you!) and the surgeon is actually here in the house--doing emergency surgery. but if you feel this can't wait, i will certainly page doctor to get an order for a little more pain med. now, if i really think the pain is being controlled totally inappropriately, i won't even use that line on the fam or patient--i'll just page the doc --surgery or not--i have to take care of my patient! but if i don't think it is that bad, i put in on them--if you need him paged out of surgery i will do it. i have been ordered to page doctors at weird times for weirder reasons, but no one has ever taken me up on that offer.

    as far as the other stuff, although i am sure none of you meant any harm and were as polite and helpful as possible....but there were 2 strikes against you (all) from the nurses POV. first--the pack of you always there. it is RIGHT for you to be there, but it is tough for the nurses--we don't have time to get you an extra chair (the reason there are 2 chairs is because they really don't want more than 2 visitors) or anything else you want that is not related to the pt. immediately safety and healing. it is intimidating and throws you off to have 6 extra eyes staring at everything you do (even nice, non judgemental eyes). the second strike was making it known that you were a nursing student. i have heard people say nurses make the worst patients--i disagree--i have always found nurse family members are the worst to handle (worse than docs, oh yes). you are watching--are you critiquing, judging, trying to learn a new skill, what? you are offering to help--are you helpful or are you asking the RN to trust you with something out of your scope of experience that she will have to redo? or are you passive aggressive? offer to do A, B &C then turn around and say the nurse never came in, i had to do A B & C. i don't think you were, truly. but when there is a pack of family and one of them is a nurse, we tend to want to run away from you. we don't know how wonderful you may be.
    before i was an RN (i was a young adult and just beginning to contemplate CNA) my mom was hospitalized. when i was going to be a great advocate for MY MOM--she was going to get great care dam**T, if i had anything to say about it. so when i had a question or she needed something i went to the nurse. and if the nurse was in another room, i stood at the doorway to either get her attention or wait for her to come out.

    yes. i'm sorry. that was me. my head is hanging in shame and embarrassment. i didn't know how inappropriate it was. i wanted to look after my mommy! in retrospect, someone should have punched me in the nose. the point of that is you are all obviously nice people, trying to make sure mom got what she needed and as a student you wanted to be a useful asset. it is very possibly the nurse did not perceive your presence in the benign way you were there. she still sounded bitc**y. i bet you learned a lot of how you intend to handle similar situations in your future. hopefully mom is feeling better. it is hard to know when to cut the nurse some slack, which everyone deserves at times and when to say no, she's gone too far, something must be said. in the future, if a family member is luring out of another patient's room while you are working--it isn't me.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from bigrusskcmo
    if i am at the hospital for any family (esp mom and dad) members and the nurse is rude to them esp post op...better be finding some boxing gloves because its game on.
    you must be a nursing student.
  7. by   Virgo_RN
    Quote from BigRussKCMO
    If I am at the hospital for any family (esp mom and dad) members and the nurse is rude to them esp post op...better be finding some boxing gloves because its game on.
    Any such threat from a family member will result in an invitation to leave, and if said invitation is declined, then security will gladly escort you out the door.