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Hey guys do you get to choose the color of scrubs that you're wearing or does it depend on which department of hte hospital you work at? Can I buy white scrubs if I love the color?... Read More

  1. by   maryk650
    I used to work corrections, and you could wear any color you wanted. I recently started working in the hospital setting. They have a color for each unit but they do not provide the scrubs. If they require you to wear a certain color, are they not supposed to buy the scrubs for you?

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  2. by   puppycat
    We are color-coded by department: OR/PACU wears Ceil Blue, ICU/Stepdown-Royal Blue, OB-White, ED-Navy Blue, Med-Surg Maroon. This dress code isn't in the hospital rule book, but if you even try to wear a coordinating print top you'll be sent home. Also, we don't get a uniform allowance or even access to discounted scrubs. I really wish I was told about the dress code before I took the job because I have a lot of scrubs just collecting dust in my closet.
  3. by   KungFuFtr
    Quote from canadian
    when I was in school I had a prof that did her phD thesis on patients with dementia and one of her findings was that people with dementia often thought that those who wore white were angels and got scared (not sure how she found this out)....so we were forbidden to wear white.....just a thought...plus white gets so dirty. I cannot imagine wearing it.

    Scared from white scrubs...?
    I think it's the burgandy scrubs you have to be worried about...
  4. by   kitty_quilter
    Well here's my 2 cents worth on this issue. When I got out of nursing school in 92, in the hospital I worked at we could wear solid color tops or jackets but our pants, skirts or dresses had to be white. About 3/4 years after that the hospital relaxed the dress code and as long as you wore scrubs they could be any color/print, etc.

    Fast forward to now ... I see people wearing a whole array of clothing to work, much of it not appropriate ... capris, raggy t-shirts, etc. One of the major hospitals in town just released their new dress code. Nurses in navy blue scrubs ... period. Other departments such as RT, PT, etc. in different colored SOLID scrubs. I would not be surprised to see the other hospitals follow suit. On one hand I don't really want to wear just one color but.... one of the most common complaints patients make is that they don't know who the nurses are. Everybody from housekeeping to dietary to nurses wear similiar scrubs.

    If you work in a corporate environment you definitely have a dress code. Suits, ties, jackets, etc. That type of clothing is very expensive but required to work at most large companies. So I think its a hard sell to expect the hospital/facility to purchase or allow a clothing expense. Plus, you can deduct all scrubs, shoes, etc. on your taxes (as long as you don't use it outside of work).

    So I know a lot won't agree and thats ok ... I have a lot of pretty print tops in my closet too that I bet won't get worn out.

  5. by   Treen
    We can wear any style/colour/print of scrubs that we want.
    I generally wear black scrub pants with a solid colour top and a white jacket. Or I will wear matching solid colour sets.
    I try to stay away from prints as I look young so it is especially important for me to convey a professional image. Every now and again I will pull out a print though. The elderly patients tend to compliment me on the floral prints.

    Edited to add: I do wish we were colour coded as it is impossible to differentiate between housekeeper and RN, especially since many people neglect to wear name tags! Of course that would mean the employer would have to pay for uniforms so I don't see it happening in the near future.
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  6. by   WOLFE
    we can where navy blue or white...or combo, for example...top whit and pants navy blue
  7. by   cc08
    I work in a surgery center and every body wears the same color... doctors, nurses, medical reps, medical assistants....if you enter our area, you gotta have on scrubs!

    We wear navy, by the way (boooorrring!)
  8. by   tatgirl
    I wear prints, and bright colors. At our facility we can wear what we want as far as scrubs go. There are a couple of nurses who have been nurses for almost 30 years and they wear all white. I had to wear white for clinicals, and it seemed that on me white is a stain magnet!!

  9. by   SaraO'Hara
    The nursing staff where I work wear pretty much whatever colour / print of scrubs they like, but bottoms must be solid coloured, shoes white or black.

    I'm training to be a CNA, and my class all wear white... mostly white scrubs, but I wear a dress because I don't like to wear trousers.
  10. by   BabySF
    At my facility, we can wear whatever we want.. I work on the liver transplant unit, so we make fun of the nurses who dare to wear white scrubs. (Too much poop!!)
  11. by   bethin
    We can wear whatever we want. No cropped pants though. Personally, I only wear navy and ceil blue pants with subtle tops. I'm not a bright person. I don't like sticking out. I've noticed that the new nurse externs at our hospital wear extremely bright colors and very very low rise pants. They bend over and you can see their thongs! I draw the line at that. We are professionals - even if we are only aides. Also, I see some nurses wearing khaki pants with a white top. I think that can be confusing for patients.
  12. by   Kiren
    The hospital I used to work at was "color coded"
    Rn/Lpn - white
    Cna - ceil
    radiology - navy
    pt -purple
    pharmacy - hunter

    etc., etc., I think it was a good idea. You always know who you are talking to.
  13. by   SilverPhoenix
    White is the most illogical color for our profession.
    Two reasons:
    1: You can see you 'roos, I dont know about you, but what color my skivvies are aint nobodys business.
    2: Two words "Mud" and "Blood"