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Hi guys, I'm 19 years old currently taking prerequisites courses for the adn program in a community college, I'm developing a big passion towards taking care of patients in and out of the hospital.... Read More

  1. by   LexRaven
    It will get better if you take the chance to make it better. Stay in school. And lastly, get a bike and leave car payments
  2. by   samadams8
    I would have put my nose to the grindstone to meet the pre-med requirements and go to medical school. I do not glorify medicine. If anything, I have seen it's suckiness up front and personal over many years now. I simply think more like a physician than a nurse.
  3. by   tiroka03
    While I am glad to have been a nurse all these years, I would have encouraged myself to go after my bent in life - writing. Never let fear deter you from anything. I had the chance to sing with the Lundstroms, but didn't think I could sing weekends and work nights weekends too as a single mom, caring for my mom. Imagine how it hurt to see the Lunstroms singing with the Gaither's on TV one night. Ouch. Never give up anything because of fear. Now I am pursuing my writing career writing NurseWorks Magazine Apple Newsstand in January. I loved nursing, but writing is my strength. Put your time in now, work hard everyday. The thought of being like the old people in my nursing home kills me. I never want to stop creating and being, never want to have everything taken away. I want to be in control always, and you can only do that by holding tight to the things that interest you. Love hard, give away things that others neeed, keep people close to you and contact them often. Go out for coffee, go to interest groups, and attend church. Love your kids and their freinds and mates. Love. Don't hold back, don't hide, don't be afraid. Go forward full throttle. That is what I would tell myself - oh and don't marry what's his face, or at least be mature where he isn't. Love isn't demanding perfection, but forgiving.
  4. by   vintage_RN
    While school is important..in my opinion marriage and family is much more important. I got married very young, and while it wasn't easy..it's been worth it..and great to have support through nursing school. So, every situation is different. Id say, do whatever you are really passionate about..don't give up and let people bring you down. Be you, you love what you love for a reason...so persue what makes you happiest.
  5. by   JDZ344
    I would have worried less what people thought of me and focused on what I wanted for myself.
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  6. by   PROUD2BANLPN
    I live in Erie Pa. I became an LPN @ age 38. I love giving care, am good @ it and have empathy & sympathy for the ill & frail. Unfortunetly in this town there are no good jobs really. I work in a LTC facility, county owned no less. The staffing is always short, unionization has created all kinds of problems, scheduling is a joke (in nursing period). I also work in private duty home care. I have been on a couple of "normal" cases. I've also been on cases where the nurse is treated like a servant, a housekeeper and a slave. I've been lied to, yelled & sworn at by ungrateful ignorant family members and bitten by the clients dog more than once. My supervisors are RNs who have worked in the hospitals and for the agencies and they say it sucks there too! I had a past LPN classmate tell me don't go back and waste 40K to get my RN cuz it sucks being in charge and he makes LESS money per hour than I do ( as a perdiem) in the same LTC place.
    I would tell you to LOOK CAREFULLY at the availability of jobs in your town. I would like to be a resp. therapist but already know there are no jobs available in this town. I love the "concept of nursing" and all that it stands for, but if I could be even 37 yrs old right now, I would go back to school for another degree altogether. God Bless and Good Luck!...and YES, have some fun & live alittle while your'e in school, you can never get back your 20th, 21st etc years of life.
  7. by   ProfRN4
    -don't be in such a hurry to grow up!
    -Don't get married so young,
    -travel, and enjoy all the things you can't necessarily do once you've settled down
    - get some sort of "life experience" before (or while) in nursing school (like a job in a hospital, or something medical). Some opportunity to have relevant experience would have benefited me, at such a young age.
    -don't be in Such a hurry to get my RN (I went for the 2 year degree). I believe everything happens in due time. But it would have been nicer to have my BSN earlier than I did (I ended up finishing 9 years after I got my adn)

    -don't be in such a hurry to get married! (I know, i said this one already). Don't settle! The person you are at 18, 19, or 20 is not the same person you are at 30. Take your time to find the right one, so you don't have to do it over again.
  8. by   debfeathers
    Learn to drive heavy equipment.
  9. by   MomRN0913
    I would have listened to my parents and married rich.
  10. by   workingharder
    What would I tell my younger self? Hmm. Let's see.
    1986, buy Microsoft stock. 1995, buy Apple.
    June 1984, Italian restaurant. Do NOT order the chicken. That was a bad weekend.
    1983, I would tell myself not to sell the '67 GTO. In fifteen years it will be worth $35,000.
    When my wife asks if that dress makes her look fat, do not tell the truth!
    Finally, I would remind myself of the advice I had received years before from that old rancher; "Life is a lot easier when you're not sweatin' the dollar signs, and the only true secret of wealth is to spend less than you make."
  11. by   MomRN0913
    Really, though, don't be in such a hurry to get married. I married my first real boyfriend at 24 while in nursing school. We got together when I was 19, he cheated, I forgave, we eventually got married, had a baby and then he left me for his affair partner when our DD was 6 months old.Get to know yourself fully before you give your heart to anyone. Take time to find and develop the right career.And savings. Wile you should do some fun stuff and travel at your age, start saving.
  12. by   chevyv
    I'd be telling my 19yr old self to quit going out after work, buckle down, and forget about nursing, study hard and either become a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

    Had I known then the amount of work and the so little respect given to nurses, I would have run. Whenever they need to cut or pile on more work and less time with pts, it's nursing that gets the shaft, always. I would have reconsidered my desire to be a nurse and looked beyond the pt care to seeing pts one on one and getting much better pay!

    Also, I would have spent much more time with my parents. My father passed when I was 24 and I miss him so much. I would have hung out more with moms and pops for sure!
  13. by   Nick7225
    Stay in school! Finish your degree before you have kids. You have no idea how much easier it will be.