What was your first position as an RN?

  1. I'm still doing my pre-reqs (heading toward RN) so I'm aware I'm putting the horse way before the cart here;I like to go into things with my eyes open though....

    I'm seeing job offers for new grads posted as "Residence nursing" and "Entry Level Rn Staff". Can anyone explain the difference to me?

    Secondly, my hope is to work the night shift. Have any of you been hired onto third shift right out of school? My scheduling in the future is an important issue...this may seem a bit bizarre but it would be such a help to hear what people's first jobs were "right out of the gate". Besides being a help I would just be really interested to hear what your first jobs were.

    Thanks in advance, I sure enjoy reading what the "pros" have to say here.

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  3. by   huggietoes
    Started in Med/Surg on a VERY busy floor. Great experience, learn how to juggle and multi-task. Could not have asked for a better staff to work, learn and grow with. Working nights out of school will not be a problem, trust me. They tend to hire new grads for the off shifts first. Still on evenings now actually. Nights is a great shift to start on, great autonomy, less ancillary staff, bond better with your crew since you will be dependant on one another so much. Even though many have had success going to a unit right out of school, I say you can never go wrong with a year on a Med/Surg tele floor, just my $0.02. Good luck!
  4. by   athomas91
    ER nite shift...never looked back...great experiences from great nurses teaching me the in's and out's...currently in CRNA school...so here i am a student yet again...ugh
  5. by   Darchild77
    Started full time nights on OB and wouldn't do any thing else, they did require me to do day orientation shifts, though.
  6. by   orrnlori
    If nights are your thing then go for it, there are lots of us that are thankful for you nightowls. I started nights in trauma step down - God-awful job. 7 patients, 2 nurses, a tech when we were very very lucky. We got everything the 7 ICU's could shove out the door to make room for the newest worst of the worst. Never worked a night in my life until that job. Never could adjust to it, felt sick and run down all the time, couldn't sleep when I was off. I guess I have a very strong circadian rhythm that refused to cooperate. Good luck with school!
  7. by   nekhismom
    Went into NICU on nights. I even oriented on nights. I'm switching jobs now to go to L&D, and I will have to work days while orienting. BUt TRUST me, you won't have ANY problems finding a night shift job. Most people don't do nights very well, so those of us that do have plenty of opportunity.
  8. by   P_RN
    Family doctor's office. Wish I'd stayed.
  9. by   TinyNurse
    full time night shift in the ER!! love it!!
    I'm 9 months outta nursing school currently. The ER staff is great!!
    I believe that as a new grad you can get into any area that you want to. I also believe that there are plenty of 3rd shift positions available. Best of luck in your pre-reqs, and nursing school!!!
    xo Jenni
  10. by   Ortho_RN
    Well Im just out of school and I am working Night Shift on an Orthopedic Floor... Very Very busy stressful floor.. But I love the staff.. I worked their as an aide, so I decided to stay.. Not so sure about the night shift thing yet.. It just seems to mess my whole life up.. The extra money is nice, but not sure how long it will be worth it...

    Only bad part TO ME about the night shift, is the nursing supervisors don't seem to understand how to staff at night.. During day shift you might have 5 RNs, 2 LPNs and 2 Aides for 20-25pts.. But on Night shift you get 2 RNs and MAYBE 2 Aides for the same number... They seem to think people sleep but whatever.. That is what stresses me... Not enough staff for the number of patients.. and it varies by floor... There is no consistency to their staffing.. OH WELL

    Night shift will not be a problem to get....
  11. by   Noney
    "You want to work nights? You have a license? When can you start?" Words from most managers mouths.

    Seriously, you won't have a problem getting a night **** position. My first RN job was on a med/tele night shift. I'm still on nights because I like the shift diff. and I'm not a morning person.

  12. by   sjoe
    "I say you can never go wrong with a year on a Med/Surg tele floor"

    I agree.