What was your gpa when you got accepted to an RN or LPN program?

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  3. by   MedSurgeMess
    4.0....I am booksmart as it gets, but unfortunately got shortchanged on the common sense
  4. by   PedsNurse322
    4.0 - hope I can keep it up thru nursing school!
  5. by   all4schwa
    4.0, to which i soon said bye-bye...
  6. by   Elisheva
    4.0, kept it through nursing school. I had to keep my grades really high because I was a single parent counting on scholarships. In retrospect, I wish I'd kept a 3.2 and had more of a life during those three years. AND - your GPA is no reflection of how good a nurse you will be. I did great on the academic stuff but had more trouble with clinicals; being a perfectionist on a med-surg floor is a tough thing to do.
  7. by   JCRN
    3.30 but I don't think that has any bearing on the kind of nurse I am.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    I attended a private vocational LVN program that didn't look at prior college coursework or require prerequisites as long as you had the tuition money.
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  12. by   shoebottom
    3.36 my school counts nothing but classes that you need for the RN program
  13. by   rn-jane
    It was 3.8 and graduated with 3.75
  14. by   Angel@MyTable
    My cumulative gpa was 3.0 when I was accepted into a nursing program for fall '08, (I was at 3.3 cumulative the semester before).

    I have a child who is autistic, and I worked part time while taking at least 13-14 credits each semester (other than summer). After 2 1/2 years of of continuous semesters (2 summer, 2 fall, and 3 spring) and considering that when I started school, my little boy Ben and I were living in a shelter, then he was diagnosed with autism, and developmental delays, I think I did okay! I have to add that I have already raised 2 other sons who are 25, and 23. My oldest was diagnosed type I diabetes right after he turned 13, and he is hard on his body. Last fall, he broke his ankle playing football, and needed some financial help (not that I can give much), his girlfriend left him, and then this spring, he broke 2 ribs wrestling w/a friend, he worries me a lot! My other son is doing well in the Air Force, and has a nice future carved out for himself.

    I did graduate this spring with an AA, but I am burned out, and looking forward to having the summer off so I can go into the program, guns a blazin'! I also plan on not working while in the program, hindsight being 20/20 and all. I know that my education, and my little one suffered somewhat trying to overachieve, and I ended up not getting the grades I wanted! I already have a plan in place, and the possibility of some decent scholarships that will help cover extras. Nursing school is too important to screw up!