What to include in a cover letter

  1. Recently in my town's newspaper I discovered a employment position open at my children's school for a nursing position. I have never written a cover letter and was wondering what to include in it. Do I let the principal know that I have children there at the school or not. I am not sure what to write. Help!
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Good luck in landing the job.

    Use http://resume.monster.com/resume_sam...urseres_cover/ to help and guide you.
  4. by   GPatty
    Wish I knew how to help...but I think Jess' suggestion is best. I think it's just showing an interest in the position, and telling them to expect your resume soon.
    Best of luck to you!
  5. by   control
    I have a great book called "Nursing Jobs" or something like that. It explains cover letters, CVs, and other job application related terms.

    A cover letter's purpose is to sell yourself to the company. If you've ever done any research, volunteer work, etc, you can include it in your cover letter.

    A cover letter is perfect for (respectfully) bragging about the special things you've done. By the end of it you want the reader to think "Hire this person."

    I usually start by introducing myself and expressing interest in the position. Then I get into the body of the letter whatever job related topics I want to briefly mention/discuss. Finally I usually thank the HR recruiter (or whomever will be reading the letter) for his/her time, and give my contact number(s), express my interest again, and tell them that I look forward to a chance to talk one on one.

    That's about it for me. Hope that helps. If not, you should get this book!


    (I got mine at the library, but for 12 dollars, I think it's worth purchasing.)
  6. by   control
    Also FYI, if you ever desire to leave hospital nursing, you must learn to write a mean cover letter! I wish we'd spent more on this in nursing school....
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Or you could actually pay on some of these websites to have a cover letter and resume professionally written. I personally prefer to write my own. Stay away from giving out too much info. Be specific, to the point and very professional.

    Also, have good references prepared just in case they ask you to furnish them.
  8. by   Daytonite
    First paragraph. . .you are applying for ____ position. Enclosed is a copy of your resume.

    Second paragraph. . .mention anything on the resume that you, in particular, would like them to notice. Here is where you also want to explain why you would be a good person to be hired as a school nurse. So, point out any work you've done with kids or pediatric nursing. Basically, you want to let them know why you think you'd be good for the job and what you have to offer that would make you good for it.

    Third paragraph. . .Thank you for considerating my resume. I would like to follow up by contacting you within the week. I can be reached at (800) ------.