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Hi guys: I have been thinking to move to another states to escape Arizona heat. Not for sure where to go. Can you guys recommend some good states that RNs are treated well? Thanks. ... Read More

  1. by   AmericanChai
    What's wrong with AZ? I'm a student wanting to be an RN in AZ.
  2. by   maconnurse
    The Macon Georgia area burns nurses out quickly and the physicians are not nurse friendly. Coliseum Hospital is one of the worst.
  3. by   Im2exclusive
    NYC, but check the hospital first. Beth Israel, Kings County, and Methodist Hospitals are a good choice.
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  4. by   jlcole45
    I'd start with choosing where you want to live, maybe the top 3 places, ones that offer a good quality of life, then start looking at the facilities.
  5. by   bluesnurse
    Quote from VickyRN
    North Carolina has some nurse-friendly hospitals with safe, professional work environments. Just be choosy and research well before you commit.
    After 3 years here, I can attest that NC is a great place to live in terms of climate, cost of living, and job opportunities. BUT, all facilities are different, and I'll second the motion that you have to be picky and ask the hard questions before you accept anything.

    Remember an interview goes both ways; if you ask a question about working conditions and get an answer that is unsatisfactory to you, you can and should WALK AWAY. Be polite and diplomatic, but I was offered a job before I even moved here and there is no way I would have kept my sanity (not to mention my license) under those conditions. The pay was great but not worth it, and I turned it down with no qualms.

    Also -- I am not sure how much this is going on in other parts of the country, but here, a lot of megacorporations are swallowing up the smaller facilities. It recently happened in the practice where I work, and I'd chosen that job especially because it was a relatively small close-knit company. They changed our whole (very effective) management structure and now I'm counting the days till I can transfer out.

    Personally, I'm all in favor of nursing unions and legally mandated ratios. I know CA has them; not sure about which other states do.

    I wouldn't tell you to rule out NC; it has its advantages. But be very, very careful and feel free to pm me if you are considering the CLT metro area.
  6. by   John123
    NC sounds good. My friends scared me, he said if you go to eat coast, you'll get 6 patients in tele, no CNA, no one watch tele monitors for you. Is that true at East Coast area?
    Here in AZ, we always get 4-5 pt in tele dept with monitor teach and CNAs. In Med/surg here, we get 5-6 pt with CNA helps. Thanks John
  7. by   John123
    I know Texas RNs always have 10-13 pt in med/surg. That is horrible. I am looking for a state with good RN Pt ratio. What about NC or MN? Thank you! John
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from John123
    I know Texas RNs always have 10-13 pt in med/surg. That is horrible.
    "Always" is a major exaggeration. . .

    In the major metro areas of Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio), 6 to 8 patients in med/surg is the norm. It's definitely not the 5 patients that you are accustomed to, but it's also nowhere near 10 to 13 patients. Please do not spread the inaccuracies around.

    The only area of the state where 10 to 13 patients in med/surg is "the norm" is the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.
  9. by   jlcole45
    Here in Asheville NC, the liberal heart of the state I might add, I hear from a good source, that the heart surgery step down unit has great staffing - normal is 4 to 1, and they have a very good nurse manager. There's a lot to be said about having a good boss.

    Good luck in your search. Might I add one more suggestion - why not try traveling for a while? That way you get a chance to check out an area but without the long term commitment. Asheville is a hot travelers market - very desirable location especially this time of year!

    I traveled years ago and saw parts of the country I never would have otherwise.