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My hat is off to all of you great nurses that can get up at the crack of dawn and be ready for anything!!! I have always worked 2nd shift, either 2-10p or 3-11p, mostly because I'm a night person. ... Read More

  1. by   JANRN
    i work them all...but the one i like best is 3-11..least is 11-7..unless i get a good stretch of em...too taxing on the sleep cycle for me to just do one or two nites here and there
  3. by   JLBLPN
    I'm very surprised the number of people that replied that work evenings and actually like it. I worked it for 2 years and hated every minute of it. It always seemed like I was woking when everything was going on (ex. school functions, parties and gatherings). I take my hat off to those who can work that shift. I am very lucky that now I am in administration and can basically work any hours that I want to. I usually go in at 6:00 a.m. just so that i can get the staff off to a good start by addressing problems including staffing ones. I do however work the "off shifts", as we call them where i work, I don't mind as long as its when i can arrange it around my schedule. I salute those people who can work the evening shift that had children in school. I'm just not an 3-11 person. Love my day shift!
  4. by   daisie
    I have worked 3-11 for the past 4 months. I worked 7p-7a for the first year I was a nurse. I am a night person. I have worked 3rd at every job I've ever had. I'm on 2nd now because 3rd got really boring for me. All the rt's were asleep and what's there to do but clean. I cleaned windows, the fridge, cabinets, closets, etc. I got tired of cleaning. I'm a nurse not housekeeping. 2nd shift lost all of its nurses so I went to 2nd. Not a dull moment there. Sundowners setting in, rt's refusing to take showers and arguing with them, getting them to go to bed and stay in bed without wandering everywhere, and it seems that evening is when they all get sick: upset stomach, headache, can't sleep, back ache, etc. What a different pace from 3rd. I get to sit for 5 minutes, maybe, to grab a bite to eat. I have ran down the hall while chewing my food many times, but the time goes by a lot faster.
  5. by   Teshiee
    I love the night shift 7p-7a. I can't function in the day time. I can go to class but not do patient care. When I apply for a job it seems to never be a problem because no one likes the night shift. :-)
  6. by   RN6699
    I work 7a-7p and love it! Believe me, I am not a morning person, but once I am at work, I am ready for almost anything! I enjoy having 4 days off a week. I did work 7p-7a for about 7 months and just lost too much sleep.
  7. by   kids
    I have worked all 3 shifts for extended periods of time...

    Nights: Hate them with a passion, it doesn't matter how much sleep I get I am always tired and within a few months of starting I am pale and sickly all of the time-the headache and nausea never goes away (plus I gain a lot of weight). But they did work best when my kids were younger and in school, I came home and got them off to school and slept all day while they were gone, they went to bed before I went to work so I was *always* home to them.

    Eves: My bodies favorite! Going to bed at 3am and getting up at noon suits my internal clock just fine, unfortunately if you have school age kids of any age you never see them, was really bad when I was a single parent and my daughter was 13-15 and had to babysit her little brothers who were bigger than her and wouldn't mind. I also never got any housework or errands done as I slept until a couple of hours before I had to be at work.

    Days: My favorite as far as having a life goes, I get to eat dinner with my family and generally stay in touch with the world. Unfortunately I am a night owl and have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning and dont wake up until noon.

    I work 8:30-5:00 3-4 days a week and pick up what ever I need in the way of 3-5 hour shifts to round out to 40 hours/week. I also prefer to work weekends and have weekdays off...it is impossible to get any 'business hours' personal errands and appointments done when you work 8-5 M-F.

    Basicly I'm a biological evening shifter in a day shift life.
  8. by   LTC-LPN
    I absolutely love the PM shift. Have worked the PM shift almost all of my career - 25 years worth. My husband worked days and I worked PMs and the kids had very little day care. They are grown up now so the day care worries are over, but the evening shift is still my preference. My best sleeping time is in the late morning after everyone is gone for the day. ( I do get up to send the high schooler off to school and the husband off
    to work, but then the bed is mine! )

    Jane Ann
  9. by   LilgirlRN
    For 15 years I have worked nights, with the exception of 2 months last year when I worked day shift and I hated it so much I gladly went back to nights!!
  10. by   Mary Dover
    No shift work at my job, thank goodness. I am blessed to have a schedule of 8-4:30 Mon-Fri. All holidays off. Never have to work Christmas. This is a blessing for me. I'm not a night person. And love that my schedule fits in with my family's.
  11. by   CANRN
    I've worked all three shifts,
    Nights is out for me! I worked it for 16 years and my body just refuses to do it anymore.
    Mostly I work days, (I hate getting up in the morning) but prefer 3-11. I feel my best on this shift, get my errands run and housework done, go to the gym, etc and make it to work without the feeling of being rushed.
    PS....My kids are raised FINALLY!!!
  12. by   kaycee
    I have worked all three shifts but have worked steady 3-11 for past 20yrs. I'm suprised at the amount of others on this thread that like 3-11. Most nurses I work with hate it and they are glad I work it steady so they have to do it less. I started out working 3-11 so I would be opposite my husband. He had the kids when I wasn't home and vice versa. Therefore we didn't need daycare. Kids are teenagers now and I just kept working 3-11. I work ER and it tends to be the busiest shift but there's no management types around, I am the steady charge nurse and I make a little more money with the shift diff. Biggest thing though is as others have said I'm not a morning person, my brain doesn't function much until after 10:00am.
  13. by   RN-PA
    I've worked all shifts, day shift mostly during orientation, though. When I first started in a hospital on Med-Surg night shift, I thought that was where I'd always be. I liked the "quieter" time, no docs. or administration to deal with, and I pretty much got enough sleep. However, as a new nurse, with the number of patients I had and also all I had to cover for an LPN, I didn't get to do enough thorough assessments on night shift, and there were so few resource people to help me with my many questions/problems as a new RN. It wasn't until moving to 3-11 shift that I really learned to distinguish different breath sounds, for example, and my confidence and ability to do assessments increased quickly. On 11-7, I always felt bad waking the patients up, too, and often had to reassure, reorient, and calm them after waking them from their deep sleep so I could assess them.

    I ended up going to evening shift for a number of reasons related to increasingly intolerable working conditions on nights and because I liked the nurses I got to know on evenings, and I've worked evenings ever since. I like not having to awaken to an alarm clock, I like that I only have to deal with one meal on my shift: dinner, I generally enjoy interacting with families visiting, and I don't care to do the full bed baths, either. Co-workers who've left 3-11 for 7-3 say how much easier it is on day shift, that they some times (I want to emphasize SOME times; they have their share of crazy, non-stop days, too) get to go for a breakfast break as well as lunch, and most of the post-ops, admissions, and post-procedures end up on 3-11 after they're gone for the day. They also have more ancillary help, from PCT's (Aides), to transport (which stops at 5 P.M.), to volunteers. Evening shift also gets all the shave preps, bowel preps, and sundowners, as mentioned previously, but I love my co-workers on evenings and the work is challenging; we work well together as a team, and the shift almost always zooms by with all the usually intense activity and workload.

    What I can't imagine is working 7A to 7P with three meals, doing A.M. care, the tons of QD meds (due at 0800), and between 3P and 7P is some of the biggest frenzy of activity imaginable on our Med-Surg floor.