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  1. daisie

    tattle tell

    I forgot one more thing. There is a cna that works with this nurse. They are best buds (at work). This cna will graduate in May as an RN. She is going to become the RN for 2nd shift. We've never had a 2nd shift RN. I thought about getting another job...
  2. daisie


    We have a problem in our facility. DHEC requires 7 cna's in the facility on 2nd shift. There were 8 on the schedule and 6 were in the building (plus an orientee, which made 7). There are 2 wings. 4 cna's were on wing one and 2 were on wing two. Two c...
  3. daisie

    tattle tell

    Still working there. It's ok for me, but there are a lot of complaints from others. I heard that this nurse is into "voo-doo." She has told me that she doesn't believe in god. Another nurse said that she believes she has "roots" on the adm. and don. ...
  4. daisie

    explain carefully

    While I was in nursing school a graduate from the year before came to speak to us. She was currently working in a doctor's office. She said that a girl about 18 came in and she needed to get a clean catch on her. She explained to the girl to take the...
  5. daisie

    You can't make this stuff up!

    We have a rt. who had fallen (before he came to us) and have 3 brain surgeries. He is very, very talkative, nonstop, 24 hours a day. One morning someone told him he smelled like a pole cat (I wasn't there, I was told this when I came in on 2nd). Afte...
  6. daisie

    Alternative meds? You'll never believe this one!!

    When my grandmother was in ICU with angina, she talked my aunt, who is an RN, into bringing her some kerosene to put on left arm because it hurt so bad. Her room really had a strong smell. And she would also pull her IV pump with her to see who was w...
  7. daisie

    tattle tell

    Last night was my last night for 6 days. I wrote the administrator about the "spy" needing to have things her way. I also had other complaints not about the spy. The day before, the DON came to me wanting me to work more overtime. I told her not to e...
  8. daisie

    what do nurses think of medical assistants?

    I didn't know there were M.A.s until I had about 2 months left in nursing school. I'm an LPN. I was shocked and upset. If I had known about the M.A.s I would have done that instead of spending all that time in nursing school. Maybe LPN's make more mo...
  9. daisie

    Charting Bloopers

    I work in a nursing home. The other night one of my aids called me over the call and said, "Mr. ____ has a bad rash on his prenatal area and needs some cream." I was laughing so hard and she came out of the room and said, "Are you laughing at me?" I ...
  10. daisie

    cna salary

    $12/hr? Where I work CNAs make $6/hr. and they work ther buns off. I'm an LPN and make a lot more than they do, but if it weren't for the CNAs, think of the work that we would have to do. I respect the CNAs I work with. I am not demanding or ride the...
  11. daisie

    Nursing Techs

    When I started out as a nurse I was very passive and the CNAs had more experience than I did, and they took advantage of it. I worked the nt. shift and I would find them in a rt's room watching TV or sleeping. I didn't say anything because I was afra...
  12. daisie

    What shift do you work? Why?

    I have worked 3-11 for the past 4 months. I worked 7p-7a for the first year I was a nurse. I am a night person. I have worked 3rd at every job I've ever had. I'm on 2nd now because 3rd got really boring for me. All the rt's were asleep and what's the...
  13. daisie

    True ER stories

    I was in nursing school and doing my clinical rotation through the ER when this young girl came in. She said that she was pregnant and that she had a bladder infection because she had cramps and every time she went voided she was bleeding. We ran a p...
  14. daisie

    Some things just can't be explained

    The hospital in my town was very old. It was closed a couple of years ago. The man who founded the hospital died many years ago. The nurses in the hospital, that worked with him when he was alive, say that he always did his rounds late at night. Afte...
  15. I graduated in 1999 from Hartsville Career Center as an LPN. It is a one year program. I learned to be a CNA. I learned to be an LPN when I got my nursing job. The experienced nurses in the facility where I work taught me how to be a nurse.
  16. daisie

    Having your water turned off

    Where I work I eat at the nurses station. I work 2nd and 3rd shifts. 1st shift does not eat at the nurses station, probably because there are too many people at the desk and your food could be talked over or spilled. We have had meetings where they a...