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While I was in nursing school a graduate from the year before came to speak to us. She was currently working in a doctor's office. She said that a girl about 18 came in and she needed to get a clean catch on her. She explained to the girl to take the first towelette and wipe down one side of the labia, then the second down the other and the third down the middle, then put it in the specimen cup. Well, the girl put the towelettes in the specimen cup, not the urine.

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Another urine specimin story. Just the other day I was getting a sports physical ready. The girl was about 12 or 13. When I had completed everything, I gave her a urine cup and told her we just needed a little urine in the cup. I handed her a ziploc baggie and told her to put it in the bag when she was done. Well, she brought me the bag alright... she had dumped the urine out of the cup and into the bag!!!!! I am now careful to say "and put the cup in the bag" I chuckle still when I think about it!

about 100 years ago when I was new to nursing I gave a pre-op enema to a young woman (a good old fasioned soapsuds enema). When I was done I told her to call when she was done and let me check it. When her call light turned on about 20 min later entered her room and you guessed it I forgot to tell her to use the toilet.

A fairly new aide was asked one evening to empty the Biohazard boxes into the large bio box to be picked up. When I went to check to see how he was doing with this task, he proudly showed me the large box full of needles/vials etc. He had pried the top off of all the smaller Bio boxes (not an easy fete) and emptied them into the larger box for disposal-just as I had asked. You can never be too specific!!!

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