What jobs have the highest satisfaction for nurses?

  1. I was wondering what area of nursing tends to have the happiest nurses?

    Surely there's been a study on it?

    And in contrast, I wonder what area of nursing tends to hold the most unhappy nurses?

    I know that all areas will have each kind of nurse, but in general, I just wonder.
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  3. by   OBGYN*RN
    probably OB for the most job satisfaction. Atleast from what ive seen and heard. During my clinical rotation in OB (L&D, mother/baby, antepartum) most of the nurses seemed to be generally happy and satisfied with their job and seemed to love it. Not saying they didnt have their days when things got stressful or frustrating, but overall that seems like an area of nursing that has very little turnover and pretty good satisfaction among the nurses who work there. And im sure there are other areas too..I'm just kinda partial to OB
  4. by   HouTx
    Actually, this gets studied a LOT. A month or so ago - can't find it right now - I read a research study that found that the happiest nurses were in Oncology & ambulatory care settings. They used the "quality of worklife index" as the measurement tool. The sample size was huge.

    The study conclusions: Ambulatory settings offered the greatest control over personal life & schedule - no surprise there. And oncology nurses loved were the most highly 'engaged' in their work -- found it meaningful and fulfilling.

    If I can find that article, I will re-post with the info.
  5. by   Blove86
    To clarify, what exactly are ambulatory settings?!?!? Sorry, I forgot...
  6. by   OBGYN*RN
    I dont know the websters dictionary definition but its kinda like outpatient settings or settings that focus on patient care that isnt extended stay. Like same day surgery places, clinics, urgent care type places, even some primary care places like doctors offices are sometimes considered ambulatory.
  7. by   Keepstanding
    [font="comic sans ms"]school nursing is wonderful ! no weekends, summer off, lots of holidays and you gain much satisfaction from working with children.
  8. by   Anouk345
    I agree with school nursing. That job pays pretty well and pretty laidback.
  9. by   JBudd
    or, if you prefer,
    the ED.
    Constant adrenaline.
    Ship the PITAs out fast (well, all right, they do often come back, lol)
    Great crew to work with.
    Make a difference and be able to see rapid results a lot of the time.

    I once had a pt's family member look at me and ask how I could stand to be around such suffering and terrible things all the time. I just looked at her and blurted out, "but I do something about it!".

    Nursing has so many different personalities, people with such different drives and preferences, that there is no one area that has the "happiest nurses". For 14 years I've liked ER best, but I also liked my time in MS with oncology, or derm, or PCU, or the summers at Scout camp, or the overseas volunteering. Happiness with your work comes from within. Its just a matter of finding a place that fits you and you with it.
  10. by   iao7spun
    How does one get into school nursing? Do you work at one school or do you work at several?
  11. by   Pudnluv
    I guess it really depends on your unit. My unit is a busy med/surg unit that many times appears to be the dumping ground for the hospital. It's constantly hectic and chaotic. You'd think we have a high turnover rate. Most of us have been there at least 6-10 years, a few 25 or more. There are a couple who have only been there 5 years or less. Most of the time, the reason for moving is not job dissatisfaction, but wanting to move on to further their practice or just move to a different area of the country. Many come back. The reason? We support each other, we work together, we make sometimes unbearable situations bearable. We stay not because of the work, but because of the people.
  12. by   skrnypa
    Highest satisfaction = work that fits!
    The jobs I have been most satisfied with fit my personality and my life.

    In Continuing Day Treatment (my title was Sr. Community Mental Health Nurse), I had some autonomy- my own caseload, my own groups to plan and conduct, and a GREAT group of co-workers to work with. Pay was lousy but I LOVED the job.

    In Family Based Mental Health, I was never so depressed in my life- 24/7 on call crisis intervention, productivity mandates for direct hours of service, 100+ miles of driving every day during the 3 worst winters on record in the northeast (early 1990s). I still have nightmares about that one, but at the time, the hospital I was at was dowsizing and I was being assigned to permanent 3 to 11 shift. I was a single mother with a 10 year old daughter.

    I hate adrenaline- thank you to the ER junkies. I give you all the credit in the world because I would NEVER be able to tolerate the stress.

    Again, I think satisfaction is about knowing yourself and knowing why you are doing what you do. When these things match, you're good. When they don't, most of us end up making a change to get our lives and our selves back in sink.
  13. by   nursemike
    I haven't known a lot of either, but I've never met a Hospice Nurse, and very few in Home Health, who didn't love it.
  14. by   nrsang97
    I think the happiest nurses are the ones who found work in the areas that they truly love. I am not sure where that really is for me. I do like the neuro ICU, but it can be depressing. Seeing many patients that don't get any better.