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  1. by   teeniebert
    Quote from singingtothewheat
    The people who have NO idea what we really do in a day, making decisions about how much staff we need.
    ...then hollering about overtime...which do you want? Do you want no overtime, or do you want minimal staffing? If you want both, you'd better prepare for a mass exodus and/or loss of reimbursement when staff morale and patient safety go down the toilet.
  2. by   NewAggieGrad09
    Quote from Shamrock
    Strangers that find out you are a nurse and start asking medical questions AND expecting answers!
    I second this post!
  3. by   NewAggieGrad09
    Patients/Families who see nurses/techs as servants. Dear little 12 year-old girl...your feet and hands work. If you can get up to go to your sister's room next door, then u can surely walk 2 feet from your bed to your wardrobe and get your own bag of chips. And no, I will NOT wash your clothes for you...or provide the quarters needed to run the washer/dryer. Yes, this was a real request. :-/

    IVs and very active toddlers...

    When the IV team starts an IV on said active toddler, but puts tape directly over the catheter insertion site. I know you want to hold down this IV, but can you PLEASE tape around it?! I like to see my site in full to make sure the IV is still in, and not have to take of a mountain of tape and risk ripping the dern IV out in the process.
  4. by   belgarion
    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    I hate being the only non-smoker on my shift. All of the smokers (including the evening supervisor) take their smoke breaks together, leaving me alone to deal with falls and other crises.

    Amen and Amen again!
  5. by   Kolorbug
    Nurses who have forgotten what it felt like to be a student.:spin:
  6. by   Scarlette Wings
    Quote from shamrock
    strangers that find out you are a nurse and start asking medical questions and expecting answers!
    i wish there were a button to give a standing ovation or a loud hoorah! an amen to that or something when you sooooo totally agree. lol. love this one.

    and then there is the one where you have snuck to a quiet (ha!) area to eat your lunch and someone sees you in your uniform, a stethoscope, and a roll of tape sticking out your pocket and the bright red sign under your name badge that says rn and goes "you're a nurse arn't you?".....................no what gave it away???

  7. by   Flying ICU RN
    My biggest pet peeve?...

    Nurses asking me for a Medical sign off at shift change,.(IE Why isn't this patient on ACE Inhibitors?, Beta Blockers?, Benzodiazepines?,...etc).

    My usual answer....

    A licensed physician has not ordered it.
  8. by   themoreyouknow
    Nurses who nurse from the desk. They refuse to get off their butts and get out of their chair!

    Judgmental nurses who say inappropriate things to our patients because of the patient's intelligence level or socioeconomic status.

    Nurses who say "I don't know how to do that because I was never trained." instead of "I've never done that before, but I will if you will show me."

    Nurses who try to pick the easiest patients during report.

    Nurses who call you frequently to work for them, but can never work for you when you on that rare day when you need it.

    "The new nurse thinks like a mom. The experienced nurse thinks like a lawyer."
  9. by   Crisa Mansen
    Oh where should I begin:
    1. That's not my patient. P.S. It's all of our patients.

    2. Nursing assistants who sit on their butts all day and ignore you or get upset when you ask them to do something. If you don't want to work stay at home.

    3. Staff who come to work late and have to spin around in circles and talk before changing shif. You're all ready late just shut up and listen!

    4. Relatives who ask u a million and one questions about their family, i don't mind the questions but please spare me there must be a limit. I am A NURSE not a DOCTOR. Could you go speak to the doctor please!

    5. Patients who refuse to wait five minutes to have a pamper changed when they see that you've been running up and down for the entire shift and short staffed. I only have two hands, da.. have some patience !!

    6. Head nurses who come to work fresh in the morning and ask a million and one questions during the giving over, when all you want to do is finish and go home. P.S. THERE'S SOMETHING CALLED NURSES NOTES read it!!

    7. Doctors who try to blame you for their mistakes. P.S. You're the dumb one not me!
  10. by   amarilla
    Quote from Flying ICU RN
    My biggest pet peeve?...

    Nurses asking me for a Medical sign off at shift change,.(IE Why isn't this patient on ACE Inhibitors?, Beta Blockers?, Benzodiazepines?,...etc).

    My usual answer....

    A licensed physician has not ordered it.
    There really aren't enough kudos I can give this post. AMEN!
  11. by   biblepoet
    Quote from Dinith88
    Apologies all around. Sorry oldiebutgoodie. I have a habit of shooting from the hip and regretting it later.

    After thinking on this, i suppose i'd also be frustrated if someone was feeding me the wrong information and claiming it truth.

    I think my frustration stems from experiences with nursing students that put on a set of scrubs and suddenly know everything (not you, i'm speaking of personal experiences)...these same students tend to make know-it-all grads...and then make DANGEROUS know-it-all nurses right out of school. Alot of them get a big shock when they finally come out of their orientation...many of them break down and have at least one big crying spell. This type of new-nurse/recent grad (which the majority are NOT) tend to get under my skin more than a little.

    In my personal opinion, a nurse has to put in at least a year of practice before i consider her/him part of the 'club'...thats when i think they've walked a mile in a nurses' shoes...and can complain about it.

    Students get exposed to alot of the terminology, pathophys., clinical skills and stuff....but the vast majority of what being a nurse is all about is learned through experience on the job... after graduation. (i think most nurses would agree with this statement)

    Again, although i may hold an unpopular opinion regarding new nurses and nursing students, i apologize for being out of line....and didnt mean to attack your post in such a way.
    I am not a know it all nurse. Just becauSE I am new does not mean I know nothing. Do not tell me to go do my vitals and how to structure my day after I have been there 10 months. If I need your help, I will ask for it. I especially hate organization tips from someone who makes me wait for them to get report and does not organize their own day well. Also hate CNA's who refuse to do there job and when you ask them to assist you they say no, but continue on their personal conversation. I will not ask you do anything I won't do myself.
  12. by   SoundofMusic
    Patient family members who keep little detailed notebooks about every drug, every food, every treatment that goes on with their loved one while in the hospital. I mean -- if this doesn't just scare you as a nurse, I don't know what else would.

    I guess some of them do it so they can keep track of what's going on and can report to their own doctors ...but others just make me wonder if they're just fishing for lawsuit, or for us to make an error.

    Oh, and techs who won't fill water pitchers. Just drives me nuts. I get that they can't be everywhere at once, but this just ought to be something that's routinely done, with baths, with vitals, etc. PLEASE.
  13. by   smartnurse1982
    Quote from StayAtHomeNurseMom
    I am a LVN of 15 years and my husband and I have a medical group home in our home. We have 10 nurses on staff. I have been labeled the psycho ***** mom because I expect them to: actually follow the plan of care for each child and do their job (I have had to make a daily schedule for each of my kids just so I know my kids are getting the care they need and deserve!!

    I can't tell you how many nurses I have fired over the last 5 years for standing around while their child layed in the bed, or just wandered around the house while the nurses congregated and were gossiping!

    Not to mention the amount of poop, meds, milk, snot and puke I have cleaned up off the floor, ceiling, beds, walls and everywhere else because they were too lazy to do it themselves.

    As a mom this ****** me off. As a nurse it REALLY ****** me off!
    How about helping the nurses out sometimes? Hire a janitor to clean walls,the ceilings,etc?( I understand. that nurses should clean off the beds though.