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Nurses that are brilliant but do not know the difference between contraindication and contradiction! :rotfl: https://youtu.be/23NI4OuxB9A... Read More

  1. by   SteffersRN87
    Good one! I did work in an ER while in nursing school... one of my favorites from there was... "I have 8/10 abd pain... can I have something to eat?"
  2. by   Virgo_RN
    I hate when they expect us to bend over backwards to "fix" them, but aren't willing to do anything to help themselves.
  3. by   nurse_maya28
    I love it when we have 34 week pregnant teens come in saying "i'm sick of being pregnant" and "(laughing and texting just before you walk in the room)i'm in soooo much pain, I need to have the baby now, i'm in labor" and "my cousin had a baby at 34 weeks and he was just fine, you need to induce me". Then when you tell them no we are not going to induce you in any way, shape, or form without a medical reason, they yell "i want a new doctor!" - ummm yeah the other doctors aren't gonna induce you either, maybe you should have thought about this a few months ago when you were trying to concieve this child
    Also hate the ones that come in saying "i'm in labor" and you put them on the monitor and they ask "am i contracting?" um if you think you are in labor, shouldn't you know that?
    I also love the ones that, when asked if they are going to breast or bottle feed, say "well i think i might try breastfeeding" um if you are that ambivilent about it maybe you shouldn't "try"
    oooo I love when we have frequent fliers come in literally every 2 days complaining of rupture of membranes "i had a wet spot on my panties". then we don't see them for 5 days and they come in for whatever reason and as you are leaving the room say "oh btw i had a big gush of fluid 4 days ago and i have been having this green fluid running down my legs since then and i have been contracting since then, but that's nothing right?" and of course they have been ruptured that whole time and now have an infection and mec staining and they don't equate the sick baby with the fact that the only time they actually should have come in they didn't and that's now our fault
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  6. by   regularRN
    My pet peeve is this... we are not allowed overtime; I work really hard for 8 hours and finish on time, but because the relief PM RN shows up just on time, won't take report on time and then demands a super detailed report (also starts assessing pts during report) and doesn't even listen (hence questions about the pt that I've already said)... I am late.
  7. by   husker_rn
    Bariatric patients who weigh more than 500 pounds who get mad at me because I cannot pull them up in bed alone. Let's see... you weigh 500 lbs and I weigh 138 lbs...sure I can do it. No problem.
  8. by   JomoNurse
    Hmmm... my pet peeve is nurses that are just NOT interested in getting report. I'll be giving my report and the other nurse will say hi to other nurses here and there, look at a text. I think it's great that some nurses are so comfortable with their jobs that they need a very quick and minimal report. But at least act like youre interested in the 1 min and 30 seconds I'm speaking to you for. Me, personally, I go blank when I'm giving report. So if I don't have it written down then it's probably not going to get mentioned.

    On the OPPOSITE side of the spectrum are the nurses (we have one infamous one) that expect a long, detail ridden report. If they ask you a question and you don't have the answer, there will be hell to pay! I've finally grown some balls in the last 2 years and now I say "if you want an answer to that, then you'll need to look it up yourself. Sorry."

    Also, this is just between me and this board. I hate Jasmine, the CNA. There, I said it. I HATE YOU. I hate when I have to work with you. I hate that you never answer your phone. I hate that when I call you, which is very rare because I hate you so much, that you say something like "Nope, sorry, I can't do it. I just started my lunch". Oh really? You JUST started your lunch? How come I haven't seen you on the floor in the last 2 hours? I HATE when you call me numerous times through our shift and say "COME QUICK! THE PATIENT IN 123 IS BEING COMBATIVE!" I hate that when I show up the patient is barely moving in bed. I hate that the first thing that comes out of your mouth are "Can he get something to knock him out??" I hate that when I say "No, he's fine" you desperately (and quite aimlessly - huh?) look for a scratch some place on your body to show me.

    Anyway, I can't sleep right now and this has been therapeutic for me. Thanks.
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  9. by   vivacious1healer
    The RN being the complaint and customer service department.

    Seriously, I do not need to be taught how to treat a patient/family members with respect.
    And when i cannot rectify the situation to calm an upset patient/family member with their multiple complaints, then I take it to the charge nurse, HOA, and follow up with patient representative if necessary.

    Stop with pushing this customer service and service matters crap already, and give us the adequate number of staff to take care of these patients!:angryfire
  10. by   kkluczynski
    nurses that don't know what they are doing...literally. i work with this nurse who had a resident pull out their g tube and she had to put it back in, fine but then i noticed her looking in a med reference book. she said i forgot how to verify the placement??? huh?? don't you check placement everytime you give meds or flush? are you kidding??? i said use an air bolus and listen for the "swoosh" she said i did that, oh wait i forgot to listen?
  11. by   kinajp
    I HATE those nurses that come to work with a nasty attitude FOR NO REASON. I'm like geesh, it's 7 o'clock in the morning; who could have @*%^#$ you off ALREADY!
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  12. by   MedSurgeMess
    I hate people who call me at home, knowing that I'm a nurse, asking to write me a Drs note because they missed x days of work. Sorry, guys, but I ain't allowed to do that!
  13. by   nickos
    Quote from MedSurgeMess
    I hate people who call me at home, knowing that I'm a nurse, asking to write me a Drs note because they missed x days of work. Sorry, guys, but I ain't allowed to do that!

    Hahaha..>WHAT? People DO THAT?

    *shakes head*