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  1. Cranmans

    Finding Happiness??? Can it be done?

    5 days off...gross. I would go crazy. Find more work, a hobby, or volunteer. Heck, have intercourse a couple times a day...that makes me fill better. :)
  2. Cranmans

    Co-workers...when they run hot and cold on you.

    We got this new charge nurse, last week. She has been in nursing for 3 months. She is "friendly" (if you know what I mean), to the director. She got this job because she has a B.S. in nursing and minor in *******s. Yesterday, 4 PRN nurses turned in their resignations, effective today. My advise to you is deal with it or move on.
  3. Cranmans

    Before nursing school I wish I knew.....?

    I totally know hiw you feel. I am in my senior year and do not know what to do when I graduate. I have totally stressed myself out, to the point of having to go to ER because I was having shortness of breath and my B/P jumped to 200/88. Note, that my B/P is normally 103/50...and has been my whole life. My whole family is driving me nuts, they cannot back off and give me some spacel they have to check in on me and everything. That resulted in a sheruff duputy come to my apt, because my family. I am seeking legal advice at this time and about ready to call it quites. I have never been so lost in this big world.
  4. Cranmans

    nha accreditation

    Accreditation is good...for the career part...I would start therre and work up...nursing...etc...something with more pazaz/status/income is always good
  5. Cranmans

    If you make over 100k/year as a nurse

    I know someone, she is in my family, as a associates degree in early education or something like that...went to school years ago to be a RN...ADN...Now, just been hired to run a Rehab Unit (IN, OUT, CARDIAC) and makes 101,*** (is salaried) DOes not have a Bachleors...One thing that I can tell you is that its ALL about the connections. This family member has gotten a job through a peep knowing a peep, and that peep called her up and handed over a job. Yes, she worked home health, LTC, and Rehabs her whole like as either a nurse or a CNA, but face it..experience is the KEY!
  6. Cranmans

    I think I am suffering from "Burn out" syndrome.

    Sounds like you need to take a long vacation...or get the hell out of there. Nursing is a challenging...hard...and demanding field. It has a BIG turn over rate. Have you thought about going to work as a school nurse...health department...clinic, instead. Take some time for yourself...find something that makes you tingle inside...and you feel overjoyed to go to work daily. Life is already a stress ball...but you just discribed it has hell.
  7. Cranmans

    About to take Anatomy & Physiology.........need input!

    [color=#1822cd] [color=#1822cd] *study pictures and/or drawings and figure out what the picture is trying to show you. [color=#1822cd] *study with someone else, thereby forcing yourself to talk about the info. you will find that your own ego will make you get the information down correct when you talk about it. [color=#1822cd] *recopy your notes (preferably prior to the next class)...recopying them gets them into your brain better than simply reading them. [color=#1822cd] [color=#1822cd] *rearrange your notes. for example: flash cards, or create sheets with columns labeled what-where-how-why- etc. the act of creating these study resources will help almost as much as ever using them. [color=#1822cd] *read the summaries at each chapter's end, or the related chapter in your lab book, or heck try reading the textbook. there is a study guide you can buy or there are two on reserve in the library....working these exercises helps. [color=#1822cd] *try reading your notes into a tape recorder and then listening while you drive, or do laundry or jog. [color=#1822cd] *play--surf--the web [color=#1822cd] [color=#1822cd] *most of all --- just do it, there are no short cuts, there is no silver platter(s).
  8. Cranmans

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    calm down....i'm smelling neg.
  9. Cranmans

    money anxiety...

    7k....50k.... that is so much money (lol). Make you maxed out your grants....how about scholarships....there is so much money out there....you may have to research and find some....but taking out loans....especially in this market, no thanks, for me.
  10. This is getting as bad as Mike Row, from Dirty Jobs, and all the poop!
  11. This thread is: sick, twisted, gross, sad, and laugh out loud funny; but I cannot stop scrolling down and reading y'alls post.
  12. Cranmans

    Laugh Out Loud Funny

    Do you have a story to share...a story that made you tingle, laugh, fall on the floor...please share...enlighten me and the rest of us that are nurses or soon to be nurses.
  13. These stories are utterly gross...disturbing...buy laugh out loud funny. Thanks.
  14. Cranmans

    I'm afraid for my pt. and afraid to go to work.

    CPS all the way. Many case workers are over worked, but try to get one there. You can sometimes get a police officer to call it in--then it might jump start it. Depending on the words--it could be abuse, too, towards you.