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Hi everyone, I am relatively new here. I spent the last year reading allnurses.com and recently registered and would like to know what is your weakness regarding medical care. Everyone, at... Read More

  1. by   dorieabsLPN
    orthopedic surgery. the sound the smell the hammering the violence of it. We got a moose this year and we butchered it ourselves I had to leave during the bone sawing part. Just the thought makes me queasy
  2. by   nrsang97
    I am really bothered by the broken ribs during chest compressions. I also can't stand suptum and suctioning. The thought of both is making me queasy now.
  3. by   Medic/Nurse
    Sputum. Hands down.

    That funky icky puss smell that lingers in some patients. Can happen to any one with one, but is endemic generally in ECF residents that use the gentle soap - sometimes a little Dial soap is a GOOD THING. I'm not trying to be mean, but...it does get to me.

    Pulling a fractured femur to traction. That sound and feeling of the bones realigning does creep me a bit.

    Dental stuff. Had an Oral Surgeon take out some abscessed molar teeth for a patient in one of out trauma rooms one day. They broke apart and had to be removed by various means of force. He was digging, drilling, scraping an inch into this patients lower jaw. I had been in there for almost 2 hours and we weren't nearly finished. One of the other nurses peeked in and then retreated. I asked her later, why didn't you come watch or maybe relieve me for a minute or two? She replied, "Well, I took one look at you and your eyes were as big as saucers and you looked a bit pale. I knew I didn't want any part of any of that." Gotta love TEAMWORK.

    GI bleeds are pretty icky.

    Patients that have to be "removed" from the urban outdoors that are unwashed for maybe days, weeks, months. They smell like billy goats and it takes shaving cream heaped over the funk to loosen the "layers". EWW!

    Necrotizing fascitis and other bad bugs!

    Practice SAFE!
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  4. by   NurseCard
    Lessee... I actually don't get grossed out all that easily, but I guess if I had to name the things that gross me out the worst:

    1) Anything *rotten*. That includes nasty, nasty wounds on people that
    have been neglected for a long, long time.
    2) C-diff or GI bleed poop.
    3) Vomit.

    Sputum actually doesn't bother me TOO bad, and normal poop doesn't bother me at all. Blood doesn't bother me. Looking at someone's guts/doing a dressing change doesn't bother me unless again, it's all rotten and stuff.
  5. by   AfloydRN
    GI bleed from either route has always done me in.
  6. by   onehusbandsevenkids
    oh jeeze....I'm not feeling too good myself after reading this thread...

    and I want to be a nurse WHY??

  7. by   RN BSN 2009
    C-diff.....oh noes!
  8. by   dragonflyRN
    c diff, the products from kayexcalate (spelling?), vomit....they all bother me. Body odor is the worst though, at least that one can be prevented.
  9. by   zudy
    And I forgot this one....any wound that has maggots in it. I just hate seeing that! Actually, any time any bugs fall off a pt it is gross.
  10. by   StrwbryblndRN
    I have to agree about the bugs. The minute I see anything crawl from underclothes or hair makes me itch and dance like they are all over me. Then I can't get my mind off it.
    Yet if I see any bug on the wall for example (except small roaches and anything worm like) I do not think much of it and can take care of getting rid of it without flinching. It is just something about bugs on the body that get me.
  11. by   ElvishDNP
    I thought I wouldn't be able to handle ingrown toenailectomies but when I went to work at a community health center where we did several a day I grew to love them. The doc that was really good at them would go from start to finish (after anesthetizing, of course) in 15 seconds, no lie. I know I'm probably sick in the head but I grew to miss them after I left that place.
  12. by   hikernurse
    Dirty bottoms. Not the poopy ones, just the generally unclean--not that the pt's can always help it; but I always want to find a way to get them under running water, not just cleaned with a basin.

    Urine, especially when it's a bit concentrated. We have the toilets that rinse as they flush and just the thought of all that stuff--urine, emesis, stool, JP drainage--aerosolizing (sp) makes me queasy. Of course, now that I'm a nurse I don't have to do that CNA kind of stuff anymore--JUST KIDDING!
  13. by   Agnus
    I can handle any body fluid or excrement. But when patients and lay people seem to thing that I have a personal facination with bodily fluids and exrement it I tend to loose it.

    Like the person who blows thier nose and wants to show me. Or caught up some phlem and wants me to examin it. Or wants me to identify partially digested food in thier stool.

    PLEASE. Yes there are times I need to see your stool for myself. I may need a specimin of some sort. I am not at all interisted in you snot nor in analizing the different colors in it. Because I asked if you are caughing up anything and asked what it looks like does not mean that every time you cough someting up from now on that I want to see it. I DO NOT.

    Your excrement is more a facination to you than to anyone else. Some people get so fixated like infants who are facinated with thier own poop.

    Then there are those who feel it is OK to discuss these thing with me out side of the health care setting and out side of the nurse pt. relationship.

    I was horrified one day when a neighbor in the post office in a very loud voice started (without my showing interest) describing her husbands bowel habits. everyone was staring at me. I was not interested. I had to very firmly tell here that this was neither the place nor time to discuss this, and if she needed some thing from me that I would visit her and then we could talk.
    She did not.

    People seem to think that because I am a nurse it is ok to talk about anything. I am not interested in your bodily functions at all.