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Hi everyone, I am relatively new here. I spent the last year reading allnurses.com and recently registered and would like to know what is your weakness regarding medical care. Everyone, at... Read More

  1. by   burn out
    patients with lice..I start itching before they even hit the unit..I itch just thinking about it..(is that one there?)
  2. by   SaderNurse05
    Quote from redem2
    I can do everyhing else like clean poop or suction your lungs out but please don't ask me to clean your dentures. I don't know why but i have this strange feeling when holding them in my fingers. It's so freaky!
    Same here! the only time I almost seriously puked was when I had to brush dentures. Stange, eh?
  3. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    For me its the sight of a doc/nurse digging into the body with something sharp. Watching this big neede-thingy get jabbed under the layers of skin for Norplant, saw digging with instruments a couple of times in the OR or watching a doc dig out an ingrown toenail.

    Just watching them do that has made me so lightheaded, I've had to sit down several times and nearly passed out once.
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  4. by   BlkQueenLPN
    Sputum. When it is time to do trach care...OMG. Also doing a old rotting infected wound dressing is nasty too. I've had a couple of those. Gross

  5. by   BlkQueenLPN
    Quote from EMTSNA
    When someone is very fragile and everything just crunches with that first compression and you can feel it grating with each subsequent one. Ewww creepy
    Yes..I hate that.
  6. by   Annor
    Here is one for ya....

    Radiated skin that is sooo destroyed by the radiation ,that now the tendon is showing through the skin...I am talking about a leg tendon....

    To make maters worse , the doc is NOW..cutting through the tendon handing you(me) the dead tissue in the gauze pad I am holding....

    Talk about turning green....
  7. by   Lacie
    What about things not visual such as in relation to your work practice? Ex: perfectionist, difficulty staying organized, etc? Most of these things make lots of us go "eww" but we still do it lol.
  8. by   WaynesvilleRN
    Now there's a true statement.... I get erked when I see multiple people walk by trash on the floor expecting "housekeepin" to pick it up!....It would only take a freakin' second people.....Pick it up!!!!
  9. by   quinnila
    I can't stand gross feet!! yellow toenails!! It's the worst for me!!
  10. by   xwannabenursex
    I'm not a nurse yet, but one thing that bugs me now, and will forever, is spit. I don't like seeing it, hearing it, nothing. I think its disgusting and sometimes makes me gag. Haha.
  11. by   NrsJena
    I can handle pretty much anything-nasty wounds, smelly odors and all body fluids. But I absolutely can't stand lice. They have to be the most disgusting things I have ever seen......Had to do head checks in school once, felt faint when I actually found a infestation with LIVE BUGS. Took everything I had not to scream and run.
  12. by   muffie
    making beds

    soooooooooooooooo not important
  13. by   klink
    sputum, especially when it's in a full container from a chest tube---gross!!