What is your net take home pay every two weeks?

  1. I have read many posts regarding pay rates. However, once deductions and such have been taken out, what are you left with post tax, benefits, etc.

    Can you tell me the state or province you are in also?


    I live in Ontario Canada, gross about 1700.00 every two weeks, bring home net about 1200.00 How does that compare? I am in critical care. My deductions are about 300 for tax, 100 for other government stuff, like unemployment insurance, and then the rest is for dental, long term disability, union dues ( 50 bucks a month for union dues) etc.

    Appreciate input! Thanks J.
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  3. by   NannaNurse
    I think you've touched on a 'sin'sative subject here JMP. I noticed that alot of looked at your question, but no replies...I know that alot of nurses don't really want others to know what they are 'bringing home'.....especially if they are doing the same job, at the same place and not getting the same pay. If I had medical,dental and dues taken out of my check.....I'de owe my employer!!

    Let's just say that none of us really earn what we are worth!!
  4. by   fergus51
    I gross about 50K a year (Canadian dollars people!). We probably pay about the same in taxes being that you're from Ontario (I am in BC), but I don't really pay attention to the exact number, because I work casual, so week to week varies too much.
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  5. by   micro
    I am not unhappy with it......but I would of course would be happy with more......
    gotta play the power ball........
  6. by   Paprikat
    "Just an LPN" I take home 1150.00 (Canadian) q2w.
  7. by   nurs4kids
    about $3200 US take home q 2 weeks
    <cough><nervous twitch>
  8. by   MHN
    pay average fortnight depending on shifts about $(aus)1500 after tax + salary sacrifice pays morgage on house. Base salary $(aus)48,500 + shift allowances and overtme
  9. by   LauraRN0501
    Geez! I need to move!!!!

    Where in Alabama do you work, nurs4kids?? LOL
  10. by   Huganurse
    I am probably the poorest paid american RN on this board.
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  11. by   Huganurse
    Weekly salary for full-time RNs ranges from $395 to $1,005.
    The average annual salary for all RNs is $42,071.
    The average annual salary for a staff nurse is $38,567.
    The average annual salary for a staff RN working on the East Coast is $41,884.
    The average annual salary for a staff RN working in the South is $37,109.
    The average annual salary for a staff RN working in the Midwest is $35,601.
    The average annual salary for a staff RN working on the West Coast is $44,781.
    From: http://www.minoritynurse.com/statistics.html
  12. by   fergus51
    LOL! Hey Tracy wanna loan me some money?
  13. by   canavywife
    I am a nurse with 6 months experience working on a med/surg unit 32 hours a week . My take home is about $1700 after taxes etc q 2 weeks. My facility pays for health and life insurance so I don't have to worry about that either. the hospital is non union.
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  14. by   canavywife
    Oh and I am day shift too =) so I don't get any differentials except on weekends an extra $4.50/hr