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Someone has to define to me the logic and rationale behind the nurse, who while doing her treatments, stops, walks a quarter mile to go find the CNA responsible for the patient she desires to... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    Originally posted by oramar
    I have to say tricks like this are more a reflection of the type of human being the person is than a reflection of the profession in general.
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    I have no problems answering call lights and helping out the nursing assistants. The only time that I don't like getting involved in answereing call lights is when I am in the middle of a med pass. I have made an error before while answering a call light in the middle of med pass and I do not wish to endanger my patients like that again. Now of course, there are exceptions to that, like if a patient is in cardiac or respiratory arrest or distress. But as a general rule, I will usually not answer call bells during my med pass.

    Problem with where I work is that a LOT of the Nursing Assistants are LAZY!!! They only do the absolute minimum that is required of them. I have complained to my head nurse to no avail, there is also a nursing assistant shortage out there. Unless the aide has committed a major infraction, no punishment is given. Oh well, just my two cents!

  3. by   nur20
    Now, that is ridiculous !!!! So some nurses wonder why they are not liked and respected by CNA's, I would say that is high on the list if not #1. I wish i had a penney for every bm ,upchuck, bedpan or whatever that i stopped to do for a patient in need. Am i a caregiver? You betcha !!!!!!
  4. by   pixxel
    I'm just a CNA for now, and have had to deal with a few nurses like that.... but these are also the same ones that will tell me "THAT'S NOT MY PATIENT" if I ask for help pulling someone up. I think it's just sheer stupidity.
  5. by   Sundowner
    It is at this point, I am wondering and waiting for the nurse who commits the above mentioned assholian acts to justify herself...we all know she/he is out there.......where are you?

    I am secretly hoping that these "nurses" have read the post and replies...and realize just how offensive they are.

    DEFINITION: ASSHOLIAN-- one who behaves or thinks in a manner becoming of an A-hole. One who follows the lifestyle and beliefs of an A-hole.
  6. by   deespoohbear
    That nurse ought to get together with the nurse from our facility who walked pass the kitchen pantry (with the ice machine) to find a CNA so she could get some ice for the patient. Duh!! Just do it yourself!! I have found out that sometimes it is just easier for me to do something than have the CNA do it. I will help lift patients who aren't "my patients", put people on the bedpan, dump a foley, pick up meal trays, etc. One thing that bothers me at our facility though is at 2 p.m., our CNA's think their jobs are done. They sit up at the main station with their purses and coats at 2 p.m. The shift ends at 3:15. The call lights start going off and the CNA's assume we will get the lights since we are closer. Usually these patients are wanting extra blankets, something to drink. Stuff the CNA's can handle while the nurses are trying to get their charting done. Then, the CNA's leave on time and guess who is stuck with OT? Then the DON wants to know why we have overtime!!
  7. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I work in home health. Do you think I should start calling CNA's assigned to the patient when I make a visit and they're soiled? Yes, I think I'll stop cleaning up or helping the family clean up poop and everything else and leave the patient in their excrement until the CNA shows up. It may take some hours so I hope there's no skin breakdown before they show up. I also hope that it does not involve any of these nurses family or friends.

    OMG, am I selfish, self important or what?! When I worked in the hospital setting, I was too busy to look for an aide to clean up someone unless that person was too difficult for me to move to clean up on my own. In that case I needed some help, I didn't need someone to take over. I don't recollect only being assigned to meds before, so I can't speak to that concern.

    I think that when staff are taking allotted breaks, that they need to make it known that they're going on a break and go away from the work area. If they need to make calls then they need to bring their cell if possible. This would reduce some of the frustration by patients, family, staff who have seen staff hang around the work area on the phone with casual calls or otherwise not being productive
  8. by   Zee_RN
    I know nurses like that. I work with one; she will spend more time looking for the CNA that if she had just done it herself.

    I will do whatever I can do by myself. If I have a 300-pound patient (and that's a lot of them), I'll need someone's help...whoever is standing close enough gets the solicitation. Fortunately, I work in ICU where there are usually more nurses around to help so whoever is standing at the nurses' station is who I grab (I tell them they are "damned by proximity").

    The CNA in ICU knows that I'm 'doer' and she frequently comes to ME to help with other nurses' patients. Of course, I help. It all comes down to what's best for the *patient*--whether it's MY patient or not.
  9. by   Furball
    Although I agree that this nurses actions were are assinine (sic?)
    I've been in situations where I'm literally RUNNING between pts in rapid a-fib and another who needs suctionning qh and yet another who has changes in mental status.....many times I've asked aides to get this or that while RUNNINg between rooms or talking to MD's on the phone scratching down orders and then following them.. I dont have the time or luxury to get ice, pillows, extra blankets, tissues, lotion, I'm too damn busy keeping pts stable!!!!!!! Geesh....I'm NOT superwoman!

    Whew...thanks for letting me rant......

    P: when things are quiet, I do my own fluff and puff of pts.... I LOVE those shifts
  10. by   nur20
    First of all pixxel, do me a favor. Stop saying "i'm JUST a cna". Feel good about yourself. Go to my website and read The second page. IN APPRECIATION
  11. by   MRed94
    What gets to me is when the CNAs that I am working with say,
    "You are the ONLY nurse we EVER have who HELPS us!"

    It just blows my mind all over again, and I never go a shift at one particular facility that they don't say it again.

    Seems the other nurses are NURSES, and God forbid they get a hand dirty or lay their eyes on any shape or form of body fluids.

    Chaps my @$$.

  12. by   pixxel
    Thank you nur20, I guess I misphrased that... I am VERY proud to be a CNA, often a bit unsure of myself, but still proud. Whatever the situation, I do what I can to take good care of patients and help every nurse - even those who don't help me. I also make sure to profusely thank the nurses who do help, or those who ask me for help instead of just passing a duty over to me. Those are the ones that turn a "plain ole' busy night" into a "busy, but good night"!
  13. by   P_RN
    Yes there is a special designation for these nurse. It is beyond the CNA, LPN or RN......it is the.....Certified...


    I believe that the specialization is pretty much industry wide however small in number.

    *L.A.N. Lazy As$ Nurse......hopefully to be soon DOWNSIZED outta here.