What is the BEST and WORST nursing fields?

  1. From your experience, what do you think is the best and worst nursing fields? (which floor- medsurg, ob, telemetry, hospice..nursing homes etc etc)

    Best- rewarding, good patient ratio, job satisfaction, hours, less burn out.. more aids to help out, less risk of malpractice, low turn over rate..

    Worst- HIGH TURN OVER RATE, worst patient ratio, no job satisfaction, bad hours, nurses just hate their jobs and want to slack off, highest risk of getting sued.

    tell us which nursing field you love and why?.
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  3. by   TopazLover
    Sometimes the answers are not clear cut. My best nursing job had many of your negatives in it but was overshadowed by my love for specific pieces of the job. In my case it was a small CCU. My worst job had all the benefits you list as good but I hated it. It was working with insurance stuff.

    My likes changed over the years. I hated dealing with elders when I was younger but ended my career working with elders with dementia and loving it.

    Short answer for me is if you love what you do, it is the best fit. If you hate going to work it might be the worst.
  4. by   SteffersRN87
    I agree! I worked in ICU and absolutely hated it, but many folks enjoy the ICU setting. Currently, I work on a short stay unit and see just about everything. Our two major patient populations are oncology/hematology/BMT and diagnostic procedures. I do everything from stem cell transplants to taking care of PTCA patients. I love the diversity! Also, I am trained in apheresis. I enjoy being multiskilled!

    However, you could not pay me enough to be a maternity or psych nurse!
  5. by   elkpark
    This reminds me of all the threads about "Which brand of shoes is most comfortable?" There is no specific answer to the question -- different people like and dislike different areas/specialties. The best answer is "whichever area is the best FOR YOU."
  6. by   Meriwhen
    It's all relative because one nurse's utopia is another nurse's nightmare. I love psych nursing, but a few of my classmates likened it to hell. I think L&D is the worst field to go into, but for several of my classmates it was their #1 choice.

    Who's right? We all are.
  7. by   babyNP.
    Agreed to what was said above...

    Because adults suck!

    And babies are awesome Smaller poop.
  8. by   Katie5
    Quote from babyRN.
    Agreed to what was said above...

    Because adults suck!

    And babies are awesome Smaller poop.
    You got me smiling on that one. Smaller poop, yes!But stinks like you wouldn't believe
  9. by   tewdles
    My worst job was in hospice. My best job was in hospice. For me, it was all about the employer.
  10. by   babyNP.
    ^^ that's true.

    To the OP, a lot of the variables you refer to are related to individual floors in the hospital and not necessarily the specialty themselves. For example, a trauma floor may have a lot of aids in one hospital, but not necessarily the other. Those kinds of things are dictated by the management and the happiness of the folks depends a lot in addition to the mood of the floor. I've worked on some floors as a tech where the nurses didn't get along with each other and it was always a nightmare, whereas others the feeling of the floor was great and we had food parties and people helped each other out when things were busy.

    I'm happy to report that my floor is awesome in this respect in that my management is wonderful (very fair) and there is a good sense of camaraderie on the unit. It's hard to find this out before you start working at a job, but you can spend a day on the unit to get a feel for it.
  11. by   scrubcircrn
    For me Surgery is the best. One to one ratio, best hours in the hospital and great co workers.
  12. by   elkpark
    Quote from tewdles
    My worst job was in hospice. My best job was in hospice. For me, it was all about the employer.
    So true -- different employers and facilities can make the same specialty area either a great experience or a nightmare!
  13. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Agreed... the employer and the coworkers are what make it or break it far more than anything else.
  14. by   Diahni
    My husband works with people with serious mental disabilities trying to make it on their own, and he describes the work as a breeze, just hangin' and helping them cope. The only thing we could all agree on is that toxic people can poison a work environment. To each his own.