What is the best shift to work?

  1. I am currently working the 3-11 shift, the nurses on this shift are great. Very friendly, easy going, and fun. However, the 7-3 shift dumps on us continuously, the Nursing Supervisor makes it blatantly clear that she approves of this practice, and I feel as though I have no life. I can not find a groove on this shift as far as feeling as though I never see family/friends and have to attempt to cram everything that needs to be done in my days off. What is your opinion, what is the best, most convenient, bearable shift to work?
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  3. by   maizey
    In the old days when we worked 8 hour shifts, I always worked 3-11. It was my favorite shift to work. Always busy and the time just seemed to fly. Did it for about 14 years so I must have liked it. You just have to learn to do things on your day off. And, what about mornings. I used to get up at 8 am and get things done around the house and cook the supper so the family would have a hot meal when they got home. Now that they are all grown and gone and it's just me and the Mr. I rarely cook. Eating out is so much more fun and no dishes to clean up. Couldn't afford to go out with all those kids.

    Now as for the dumping. Every shift thinks the other dumps on them. We are a team, a 24 hour a day team. It all has to get done sometime. Are you sure they are dumping or could they just be so overworked that this is stuff they just could not get to?

    Seems to be less squabble about dumping with 12 hour shifts but I remember all too clearly the squabbling when we worked 8 hour shifts. Not picking here just asking.
  4. by   dharma143
    i feel similar to maizey. i think all shifts are too busy & it's amazing what does get completed rather than what is left for the next shift. each person seems to have their own best shift! mine is midnocs- hands down! less staff- but no dept heads to get in your way. my wing now has 57 res/other wing 24, /c 80 res total -we have 2ns's & 4cenas. we do work our tails off- but to not have the don, adon, admin, mds witch, rehab supv, dietary supv, ot & pt & schedueler bizzing around driving me crazy it's worth it!!! oh yeah-i always thought w/e's were great to work for that same reason! dharma
  5. by   maizey
    Hi Dharma. How the heck are you? Glad to see you have insomnia along with me.
  6. by   dharma143
    i had a nap this eve, but now i'm losing my zip. house hunting tired me out today, i think! but i had time to leave you a message. that show- icu,arkansas was so awesome!!! i'm so impressed /c that facility!!!! i'm so glad he is the dr for your sister's granddaughter!! she's in good hands, i now know!!! love to you:kiss sleep well tonoc, dear friend! love, dharma can you do this ? i just tried it & it made me dizzy! please, dont try this:spin: or this:roll at home! i know i'm a silly
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    the shift where we work at a team. usually, most places, for me anyhow, that has been NIGHT SHIFT. i don't work in a vacuum, but it would seem many others do. i like to know there is willing backup if i get snowed-under.
  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    Night shift is best from a teamwork perspective. Days is good just because my body likes it best but there's too much politicking. Eves I can't handle - I peter out by 9 pm.
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  10. by   NancyRN
    I'd love to try nights but I can't sleep when I get home! Do you night shifters stay on a night schedule when not working? I dont think I could switch back and forth at my age (over 50). I try to keep my body on a sleep schedule or I get horrible insomnia that can go on for days. One day I had to call in sick just because I hadnt slept in three days. It sounds really bad to call in because you're tired, but I couldn't move. Couldnt sleep either!

    I have some Ambien but if I take that, the next day I'm REALLY depressed!!
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  11. by   dharma143
    teamwork on midnocs rocks! as far as sleep patterns i stay on the same sleep/wake pattern for days off. this is a must to prevent me from harm to self or others..........:wink2:? also, if i don't i'd look like this:stone & it doesn't inspire pt's connfidence in me. i only have 5 co-workers on my shift- & often the other ns or i feed our cenas & they love that- especially when the other ns cooks! we also give gifts to each other- the other shift doesn't. i think it has to do /c how well we work as a team also, i find when the schedueler call for me to come in on an off day i decline- if one of our shift asks me, i'll accept in a heartbeat! dharma
  12. by   huggietoes
    I wish it were that simple, however, I oriented on the day shift and they bragged/lauged about how they would leave work for the evening shift. They know evenings have less staff, but then again they do not care. Admissions that come in at 1415 and the paperwork has not even been started, the patient has not even been seen by a nurse, the day shift is sitting at the desk spinning in the wheeled chairs discussing in great length about their sexcapades from the day before. Literally, and who to complain to since the NM is in the chair beside them contributing to their delinquence. Meds not passed at 1130, one time stat orders not completed, notes left unfinished or unsigned, I&O not recorded, one set of vitals taken if youre lucky, and the patients continuously tell me, "wow, on days I never see the nurse, and she never listened to my heart/lungs" makes me wonder what they are writing about in their assessment charting maybe WNL really does mean "was not looking".
  13. by   JailRN
    I think every shift dumps on the next, no matter WHAT shift you work. I prefer 7-3, yes, more brass around, but time goes quickly, and I have my nights with my boys.
  14. by   surgnurse
    I work the 7p-7a shift and have for the past 4 years. It seems that the staff on this shift get along better and you do not have to deal with all the little clicks that the other shifts have. People get along better and do not talk about each other behind backs.