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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   skinc1
    wearing pajamas to work! In what other profession do you get to roll out of bed throw on comfy pants (scrubs) and tennis shoes and then work for 12 hours in them?
  2. by   white_tigress_247
    having lots of patients and patience...... oh, the life of an angel..!!!!!

    the ability to appreciate and understand the importance of life, are able to give to others,(selflessly) hope, courage and strength to those who are truly in need.

    gotta love nursing!!!! ))

  3. by   saali
    i think the most good idea in nursing is you can work in different units or wards, so you never get sick from doing one job...there is always something new to do...
  4. by   BayouLPN
    What I love about my job is that it isn't a job. It is who I am. It is something in me that I know is good and true. It is the hug I got today from a family member who said, "Thank you so much for making Momma's end so much easier, I know you loved her, too and it was just as hard for you but you did so much that I just couldn't do" (she is a nurse at the facility, as well) It is the smile on the new Mom's face when I hand over the newborn baby for the first time. It is knowing that even if the people I come into contact with do not remember my name, they remember ME> Even my LTC res who cannot remember my name, know my face or my voice and respond to me. It is an joy that cannot be described that wells up from the inside. I am not just an "employee" I am a friend, a companion, a helper, an advocate,a teacher, a lifesaver, and a person. I love what I mean to others and what they mean to me.
  5. by   ®Nurse
    The artist who puts pen to paper to describe changes in conditions, or spoken word to hardened ear to soothe frustrations with poor progress, finds little solace in overtime environments and hostile fresh charges to carry the torch on towards another shift.

    It the healing that takes places from giving from ones own self through either the own experiences had, or direct observations from ones immediate environment that allows another person who has come briefly into our sphere of involvement to go forth more whole, and more full of life than before. To be able to go to a much better place, whilst we remain to send that next one on.

    This is what I love about nursing. It is brought about by a scientific cirriculum that teaches physiological functions, and abstract medical processes that allow up to be close enough to another human being to actually heal them with our art.

    We all would do well to not forget that.
  6. by   minnib
    This career is mental, physical, emotional, just like a good relationship
    you are always learning and will never know it all... which sometimes can be a little overwhelming...I am amazed at how much my nursing career has helped me grow as a person is so many areas of my life...it forces you to think of problems in an analytical way...and the choice in nursing is endless...so many areas to specialize in....one can never be bored ......I LOVE NURSINGredbeathe!!!!
  7. by   nyapa
    Watching and having a part in the progression of people from an acute state of illness to a state where they are free to leave the ward.

    Being able to help someone gain control over their lives, no matter what their state of health.

    The people that 'prove the doctors wrong'.

    The 'thankyous' from ppl from whom you'd least expect it.

    I live in a region where there is a very strong Aboriginal culture; many of these ppl speak English as a second language, and nonverbal communication is very different. It is really lovely when you gain their trust.

    Cameraderie from your colleagues. In some ways, we can speak a different language to the general public. And our experiences can often only be shared by other nurses.

    Believe it or not - the shift work!
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  8. by   presuppose
    Being able to bring comfort, information, any sort of help where needed. This includes patients, docs, other nurses, receptionists, students. It's also fun when neighbors say, "You're a nurse, you would know about this" and then of course, I have never seen that sort of icky wierdo rash or lump or something and I say, " get thee to an ER". But it's still fun to try to help the neighbors.
  9. by   AlabamaRN(ER)
    What I love?
    The fact that I see the people at their best and at their worst every day that I work.

    The fact that I've held slippery new babies and the withered hands of the old and dying within days of each other.

    The fact that I am blessed to work with a group of educated professionals that can, with God's help, heal, save lives, change lives, and touch lives on a daily basis.

    The fact that my life will count for something. I will not have just taken up space on this planet for X number of years. I will have done something for the greater good.
  10. by   sleepyhead1
    I have been a nurse for 17 years and have done a little of everything. If you get tired of one type of nursing you can change to another type without a major change in your education. My favorite is cardiac nursing. It's a little easier on your back, fast paced, requires a lot of thinking, and most of your patients are in better health when they leave than when they came in. It's nice to be a part of that. I also enjoy the job security.
  11. by   Ambition13
    The feeling of appreciation you get when someone says, "thank you" whether if it's a patient, family member, etc. It makes me feel my job is so rewarding knowing that I have made a difference.
  12. by   MUTYA_RN
    The ability to touch other people's lives, not only the patients but their

    relatives who share the pain and suffering of their patients...nurse:

    To render attention, care and love...redbeathe
  13. by   valkyria
    there is nothing i can say that has not already been said. we have the most respected career there is. nurses are perceived by the public to be honorable and honest. no matter if we get tired of one specialty and change or change completely from bedside to teaching or administration, we can still: a) always have a good paying job and b) always make a difference. it is not just a job, it is an adventure. it is true, from day to day, there is rarely a dull moment for long.