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  1. by   lvs2nrs3535
    I have to chime in again.... I love the reinforcement you get when a patient tells you you are an angel of mercy, and truly means it! I love being able to make a difference in a stroke patients life, (yes he had memory deficits, but physically he was fine, and I gently pointed out to him how much he had going for him, a huge supportive family, 6 siblings, a wife and kids who visited every night, and without revealing particulars, let him know about patients who have lost total function on one side of their body, or have no one who visits). I also spoke with his sister. The next day when i came in to work, his sister let me know that the patient had something to ask me. (he had had NO initiation when he first came, so remembering what he had to ask me was a big deal). When I got in the room, his sister had made a huge poster sayings BLANKS cheering squad, and his whole family had signed along with PT, OT, ect. ect. Pt asked me, would you please be part of my cheering section? I was so choked up, I signed and went and had a good cry. The patient went home the next week. Till then, he was getting depressed, having himself a big ole pity party. I pointed out with grace what he did have, his family took it and ran with it,,, and he is home now!!!!
    THAT is the kind of feeling that makes the difficult ones more bearable, cleaning up the nasty stuff okay. When a little old lady holds your hand and calls you an angel of mercy and means it, well, your heart fills up. My cup overflows. sometimes its with urine and feces,,, LOL, but hey, thats part of the job. I love being there for people in need.
    And... best of all, these people make me look at my life, (which has been tough traumatic, blah blah blah, and make me grateful for what I have.)
    Every day is a gift, and I am blessed.
    Did I say I love my job?????
    Smile everyone, we are a special set of people, and none of us is perfect, but we do something it truly takes a special kind of person to do. I am glowingly proud of this, and while Im still a new nurse, and I know 10 years from now the shine will be off, I still believe I have found my calling.
    God blessed us...and we get to share that.
    Oh jeeeeez, Im getting all teary here.....
    Love you guys!
  2. by   Athenas83
    Awww Kristy, that's the sweetest story! I'm so excited about becoming a nurse.
  3. by   fakebee
    :spin: I love being able to say at least once a shift "No I've never seen or done anything like that before"...followed quickly by "But I sure would like to learn how or No I won't forget that ever". How many people are lucky enough to learn something new every day at work even after 11 years? Not many I'll bet. That's nursing.
  4. by   Nurse89
    that after 17 years i am still doling out the meds and hugs and actually still loving it.. i love a challenge and i went to the right place,,:spin:
    i must add, i did take a 2 year hiatus, that might have helped too lol * wink
  5. by   rnurse2b
    I love the team that I work with, a fantastic group of women!
    I love the kids, the chronics, the chemos, the wheezers, all of them.
    I love the hugs, the toothless, drooling grins. The sticky fingers reaching out to touch me.
    I love teaching the new parents when not to panic, and when to....lol
    I have worked in M/S, ICU, Neuro, oncology, all over the hospital in every department, but my heart is in Pediatrics, PICU and nursery.
    What I love about nursing, is being able to move around in the same hospital, working different areas, finding that one unit that you know you belong. When you find that one area that you can't wait to get to, you know you have found your niche in nursing.
  6. by   fronkey bean
    I love the fact that you can't sit still too long w/o getting left behind. What a great job when you can constantly learn something new and exciting while doing something useful and worthwhile. It keeps me on my toes all the time.
  7. by   SweetLadyJ
    I'm glad I came across this thread! As a newbie to allnurses.com, I've seen mostly negative posts about being a nurse. This thread is VERY encouraging!
  8. by   liyah26
    Nursing is an area where you can learn so many things about ourselves and even with others... how does our body functions so that we can perform our daily routines in life... how does someone gets a disease or illness or even gives us knowledge how to keep us from getting a disease because we already knew the precautionary measures we have to do and thus, keeping us healthy and strong for those who cannot do it for themselves...
  9. by   icureu
    I can testify with KristyBRN. I am only a nursing student but I too have had a pt to tell me that I am an angel of mercy. I have not posted anything in a while, because I had to drop out of school for a while, due to some unforeseen circumstances. However, I have returned although I transferred to a university and seeking a BSN now.

    I love nursing because I'm constantly learning more and more everyday

    I'm able to share knowledge with my family and friends about their health, and to my surprise, they actually listened and apply most of the knowledge that I share with them.

    I love learning from my teachers, clinical instructors, and the nurses. Their knowledge and experiences that they share only makes it that much more excited.

    But most of all I love helping the pts. Even if it seems to me that I have done nothing at all. These people are genuinely grateful for what you do for them. That makes all the difference and makes it worth while for me.

    By the way my new expected graduation day is May 2009.
  10. by   Diary/Dairy
    I enjoy getting to meet so many different people from all walks of life!!
    I enjoy doing a job that is difficult and doing it well.
    I enjoy being able to talk to my mom about nursing, it has opened up a whole new side of her personality to me!
    I LOVE the fact that nursing has made me capable of being independent and comfortable without having to be dependent on anyone else!!
  11. by   hilda_0626
    how your simple smile to your patient means a lot for their recovery!
  12. by   prmenrs
    I appreciate the variety of ways nurses can find to use their skills and knowledge: not just hospitals, nsg homes, etc, but in research, public health, health care business (reps and research nurses) and lots of other places.

    Also, men and women can pull themselves up the profession, perhaps starting as a CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, etc.....
  13. by   grantz
    i love nursing because i really want to help my parents co'z when they became old im sure they will suffer to different illnesses..so i take nursing so that i can care with them and of course also to other people all over the world....i love communicating personally to different people who as different attitude and belief...i love nursing also because i wanna know how our system functions.the're are many reason why i love nursing but it will be a long story..lol..anyways im a 2nd year nursing student and when im in first year i'm one listed in the DEANS list....bad english but excellent in chemistry, zoology and anatomy..