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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   KatieIowa23
    The challenge!
  2. by   rnmi2004
    I love patient education and advocacy.
  3. by   LesMonsterRN
    The interaction with people - the smiles from patients and families that makes all the other crap melt away. I love the art and technologies of nursing, as well, but this is one profession where even just a small thing can make a difference to someone.
  4. by   stellina615
    I love teaching my pts! It feels great to help someone feel more informed and comfortable with their condition/plan of care, and even though healthcare professionals never stop learning, it feels good to know that I have enough knowledge in my head to be able to impart something new to someone else every once in awhile
  5. by   nursejena
    23 reasons why I love my job...

    1. I ♥ the opportunity to take care of other people, strangers or those that I know.
    2. I ♥ the adrenaline rush when a critical patient comes into the emergency room or when the "CODE BLUE" light goes off.
    3. I ♥ being able to visit with patients one on one and get to know them as a person, not just as a patient.
    4. I ♥ being able to put a smile on a sick kid's face...even if it is just because I gave them a sucker or a SpongeBob bandaid.
    5. I ♥ being able to share in both the joy and the pain in the lives of others.
    6. I ♥ being that 'beakon of hope' to someone who may have no one else.
    7. I ♥ to impart the knowledge I have learned through the medical field to my patients and their families.
    8. I ♥ to be apart of someone's last days in this life.
    9. I ♥ giving and receiving hugs to sweet old ladies who want to be in the hospital just so they don't have to be home alone.
    10. I ♥ joking and laughing with my patients.
    11. I ♥ answering a call light and being able to ask, "how can I help you?"
    12. I ♥ earning the trust of my patients.
    13. I ♥ being an advocate for my patients, even if it does 'rock the boat.'
    14. I ♥ walking into my patient's rooms in the morning and saying "Good morning. My name is Jena and I will be your nurse today."
    15. I ♥ to hear my patient say, "I'm ready to go home to be with Jesus."
    16. I ♥ to give comfort to a frightened patient or family member.
    17. I ♥ to read Scripture or pray or sing hymns with my patient, whose world seems to be falling apart.
    18. I ♥ to be able to make a difference in someone else's life, even if it is in the smallest way.
    19. I ♥ to show the love and compassion of Jesus for my patients through the things that I do and say.
    20. I ♥ to serve my patients.
    21. I ♥ opportunities when I can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my patients.
    22. I ♥ to be apart of my patient's world, even if they do think that the maintenance man is under their bed or they call the Sheriff's office because they think that I'm poisoning them. (yes! it's true!)
    23. I ♥ even the rough days when I could pull my hair out, because that is when I learn to be patient, courageous, honest, kind, loving, gentle, compassionate, responsible, unselfish, cheerful, friendly...and all those things that I want to be every single day that I am a nurse.
  6. by   amshockley
    I have been nursing since '94. I was a CNA, Nurse Tech, CHHA, LPN and now an RN. I love to be needed and do tend to overextend myself. That is something I need to work on for myself. My love for nursing is the want to help someone in their time of trouble. I am a caring/compassionate person who hates to see anyone in pain or distressed in any way. It makes me feel good to be needed. Its very satisfying. Thats really all I can say about what I love about nursing. It stems from the need to help others.
  7. by   nathalie895
  8. by   SaraO'Hara
    Occasionally saving somebody's life through catching an early complication...
  9. by   azuredawn
    I am a Pediatric home health nurse. I love that I help children and families stay together. I decrease stress. I prevent child abuse. I educate and stand by mothers; so they can go home be mothers. I watch as people learn how to care for a child with special needs, even when they are afraid of making mistakes. I am a nurse.
    Yeah nursing!
  10. by   Nika Nazaire
    Nursing encompasses a lot of good and tragic things in life...
    I'm still a nursing student but I can say that I am truly learning a lot.. what I love about this profession is having the opportunity of being able to step in, into someone's life and making a difference,. witnessing people of different sizes, colors, temper, sharing with their pain, suffering, lifting up their spirit., giving them hope., these things makes us humane.. we impart knowledge. give care, same way that we are learning how to be patient, compassionate and appreciative of every little thing that we have. as of now. , being a student , there's still a lot of experiences to gain. challenges to overcome, and that's something that makes me feel excited and nervous as well., ^_^
  11. by   jason2234
    I stew
  12. by   jason2234
    I agree with the first comment.