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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   nhowze
  2. by   nhowze
    Being able to have a skill that can be utilized any where I go in the world, with all nationalites,family members, and friends. This profession allows you to really see that we all are created equal. If you do not believe that you should not be in this field. This is not just a profession, this is way of life. Only the strong survive, and i plan to be the best! This a helping and healing field, and I can't see myself doing any other career.
  3. by   nursegottabe
    praise God and bless you
  4. by   nursegottabe
    Well, I'm a bag of nerves. I start back in nursing School Monday. They like to give you a math test in the beginning of each semester and the last time I took it I had to retake it. But, I did pass. Thank God. I'll be studying peds. Wish me luck.
  5. by   Virgo_RN
    Last night I took care of an otherwise healthy, active patient with virtually no medical history, admitted with chest pain, who subsequently had a positive stress test. I gave her first dose of metoprolol, her first (loading) dose of Plavix, and her first dose of Zocor. I explained the indications and most common side effects of each medication, and though I could see she had reservations, she took them. Then I asked her if she had any questions about the angiogram she was scheduled for the next day. She couldn't think of any, since she had seen the video, but I explained to her how she would be sedated for the procedure, how, if there were any significant narrowings in her coronary arteries, they might place a stent or two, and that when she got back to our floor, she would still have a sheath in her femoral artery and how she would have to lie flat for two hours after the sheath was removed. I explained what a sheath is and why it's important not to bend the leg, and I told her that we would do everything we could to keep her comfortable, and all she had to do was let her nurse know if she needed anything. I told her that her vital signs would be continuously monitored, and her nurse would be checking on her frequently. She signed the consent, but I could see she still had some doubts. I said "We are the biggest cardiac facility between ******** and ******, and we do thousands of these every year. We do this all the time, and you are in very good hands.". She said "Thank you for telling me that. It really helps.".

    Today, when I came in, she still had her sheath in and we had to pull it. As I stayed with her, loosening the clamp, she told me some things, things like how the day she came into the hospital with chest pain was the anniversary of a loved one's death, and how scary this all would have been had she not been told what to expect.

    After she had been up and walked, I went in to give her her meds. I talked to her again about the metoprolol, the Plavix, and the Zocor, and I explained to her that while her total cholesterol was less than 200, her LDL was too high, and this was why the cardiologist had increased her dose of Zocor. After all was said and done, I said, "Well, I won't be here tomorrow when you get discharged, so best of luck to you.". She hugged me, and thanked me sincerely for everything I had done for her, for explaining everything to her, and for making her feel at ease, knowing that she was being watched over the whole time.

    That is what I love about nursing.
  6. by   nhowze
    I wish you the best! With God on your side, anything is possible! Just ask and believe!
  7. by   nursegottabe
    oh the rewards of loving kindness and job well done!
  8. by   kath722
    That is so well-said. We get so busy sometimes, and it is difficult to give the loving care that we want to. When we feel like we've really made a difference, it is often in a non-medical way. People say I am a great nurse, even though I feel I have so much to learn. I guess it's because they can SEE that I care. I know the other people I work with care, too, but they may just have different demeanors that don't display the caring so readily. It is so great to have the different personalities in nursing.
  9. by   spongybob
    i'm still waiting for my exam result not yet an RN, but i fell in love with nursing because my life is changed by the people who i meet in the hospital, in the community and everywhere who recognized you as a student nurse or a nurse

    and for all the thank you's and hugs that thay have given to me
    i feel better cause i know in someway somehow they've appreciated me
  10. by   Mahage
    Me too Spongy Bob! I was really down and out the other night one of my charges turned "toxic" on me and had given me holy H-E-L-L for not being able to get out on time, though she had even refused to come okay my insulin promptly when asked! I was really dragging, feeling unappreciated and mistreated ( I was at that time, not just feeling sorry for myself ) and I got called in on my off day by another charge nurse. As I was walking in, a patient who had experienced some issues and his mom walked in from the parking deck and they stopped me and told me how much they appreciated me and what a great nurse that I am. Well that was my higher power's way of taking care of me! That is why we do this, to make a difference and make someones life just a little bit easier when they are going through really bad times.

    I don't know if I will get written up or what over working late,because I would not clock out and then finish my paper work, I finished and then clocked out. I kept it legal. So I am waiting to see if anything else happens on this one.

    Nursing is feeled with loads of great experiences, and unfortunately many times there is a lot of negative that we have to deal with. I am considering making some changes because of this particular charge/ast. manager but the changes will probably be good for me in other ways too!

    Keep lovin' it!

  11. by   systoly
    I get to stick people with sharp metal objects, get paid for it and to top it off, my victims thank me.
  12. by   Mahage
    Quote from systoly
    I get to stick people with sharp metal objects, get paid for it and to top it off, my victims thank me.

    Hey that is an aspect I hadn't thought about, problem is I get to stick the wrong victims, lol!

  13. by   eriksoln
    What I like most is feeling like I am a vital part of the community. Thats a pattented answer, but its true.

    I read Stephen Kings "The Stand" and after the disease had killed most of the people on the earth, the measuring stick for how valuable a person was to the community changed dramatically.

    No more million dollar contracts for hitting a ball with a stick. All of a sudden doctors and nurses and people with great skill at the trades (electrician, plumbing....anything) were the hero of the day.