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What have other peers done intentional/unintentional to freak you out? Good or bad. Happy or sad. On my FIRST day as an LVN, (LTC) a res was screaming in her room as I was walking out to leave. I... Read More

  1. by   pedicurn
    Quote from nightengalegoddess
    Percocets in central lines. Feedings going into the wrong lines. Feedings going into central lines. Crazy old nurses taping babies mouths shut.........AND I AM IN TROUBLE FOR RAISING MY VOICE TO MY CNL??????? And those people are still working??????!!!!! THIS WHOLE THING IS FREAKING ME OUT!!!!!!!
    Oh my .... oh no .... are you kidding or did these things really happen?
  2. by   tikilpn2
    taping babies mouths shut!!!!!!! are you joking...if this really occurred they should be facing criminal charges for abuse!!! What the f***!!!
  3. by   TJMICHAEL
    OMG...this is SO sad. I, myself, had both my children in the NICU due to prematurity. One was there for 112 days, the other for only about 2 weeks. This is exactly why I want to work in the NICU. Can't believe anyone would be so stupid.
  4. by   TJMICHAEL
    Quote from rnsrgr8t
    Wow, I have a good but really sad one. I was a nurse extern on a peds floor when I was in nursing school. We had a very large and very busy NICU and we often would get some of their "graduates" on the floor to gain some weight and monitor them (this was 10 years ago) before they went home. One of my favorite babies, had miraculously survived, graduated from the NICU, was on our unit for a few weeks and went home on a pulse ox and apnea monitor (if I remember right, he had some residual BPD/RDS). He had 24 hour nursing at home. One morning, the night nurse reported off to the daytime nurse that the pulse ox probe must not be working b/c it kept going off during the night. When the daytime nurse went in the room, and turned the lights on to assess the patient (which the night nurse never did) the baby was blue with sats in the 70's. They called 911, got him admitted to the PICU on a vent and he died 3 days later. This baby had a good prognosis and ended up passing away b/c noone bothered to assess him and just assumed something was wrong with the monitor!!! ALWAYS assess your patient not just look at the monitor!

    OMG! This is SO sad, & exactly why I want to work in the NICU. There will be one less spot for someone so careless & stupid to be handling these precious babies. I, myself had both of my children in the NICU - one for 112 days, the other for just about 2 wks, & had to deal with nurses who clearly should not have been nurses. My daughter was eating well & less than a week from going home & a nurse came in on the weekend & sedated her because she was "crying so much" when I was just down the hall, resting, & my phone number was taped to her bed in case she needed to be fed or held or anything. Instead, she sedated my child for hours while I slept, tube fed her in her sleep so she could do something else instead of feed my child who had FINALLY succeeded at bottle feeding, & caused her to have to stay another TWO WEEKS. I can't believe anyone would be so stupid.

    Anyway, that nurse has to live with the fact that she cost that precious baby its life. Hope she learned her lesson & found a desk job somewhere AWAY from any patients.
  5. by   yuzzamatuzz
    My first clinical ever was at a major teaching hospital in an urban area. I was in the vascular ICU taking care of a patient who had had a femoral popliteal bypass graft, diabetes, and CHF. She was severely obese and I was helping wash her up. She kept complaining about pain in her stomach area all day even after being given pain meds. When I lifted up on of the folds of her stomach to help wash her, I found a line of about 10-15 surgical staples completely infected. I had not seen anything about this in her chart and the patient had NO IDEA that she had staples in her stomach. I immediately went and found her nurse for the day who also had no idea that she had staples in her stomach. The nurse immediately called the resident who had no idea about this either. No one could justify why the staples were there or how long they had been there. As I was leaving for the day, the nurse and the resident were contacting the attending and clearly were very nervous about the whole situation. This was my last day of clinical for the semester so I have no idea what ended up happening, but I still shudder when I think about it.
  6. by   nurseynursej
    First day as newly licensed RN at SNF...The only other RN on the floor was orientating me. We recieved an admission that in report from the hospital apparently had a "Cabbage" completed. I wanted sooooo badly to ask my orientator to remind me of what a 'cabbage' was...but I didn't.
    Recently we received an admission pt has contact iso r/t "Mercer". I just couldnt get over how many times this nurse had documented 'Mercer' rather than MRSA. Sometimes its the little things...
  7. by   babyhawk73
    I worked with a nurse that would work the whole twelve hours and NEVER used a stethescope !! Ended up after a week there she was stealing demerol too!!!
  8. by   RNDreamer
    Walked away from a patient in respiratory distress. Thank goodness the MD and RT were there. The nurses on that unit didn't have the greatest reputation.

    I guess her phone call was more important.
  9. by   CrunchRN
    This thread is like smack - highly addictive!
  10. by   brainiacal1
    Quote from lovingtheunloved
    I'm a CNA in LTC. I would NEVER EVER put my hands on a medication, especially a narcotic. It is out of a CNA's scope of practice. What nurse would put herself at risk like that? Sheesh. And obviously, in this situation, they DID have the time to sit with the resident for 10 minutes, since the CNA was chilling at the station with the newspaper.

    As far as things that freak me out, I'm sure most of you have seen this, but I work with a nurse who, for the past 30 years, has recapped needles with her teeth. I shudder.

    Had to LAUGH....with her TEETH, no less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   CrazierThanYou
    Quote from brainiacal1
    Had to LAUGH....with her TEETH, no less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've heard a lot of the "capping with the teeth" stories. I'd probably stab myself in the lips!

    I used to work in a LTC facility. One of the nurses was so lazy, she would sit at the nurses station and get her meds ready, then call over a CNA to administer them.
  12. by   Cat_LPN
    I've seen a nurse pull 70mg of IR oxycodone instead of oxyCONTIN and think it was 'the same thing'. I stopped her.

    A nurse I was working alongside of got report from the offgoing nurse that she had given vanco through the PICC even though CXR confirmed it was NOT in place- it was somewhere subclavian or something. Pt was fine, however.

    I've had a nurse tell me she was giving a PPD- she had a 1 1/4 inch IM needle in her hand! She said she thought PPD's were supposed to be IM and had been doing that all her life!
  13. by   loveslife
    Eating pizza by an empty bed in a room shared with an isolation patient!