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  1. pistolchick

    The hamster is loose.

    It plays for me! So sorry! I just watched it again for good measure!
  2. pistolchick

    The hamster is loose.

    Original Hampster Dance circa 1997 (hamsters dancing online)... and peek at the new - YouTube
  3. pistolchick

    Student doesn't eat and I'm the person to fix it!

    This is all fascinating. Thank you for sharing.
  4. pistolchick

    Student doesn't eat and I'm the person to fix it!

    I know I'm not the first to mention that it almost sounds like a possible "spectrum" issue. For the students I know who are on the spectrum and struggle with food aversions, no amount of "letting them go hungry" will solve the issue - they will simply refuse to eat the things they find aversive. A lot of people on the spectrum with food aversions prefer "white" carbs (like cinnamon rolls?) to fruits/vegetables and other healthy things because they can't cope with the strong textures/flavors of those other foods. What Is It about Autism and Food? | Blog | Autism Speaks
  5. pistolchick

    The hamster is loose.

    OMG... Almost choked laughing at "went Shamu" on the kids... going to start using this line.
  6. pistolchick

    Warmer Weather and Outside Injuries !

    YES. Mine, too! Not only are dangerous activities taking place, but bullying and other inappropriateness, too!​
  7. pistolchick

    Book For Boys

    Amazon.com: The Boy's Body Book: Third Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU (97816
  8. pistolchick

    UGHHHHH Need a change

    It sounds like your circadian rhythms are seriously screwed up. Bodies are just not meant for night shift. I feel for you. However, I think 2 years of medical surgical is a GREAT place to start, and I don't think it's the wrong time to start looking at other possibilities within the hospital. I've never worked in ICU or ED, so I can't speak to that, but I'm sure many others with experience will chime in here. I'd personally recommend any new nurse do 2 years of medical surgical before moving to something else - I just think that experience is irreplacable. Now that you've done it, I see no reason you can't move on. Based on what you've written about how much you're personally suffering, I think you SHOULD move on.
  9. pistolchick

    What is an "RN supervisor"???

    Agree with Farawyn. I worked as an LPN in LTC. The CNAs reported to me, I reported to the RN. The RN Supervisor is the "charge nurse" so to speak. IMHO, new grads being offered an RN supervisor position in a SNF are being thrown to the wolves.
  10. pistolchick

    Do you disclose AN to coworkers

    The first rule of allnurses is you don't talk about allnurses. The second rule of allnurses is you don't talk about allnurses.
  11. pistolchick

    Previous Experience to be School Nurse?

    I'm sure these more seasoned veterans will reply with much more information than I could provide, but I'd be hesitant as a new grad to start in school nursing. For me, the most challenging part of school nursing is a lack of co-workers or supervisors (at least supervisors that are also medical professionals). A large part of being a new nurse is collaborating with seasoned nurses and colleagues. For what it's worth, I started my nursing career in an assisted living facility - 90% of my job was passing meds. That job didn't utilize many nursing skills, and after a few months I was desperate to get into a place where I could perform procedures and become comfortable with a lot more skills than the job offered. School nursing, depending on how large the school and the student population, may provide some of these opportunities - but not as many as, say, a medical-surgical floor, where you'll REALLY get some skills under your belt. Just something to think about. I wish you the best of luck.
  12. pistolchick


    Actually, a psychologist recommended this to my husband for our son - she said her son had ADHD and she didn't want to put him on a stimulants, but a cup of coffee really helped him get through school. My son has ADHD and is on stimulants, but recently has been having trouble. We just started him on a teensy cup of coffee (more like 2/3 coffee, 1/3 flavored creamer - in a cup that would be appropriate for a three year old's teaparty) and it has really helped him. He has started asking for it every morning.
  13. pistolchick

    I got played by a kindergartner My

    Because: kids. I once stuck a Flintstones vitamin up my nose. (age 4).
  14. pistolchick

    I got played by a kindergartner My

    I have a similar system! I told my son I heard rumors that the toothfairy was so sick and tired of getting her wings smashed under kids pillows, and that she really preferred you leave the tooth in some conspicuous place - like in a bowl on the kitchen counter - and she will leave money in said conspicuous place. This system also helps with toothfairy tardiness.
  15. pistolchick

    Ridiculous things. This is a new one one me.

    I guess I should've kept reading before I posted my latest comment - the issue of cost has already been covered (and so have many other topics). Sorry!​