what else can an rn do that does not want to work as a nurse anymore

  1. i need some advice on what to do to build on my knowledge but at the same time i dont want to nurse anymore. i want out. i cant stand it anymore. i want to go back to school and get a ba but not in nursing. what can i do to build on my background so that i can get out of this job. i am 49 yrs old is it too lateeeeeeeeeeee for me? i need some real good advice anyone out there? i just cant do it anymore. thanks all. jd
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    What interests you? That would be a good starting point! And heck no you aren't too old!
  4. by   Quickbeam
    Just make sure you aren't giving up on non-clinical nursing jobs. Nose around and see what's out there. For example, I'm in community health. On an average day I give a speech, talk to the legislature and train staff about health issues. It's a nursing job but there's absolutely no clinical care.

    The reason I say that is that many of the professions that would welcome your background (social work, criminal justice etc.) pay less than nursing.
  5. by   llg
    Many nurses make the mistake of thinking that they either have to be a bedisde staff nurse -- or not be a nurse. There are lots of options for roles that can build on your nursing experience and/or offer you alternatives that might be more attractive to you now than the jobs you have previously held.

    Remember, if you switch to an entirely different career, you will probably be starting at the bottom. If you choose something that builds on your nursing experience, you may have some "perks" and benefits that would be otherwise unavailable.

    Do some self-assessment before taking any drastic actions. What types of work do you enjoy? What interests do you have? What experiences have you had that might be of value to an employer? etc. How much additional training/formal education are you wanting to get at this point of your life? How much do finances enter into the picture?

  6. by   htrn
    I agree with quickbeam. There are so many non-clinical jobs out there for nurses - working for an insurance company reviewing claims, sales person for medical supply and drug companies. There is even a program that anyone with a bachelors degree in anything can become a teacher. I think it has to be in an underserved area and you have to be working toward a teaching certificate - but you could go and teach science, math, etc...

    Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to get out of nursing?

    Good luck.
  7. by   AfloydRN
    How about teaching other nurses? Go back and get your bsn and you can teach clinicals. Better yet, finish your Masters and teach @ the University level.
  8. by   ArmyMSN
    Quote from obrnheather

    Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to get out of nursing?
    I can take a guess. . .

    Its hard work. Its a thankless job - manually intensive. Very little thanks - or support from the healthcare organization's administration. High stress, poor staffing, high patient-to-nurse ratios, obese patients. Difficult family members who don't understand what nurses really do ("are you my waitress?"), very low control over work hours. Colleagues that can be over and needlessly critical. Rewards of job satisfaction are few - maybe a thanks from a family or patient, or a doctor. Maybe a physician will come to you for advice (and actually follow it). Lets not even talk about JCAHO and the constant last second changes the week before their survey.

    Hey if you find that special job, let me in on it - I may follow you.https://allnurses.com/forums/f195/wh...cu-168740.html
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  9. by   wannabesedated
    I've decided that if I don't like nursing, I'm going to go for occupational therapy. It's a 2 year master's program at my school, and all I need are some specific courses (A&P, child development, etc) and a degree in arts of science, and they also accept nursing degrees now.
    How about working as a midwife, which is a four year bachelors or 2 year masters after nursing.
    Cardiovascular/electroneurodiagnostic tech
    Resp/recreation/physio therapists
    Massage therapy
    Vet tech
    Dental hygienist
    Social worker

    Or maybe u want out of the whole "care" area and should go for business!
  10. by   jrbl77
    i was just were you are a few months ago- i was ready to quit nursing and work at walmart or something similar. i had been a med surg nurse for 29 yrs. i had always been interested in hopsice. a job became open and i took the big plunge. so far no regrets. i'm into my third week of my new job. the people i work with are so nice and easy to work with, they have made me feel at home. i did have to take a pay cut, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. i will admit that i have alot to learn, but feel that i made the right choice for myself and my family. good luck and know that you are not alone.
  11. by   RN(MH)
    Hi there
    I am in a similar position and really do not wish to be in nursing any more. I am an RMN in England, and its not the actual nursing that I dont like anymore (I enjoy nursing in Mental Health). However, after my last job, I feel I just cannot stay working as a nurse.(Joined the forum in the hopes I would gain some of my enthusiasm back, and maybe I will).
    Anyway more to the point, as I wish to get out of nursing I have had to look to other careers. I dont really know if its the same for those of you in the US, but here nurses are very much involved with huge amount of paperwork, and management issues. Our ward managers are nurses, and even the staff nurses have to manage the wards in their absence, so we are involved in all sorts, ie duty rotas, training schedules, as well as all the usual nursing stuff such as risk assessment, discharge planning and liasing with the MDT. All this can be utilised in other environments, without necessarily re training.
    So I decided to send my CV and covering letter to a number of prospective employers, and have had my first reply, from a major international retail outlet, inviting me to apply for a managment position either in distribution or personel.
    So a few words of encouragement, you can do so many other jobs other than nursing if you really want to get out.
    Nursing equips one with so many skills related to admin and customer service. Life experience also counts for a lot when looking for a change. Just need to convince any prospective employer that the skills you have are adaptable to thier environment.

    Good luck