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Mine is obvious.It's my real name.:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   Loppear
    Mine is a play on words..........when I was little my Grandfather called my his Bunny. It stuck and that was my nickname.........so I just took a type of bunny, which also plays on my last name............voila..........Loppear!
  2. by   mattsmom81
    One of my personas...the one which has occupied my energies for past 20 yrs or so.
  3. by   shodobe
    Mine is a bit strange, but once revealed makes some sense. I use it as a internet name on everything. I have, along with my wife, been "showing" Dobermans for over 25 years and this is actually the personalized name on my license plate of my custom box van that is used to taxi the mutts from show to show. So if you break it down it becomes--showdobe. Take out the "w" and there you have it---shodobe. The funny thing is many years ago when I got this plate, friends of ours wanted this particular name but was unable to get it because "someone" else had it. They had to settle for "dobesho". They never knew we had it until one day at a dog show we parked next to each other and discovered this oddity. Mike
  4. by   jemommyRN
    I have a daughter who's nickname is je' (ofcourse).
  5. by   AlaskanRN
    Nothing too creative here...
  6. by   eirthjona
    Eir is the Norse goddess of health practionest and my patron
    Thjona is the norse word for serve.
    yes a heathen
    let's see...skm are my initials & nursiepooh is a nickname given to be by a few of my former cna co-workers :chuckle .

  8. by   piper_for_hire
    People actually hire me to play the bagpipes and I do parades too.

  9. by   ChicagolandRN
    Mine says that I live near Chicago Of course, even if I move, I'll always be a Chi-Town gal! "My kind of town...Chicago!"
  10. by   MsLpn02
    Nekhismom, your little boy is sooo cute. He reminds me of my nephew. BTW the Ms stands for Mississippi, I am an LPN who acquired her licence in 2002. Hopefully I can change my name to MsRN2004. Pray for me yall because I am so overwhelmed. Good luck to those who are about to take the nclex
  11. by   TweetiePieRN
    when i was a baby my family thought i looked like tweety bird (little kewpie-doll mouth, big eyes, long eyelashes, and a bald head). Then, tweetiepie, is a play on the word sweetiepie (which my hubby calls me), and RN...not one yet, but I Will be an RN in May.
  12. by   J. B.
    Is a religious chosen name when I was 14yr old. My Confirmation Name
  13. by   GPatty
    Mine is pretty dull....(No imagination here!)

    Maybe someday I can be JulieRN?