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Last night when I got report from the RN who was leaving, he told me the doc had ordered a stat med for one of my patients. After report, I checked the chart, and found the order timed for a half... Read More

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    Originally posted by moonshadeau

    I hate not nice nurses-particularly ones that don't handle their hot flashes and mood swings well.
    oh my god!!! where do you work?? do you know one of my preceptors??? :chuckle
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    Please remember this will probably happen to you, too, someday!!!
  3. by   Cherry Soda
    Ah yes, pet peeves.

    Strolling in late and making me wait to give report.

    Leaving the patient a mess.

    Leaving the room a mess.

    Not doing your I&O's for the shift.

    Changing the patient assignment because the nurse is a lazy ass and doesn't want the tough patients and gives them to me.

    Not leaving a full IV bag, or full drips for me.

    I really hate running around at the very beginning of the shift hanging IV bags, doing drips and cleaning up the patient/ room. It is soooooooooo annoying!!!

  4. by   thisnurse

    yeah im guilty of being consistantly tardy for report. and yeah its thoughtless and rude...im just one of those chronically late ppl but i am working on it and i have gotten better.
    its one of my goals.
    on the other side of this is the nurses who are GIVING report and are chronically late. i sit and wait for one of my coworkers to give me report for at least a half hour. then i get to the floor and am taking off orders from hours before my shift. i dont say anything cos she is really going thru some tuff times right now and is kind of scattered. but i honestly spend more time in the conference room waiting to get report than they do waiting for me to come in.

    im sorry....i have to ask something here cos it IS one of MY pet peeves...what is the purpose of filling out a med error report and reporting the late med to the doc? seems to me that the only purpose is to "punish" the irresponsible nurse. i dunno...i think we can/should take care of these things ourselves. unless of course the late med resulted in pt harm. thats another story.
    i have had nurses come to me and complain about things i have left undone. sometimes their complaints are valid, sometimes not but i make every effort to correct myself when i am inadvertantly rude. i know that some nurses just dont care. but i just think we can handle most of these things without involving mgmt who rarely helps us anyway.
    i dont think we should give mgmt anything to use against us as a whole.
    im not talking about bad nurses, thats different. the only way you can get rid of them is thru documentation of their behavior.
    unless there was harm caused to the patient i would not have filled out a med error report. i WOULD however let that nurse know i didnt appreciate his behavior.
    i dunno...we handle things like this on our own. when i come in late for instance...EVERYONE on the unit lets me know im late. in fact when im on time they ALL applaud or some other stupid thing to make me feel like the jerk i am.
  5. by   goldawgz
    I'm in a little different scenario-a doc's office--The one that takes the cake is when the doc comes in an hour+ late, (NOT from making rounds!), and acts like it's my fault that we're behind all day after I've covered his butt for the last hour schmoozing, handing out free samples, and lying my butt off as to why he's late---
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    can't say.........all is perfect here
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    OK...this is an old thread, but I'm feeling somewhat compellled to respond. Here, we wrtie up med errors on late meds, etc, because if we DON'T, management will chew our butts. If I notice the night nurse didn't give a med or didn't give it on time, the managers here, will slap us both with a med error. We also have alot of nurses who chronically give their meds late and it gets really old being told in report to adjust med times because, "I just didn't get to it on time!" Meds are ordered at certain times for a reason...most of the time there are no ill effects to meds being given late, but sometimes there are...we need to follow orders.

    With that said...what do my coworkers do to annoy me? LOL. Anyone who is chronically late just drives me nuts. It interrupts report when people straggle in late...in a town this small there is no excuse...if you know you are ten minutes late every day, figure our how to get out the door ten minutes earlier. Also nurse who only answer "their" call lights...we're here for all of the patients for pete's sake...I answer the lights of the patients assigned to you, I expect the same. And then there are the nurses who always want to leave early. If you're assigned to be there until 7:15, you need to plan on being there until at least 7:15...sure sometimes it's ok to leave early if the work is done and you have a good reason, but we have nurses who do it every single shift!

    Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend!
  8. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    What bugs me about some co-workers are their character flaws.

    1) Not having a good work ethic.

    2) Being ignorant and thinking they know what they are doing, when basically, they are clueless.

    3) Rude and uncaring attitude towards others.

    4) Ignoring any and all pts who are mildly unpleasant and/or time consuming. They will only deal w/ pts who are pleasant and sociable.

    5) Being concerned only with how quickly something is done, not at all concerned about quality of work. Some techs roll their eyes at me, because I actually do my assessments and plan/act accordingly, instead of just blowing everything off, like they do.
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    Originally posted by RNinICU
    I did fill out a med error report, and notified the MD, since the med was actually given almost an hour after the order was written.
    Which is bad in itself, because not only did the person not do their job and leave it for you, you then have to take the time out of your already busy schedule to fill out the med error report and notify the Doc. I've had this problem in the past with a couple of co-workers that not only wouldn't give meds like BP and anti-SZ meds on time (as they had been scheduled on the MAR for days), but would change the times to the next shift. One of them even did this with Insulin. I would then get the patient only to find them in severe pain (because they didn't get any PRN pn meds, either), with elevated BP's, BS's (which also wasn't recorded on the flowsheet), etc. So there you are, left to stabilize the patient, give the meds they need ASAP, AND do a med error report, etc. on top of it, as well as Nsg problem report to the Mgr. Sorry for the rant- this one really gets my goat.
  10. by   gizzy76
    Not trying to pull "rank" or anything of the sort here, but it really chaps my cheeks when I am trying to get report, or give it for that matter and a certain Nurses Aide, PCA, PSA or whatever will keep interupting and making comments as though she is then 'complete information giver" on that patient regardless if she has been there all week or not.
    I also can't stand it when an NA comes to me in the middle of a busy shift and says "so and so needs something for agitation please" and when I go see so&so I find them to be sitting in their geri chair with a smile on their face and no complaints or anything whatsoever. I'm sorry, maybe they were just agitated b/c YOU were in the room? I don't know how many times these gals have tried to make a call for when someone requires Ativan.
    Let's see...what else? I encounter crap on every shift from people that I work with. Isn't enough enough already? What is the rush in getting every resident into bed by 1930hrs? Evening coffee time for the residents is at 2000hrs and that is the most ideal time to pass medications. I can't stand it that I have to run around for an hour afterward trying to find where these residents are, only to find them in bed, snoring away. I feel like such a schmuck when I have to wake them up, sit them up and make them take a measly little pill.
    I love it that some of my co-workers work hard at advancing their education and skills/knowledge. I do not appreciate it when an LPN or NA talks to me as though she is the nurse in charge and that her way is the best way. In fact, the one I'm referring to actually asked the nurse who was in charge of the unit one day if she (the RN) was allowed to authorize the removal of flu precautions within the unit when it was noted that none of the residents were exhibiting flu symptoms such as increased temps.

    Thank god my biggest pet peeve at work was recently acted upon by management. In our LTC, the residents have a small carpeted area beside the nursing desk where they are allowed to smoke until a smoking room is built. It is bad enough that I have to get their cigarrettes and light them for them d/t dementias etc but when I see the NA's sitting down in that area to have a cigarette once the residents are in bed I do not agree. Are we not health care professionals? It's bad enough that the residents are allowed to smoke inside when there are only 5 of them and 25 other residents who do NOT smoke and have no say in the matter. And I am NOT a raving non-smoker either. I was a smoker for 10 years who recently quit and I would ALWAYS go outside. Some of the girls who come in early at 6am show up 5 mins early and instead of having their smoke outside the doors before they come inside, they come in, grab the ashtray from the resident area and park it in the livingroom lounge area to get report from the nightnurse while having their cigarette. I nearly lose it! Thank god that management sent out a memo in regards to it. Everyone seems to be going outside now (mind you, there are a few exceptions and I'm not sure why they think that THEY are the exceptions).
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  11. by   nurse2002
    Originally posted by RNinICU
    Last night when I got report from the RN who was leaving, he told me the doc had ordered a stat med for one of my patients. After report, I checked the chart, and found the order timed for a half hour before the start of my shift. I bit my tongue, gave the med, and when I discarded the syringe, found the sharps container overflowing. This was just too much, so I caught the other nurse just as he was leaving, and gave him an earful about the sharps container. He responded that the aides are supposed to replace the containers. This was the final straw. Not only had he not given a stat med ordered on his shift, he had put me at risk for a needle stick, then used the "It's not my job" excuse. I let him have it with both barrels. After he left, I checked on my other patient, a GI bleed who was having frequent bloody stools. She wanted to be helped off the bed pan, but I had to make her wait while I went for gloves, because the box in the room was empty.
    I was venting to some of the others on my shift, and we came up with a list of co workers' annoying habits.
    Not emptying an overflowing garbage can.
    Leaving packaging from meds all over the counter in the med room.
    Starting the GoLytely prep an hour before the end of their shift.
    Leaving the bags from discontinued IV meds hanging at the bedside.
    Leaving a patient in a dirty gown after he has spilled food on himself.
    Not giving pain meds on time.
    Leaving a patient's room a mess.
    Not making sure there are adequate supplies in the room so you don't have to run for everything you need.
    Not doing mouth care.
    Always coming 5 or 10 minutes late and delaying report while they pour coffee and "get organized."
    Giggling and whispering in report.
    Not answering call bells for any patient but their own.
    I'm sure I could come up with many more if I thought about it some more.

    Im interested in why the med wasnt given? Was it up from the pharmacy yet? Did he have time to go get it? And if he didnt, where was the charge nurse? Maybe they should of gone to the pharm to get it. How many patients were on this team? Was the nurse and cna "drowning?" Or was this a case of just not wanting to do the job?

    Still the "Its not my job statement" Kills me.
  12. by   nurse2002
    Originally posted by NurseMonkey
    the thing that irritates me the most is the nurses in my facility that do not speak a lick of english. I was told in report that so and so had a blood sugar of 30. I asked her what she did about it... she smiled and said "I gave her her amaryl." Needless to say, I ran out of report started a line and pushed some dextrose for a while. The scary thing is, that nurse still works there.

    Through agency I really like going to one particular hospital. I really enjoy working with the "recruit" nurses from diff countries.
    They speak English pretty well. And are just as good at their jobs as their English speaking colleages. The only thing that bothers me is that they will all have conversations at the nurses station, in lets say spanish. I dont know why this bothers me.....it just does.
    Maybe I feel like I am missing out on something.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    Did anyone mention the nurse who won't let ya give report without continually interrupting? Not only is it rude but it interrupts my train of thought...and after 14 hrs on deep nights I am TIRED.

    I have been known to raise my palms front of the interrupter and say " No questions. I may answer a few...but AFTER my speech." :chuckle
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