What do you pack in your work bag?

  1. I was wondering what I should pack in my work bag? I know I should bring a steth and a change of scrubs, but what else?
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  3. by   SolaireSolstice
    We have lockers so anything I use at work I keep there. But basically, change of scrubs (include socks, I go through more socks than tops), steth, "feminine products", tylenol, big bottle of water, a little cash, penlight, scissors, hemastats, about 40 pens, my lunch and a snack. Generally when I clear out my pockets at the end of shift I have misc. supplies in there (alcohol swabs and NS flushes) and I just toss them in there too knowing I will use them next shift anyway.
  4. by   CNL2B
    I bring nothing and feel lucky about it. I work in a unit and I get my scrubs out of the hospital machine and we have all our supplies including stethoscopes (Littman cardiology ones!) in the room (can you believe they haven't walked off yet? It's been 2 years!) I keep the "girl products" and my Danskos in my locker. I walk in with my purse and my lunch every day and that's it.
  5. by   TiffyRN
    I have an embarrassingly huge work bag and carry EVERYTHING. Beyond the usual things one should need, I would suggest to also bring a really good multi-tool (gerber multi-tool or something like it). They transform into pliers, slot & phillips head screwdrivers and a few other things. Those can run a little expensive if you get any kind of quality, but at minimum get a screwdriver that has interchangeable tips for slot & phillips. Wal-mart sells one for under $4. I can't tell you how often I use a screwdriver at work, and yes I work as a staff RN in a hospital.

    I was not one of the lucky ones to get a locker so everything I need is in my work bag.
  6. by   vhern246
  7. by   Otessa
    Snacks that will give you high energy and can be eaten quickly.

    granola bars, gorp, almonds and craisins, etc.
  8. by   klone
    A snack, a bottle of water, a big thermos of coffee (courtesy of my husband, he always sends me off to work at night with a thermos of coffee), my stethescope, and a novel (hey, a gal can hope).
  9. by   smarti15
    I work LTC and things tend to walk off. I carry a HUGE bag and have my name on everything. I have my littman and a cheap steth (to loan out), a manual BP cuff, wrist BP cuff, hemostats, two scissors, pen light, thermometer, pulse-ox, notebook, probably a gazillion pens (love the ones from my bank), bottle of water, bottle of gatorade, wallet, feminine products, and a big bag of candy for all of my co-workers...whew!
  10. by   Boonce1
    Scissor drug book change for snack machine I like to bring books to read on my lunch break sometimes I bring my lap top to use on my lunch break too but that wont fit in ur nursing bag and a photo of my kids
  11. by   TonyaM73
    My bag has slots in the front of it to display my children's photos. Stethescope, wrist bp cuff, 3 pen lights, scissors, tweezers, notebooks for daily notes about the facility and what went on, pens, pens and more pens, highlighter, sharpy, granola bar, change for the vending machines, pocket notebooks, pads for just in case, chap stick, mints, cough drops, oh geez that's enough!!!!
  12. by   Forever Sunshine
    I have a huge tote bag that I throw everything in. Stethscope, notebook, hand santizer(yes i bring my own.. yes i know you aren't supposed to .. but i like to have hand sanitzer(bath and body works 4 for $15) availiable at all times. and I have a pocketpack too. )..pens. that walk off.. feminine products. snacks, my water cup, dinner, pocketbook, and a little first aid kit.
  13. by   carolmaccas66
    I take quite a bit, like fruit and good snack, lunch/tea (as most hospitals I've worked in have no dining room open on late shifts), bottled water, take my own tea bags, also some cash. I also have a little toiletries bag for tampons, panadol, etc. And I also have two pens at least, a small notepad, a neuro torch, a hand towel & extra underwear (long story, but I got totally wet one night when an older patient spilled a whole jug of water over me) & I had to slosh around in wet underwear the whole night. Not fun at all!!
  14. by   PetiteOpRN
    In my pockets: ball point pen, skin marker, bandage scissors, 2 kochers, prep pads, 4x4's, and gown flaps. Maybe needles and syringes, depending on the day.

    Locker: Shoes, socks, caps, cell phone.