what do you think?

  1. I am looking for a new job because frankly I am not satisfied where I am now. I work nights in a busy medsurg floor and I just don't like it at all. The people that I work with are not very friendly, and it seems like people are just trying to find every mistake that is wrong with you. I am going to a job interview tomorrow for case management for another facility. My husband is totally against it.
    The case management has a lot of travel to people's homes, supervising LPN's and CNA's and arranging home health care services to patients. This case management is a job that really interest me, and there a no weekends, no hollydays, and no work on hurricanes. And now working nights is really messing with my body, I am gained 25lbs in the past 2 years! I hardly sleep (I am starting to work out so it's helping a little).
    What do you think? should I change my current job where I am not happy, or should I seek a new opportunity where I do not know much but I would be learning??

    thanks for your imput!
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  3. by   RescueNinja
    Personally I would go for the new job...you need to be happy. Speak with your husband and find out why he is against it. I know that my husband doesn't want me to do homecare for my safety.

    Good luck
  4. by   labrador4122
    He doesn't want me to do it because we have a 4 year old. but you know, she is starting school, and while I work, she will be at school, and when she is sick I will bring her to my mom's house. So I am sure it will work out.

    I am just so unhappy with my job. When I think about it I want to cry. I am so tired all the time from it, and on my days off I just want to sleep. All the weight gain has been because I started eating at night & I just can't do this to myself anymore.
    I hope I get the job
  5. by   RescueNinja
    Then I would definitely go for it If you don't get this one, keep looking. I hope you get it too!
  6. by   Simply Complicated
    I would go for it. You have a bit more flexibility with your schedule in a jb like that as well. If you need to take off for a doctors appointment with your daughter, you are more likely to get the time off. He may be against it at first, but one he sees the new you, he'll probably come around.

    Talk to him, explain very clearly that you think you will be a happier person all around, thus a better mother for your child. If it doesn't work out, you can always go back to hospital work!
  7. by   Kooky Korky
    Is it a cut in pay? Do you get mileage reimbursement?

    Do have a back-up babysitter or 2.

    I wonder why he doesn't want you to change. Does he understand how that shift is messing with you?
  8. by   PostOpPrincess
    Hope you have enough experience to do the new job properly.

    I guess two years is enough...
  9. by   caliotter3
    If you want the new job, then take it. Somebody will surely be satisfied and happy with your former job.
  10. by   Lizzy88
    I guess you know the answer to your question, you just want us to reassure you, go where your heart and head tell you, good luck!
  11. by   JustEnuff2BDangerous
    A professionally unhappy nurse eventually leads to a burntout nurse. Do all of us (and your family) a favor and go where you will be happy. Tis better to leave a job than leave a career.
  12. by   dscrn
    What type of area would your home visits encompass? Depending on where you need to go, -larger cities-you may require an escort for your safety. I would have a very good idea of where the job will take you