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I work nights. SOme of our staff nap, some eat, some play on the computer. Last fall we have the Leonid Meteor showers and a colleague and I went to the beach on our break to watch it. It was the... Read More

  1. by   doobiedo
    I worked at a facility that was union even though I was not necessarily in agreement with it. Yea we were suppose to get breaks...lucky to get 5 min to hit the BR if we were lucky. We did wise up and let supervisor know if we did not get lunch although you seem to spend more time explaining why you did not get lunch. Felt you had to justify yourself all the time
    OMG there is a break?????
  3. by   rnoflabor2000
    What the heck is a break? I thought that is what happens to bones sometimes. There is a unit on our floor that actually called us once and asked us to send them a Nurse so they could go to lunch. That kept us laughing for months. In our unit, we get all the patients if any other unit is short nursing staff (in OB mind you). We never get to say, "oh sorry, we don't have enough nurses"
  4. by   rnoflabor2000
    A quick note, I have noticed that not one L&D nurse said that she (or he) gets a break.
  5. by   mopsi
    Ahhh...the welcome smokes and caffine..the only way I can stay up for nights....
  6. by   jwhitrn
    Break?! Does any one really get breaks?
  7. by   Sherrigillis
    I can totally relate. It really gripes me that some non-smokers feel that they are not getting the same amount of time for breaks that the smokers do, that is your own fault if you are not assertive enough to take your break, or confront the smokers you feel are over indulging in theirs. Now I know that some smokers, especially where I work, do take extra time, but we smokers that actually work as a team and care about our pts wellbeing, as well as our coworkers that are right out straight, the first thing on our minds is our pts, not how fast we get to that break. So keep that in mind. Sherri
  8. by   WhyO
    you get breaks?
  9. by   live4today
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    ................. Do any of you do interesting or unusual stuff
    during your break at work????
    Uhhhhh...did you say "BREAK"? Define that for us please. Nurses don't know that word, nor do we have the opportunity to exercise it to the fullest extent of the "employee law".
  10. by   live4today
    I worked with a nurse today who did not get a "break"...lunch or otherwise...until I came on duty at three thirty to work four hours on the floor. I took one look into that nurse's face, and knew she needed a SERIOUS break, meal, and a hug. I gave her a big warm hug, and told her to STOP what she was doing, leave her patients to me, and go eat something. That left me with my four patients, and her five. She had just sent one to CCU before going to lunch. While she was at lunch (this was now past four o'clock mind you and she had been at work since seven this morning...) Anyhoo...while she was at lunch, I received one of her patients back from the cath lab, discharged one of her patients, assessed my own patients...sending one home while waiting for another to show up from her doctor's office.

    It is nooooooooooo excuse for us to not take a break to regroup and grab some nutrition. When that nurse returned from lunch, she was feeling much better although still looking short of a week's sleep in her face. I asked her on her return if she peed...she said yes. I asked her if she had enough to eat...she said yes. I asked her if she hydrated herself...she said she was about to go get some water. I told her to go do that while I continued watching her patients. I helped her throughout the rest of her shift to make sure she was caught up enough to leave work on time. I'm glad that I wasn't THAT swamped this evening so I could be of help to one of my fellow comrades on the job because that nurse was looking pretty beat up. She had a very heavy patient acuity load, and I was quite surprised that she had them by herself, or that they didn't divide up the patients based more on their acuity level. Had the shift manager or resource person done that, that nurse would NOT have had the patient assignment from hell.

    A few days ago, I had an assignment much like that nurse, so I totally understood her situation and frustration with not having a break. When I came on duty, one of her patients was coding. I'm like......you poor thing...what else can go wrong for you today besides no break to pee or eat or hydrate yourself.

    Tell me allnurses........WHY don't we stop and help out the staff who works like hell...offer them time to go eat, hydrate themselves, empty their bladder, put up their feet for a bit? Yes, we are allllllllllll busy, but there was no way I could live with myself had I not intervened on her behalf and MADE HER go take a break! When will the nurse abuse end! If we are going to have a "so called break", then it's up to us nurses to see that we each get one.

    Stop the nurse abuse!
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  11. by   WhyO
    There are smokers that work on my unit but they NEVER go for a break to smoke or pee or eat or whatever. They go 12 hours with only a 1/2 hour lunch break just like the rest of us.
  12. by   Erin RN

    Well since I work out of my house (workers comp case management)..I usually either do laundry, start dinner or clean house..

  13. by   WendylouLPN
    This is in defense of all the smokers out there whom work their @$$ off just to get a break.... GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!