what do wanna eat in Nightshift?

  1. What do wanna eat in Night shift?I always have something to eat(cheessecake or Mochi) I can eat everyday everytime.I have glucose powder in my bag.but I don't deabetes.I want eat Cheesecake in this morning .but I can't buy because I'm busy a yesterday .
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  3. by   redshiloh
    OK I'll bite...what is Mochi and why do you carry glucose powder if you are not diabetic?
  4. by   renerian
    When I worked nights I got sick, lost alot of weight, could not eat.........still cannot eat in the night.

  5. by   Kenshisandesu
    I always have glucose powder because I 'm hungry every time.
    Mochi is Japanese food.it's delicious eat with japanese sourse
  6. by   Kenshisandesu
    to renerian
    you will be become fine if you can eat cheesecake.but it may be....
  7. by   Tweety
    Hi! I've seen mochi in the health food stores here. Is it kind of sweet like a cake?

    I love Japanese food. I eat miso and seaweed soup with tofu frequently. As well as Japanese noodles like udon.

    Do you work 12 hour shifts in Japan like we do in the States? I work 12 hour shifts and eat a big veggie salad (no dressing just finger food size fresh veggies), a fresh fruit salad and something like baked tofu, hummus and crackers, cheese and crackers to get me through the night.

    But cheesecake would be very good!
  8. by   P_RN
    Cheesecake is good ANYTIME!
  9. by   Kenshisandesu
    The office hours of the Japanese hospital have two kinds.
    I am NightShift now. I work in the hospital from 16:30 until 9:00. Because it is a very quiet night this time, I eat, and sleep, and then eat more. I will work again tonight. Then, I sleep for two hours, and I will work again.
    I will be never unacceptable if a cheesecake can be eaten every day. Someday, I will feel a worry with a cheesecake's becoming extinct from the world.
    I am afraid that it gained how much weight . But, I won't stop eating. It is not the problem that only I am worried about the weight.
  10. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yep, too much cheesecake can make you fat!! But it sure is yummy though.... especially white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Kenshiandesu, we have a chain of resturants in the United States called the Cheesecake Factory, they have delicious food.
  11. by   Kenshisandesu
    I want to know the restaurant of the delicious cheesecake of the US from you. Let's eat together if I go on a trip.
  12. by   NICU_Nurse

    You are only sleeping two hours a night before work?!?
  13. by   KailuaNurse
    I love mochi!!!! In Hawaii at New Year's there's always tons of mochi being prepared!!! Of course cheesecake rocks also!!!
  14. by   ceecel.dee
    Red licorice for me!