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This is for all those who have changed careers....what did you do before you decided to become a nurse??? This is just to satisfy my own curiosity....I am currently working in retail and have... Read More

  1. by   htrn
    Delivered pizzas for a couple of years, was a lifeguard, swim instructor, after school program 'instructor' for kids, and worked as a temp - all at the same time.

    Was in the Navy for 6 years. Secretary for a year. Full time mom until I went completely nuts (God love full time mothers) the nursing school.
  2. by   Aradien
    I was a waitress, cashier, clerk, STAHM, nursing school student (RN Diploma, didn't finish program), got an AAS in paralegal studies, secretary, corporate accounting associate, and I was working toward my accounting degree (in hopes of getting my CPA) when I decided to go back to nursing school.

    Coming back to nursing school is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made.
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  3. by   alabama
    I have been a paralegal for 17 years. Starting prereqs for nursing in January.
  4. by   tatgirl
    I was a cubicle hostage doing accounts payable work for the East Coast's largest furniture store. Before that I did accounts payable work for one of the Souths largest poultry processing plants. I was a sahm for a couple of years, and also have been a waitress. becoming a nurse finally at age 37 was the best thing I have done (besides give birth to my 2 kids lol) I love my job.

  5. by   jemommyRN
    I have a BS in chemistry and worked in a research lab for a while, worked as a forensic DNA analyst for about 3 weeks (I got fired!), worked as a receptionist, administrative assistant, deputy sheriff, cashier, pretzel maker, retail. none of those jobs gave me the stability that I look forward to having as a nurse.
  6. by   MissJoRN
    I was a waitress for a couple years until my aunt who worked at the same restaurant became a CNA. I remembered my dream of nursing.
    So then I decided to become a CNA then HHA. I was a volunteer EMT, too. When I started that nursing was not a good career option (few jobs, even worse pay than now) but after a few years it looked like a good plan. I had started a medical assistant program then dropped out halfway through to go to nursing school.
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  7. by   BJLynn
    Let's see. I've been a movie theatre manager, a nanny, a clerical worker, a chiropractic assistant, and a retail manager.
  8. by   babynurselsa
    I was a cowgirl.
    I worked on a Quarter horse Ranch.
  9. by   medsurgnights
    Another former medical transcriptionist here, worked my way through nursing school as an MT and CNA
  10. by   waterbabies
    Hotel desk clerk, seamstress, fitter, and monogrammer for department store, greenhouse attendant, warehouse worker, receptionist for three different kinds of companies, photo kiosk person, photoprocessing person, music store manager, gofer, housewife, file clerk, police science student, music student, Spanish student.

    (Late bloomer.)
  11. by   banditrn
    I was a 'technical clerk' for many years in an engineering company - kinda like the ward clerks we have in hospitals.

    Then when all my boys were little I had to come up with something to do at home so I start designing craft projects for magazine, and sold my own line of clay creatures.
  12. by   tman6366
    Not a Nurse... YET, but working on it.
    I'll have my associates of science this spring.
    Let's see... 4.5yrs USAF (security police) 8.5yrs Federal Corrections Officer(worse job I've every had!), 7yrs to present working for Compaq/HP tech support.
    I love computers and technology, but all the jobs are going overseas or we're being replaced by H1B Visa workers, so it's time for another career change. A neighbor of mine, who is a nurse, suggested I look into it.
    The more I looked, the more I liked. I'm looking forward to becoming a nurse
  13. by   txspadequeenRN
    I live at the Dollar tree......it was love at first sight!!!!!

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