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What are some sacrifices you had to make to get where you are today? I just sold my 2001 Mustang GT that I have pour my money, sweat and tears into for the last five years. I did it so that I... Read More

  1. by   royr
    Quote from dano
    My grandpa worked for Ford. My dad worked for Ford. I have 2 uncles that work for Ford. If it wasn't made by a Ford company (i.e. Lincoln, Volvo) it's not getting parked in my garage.

    Well I probably wouldn't toss out a Ferrari if there was one parked in there.
    Jagaur is now owned by Ford as well , as is Land Rover- forget the Ferrari - they are high maintanance. A Nurse always looks great in a new Jag (and you can help the sick FASTER) - LOL.
  2. by   dano
    They own Mazda too. I considered getting a '06 Mazdaspeed 6. It's hard not to have fun in a 274-hp 6-speed shifted 4-door with a turbo motor. Getting something used was just a smarter choice financially. Maybe one day!
  3. by   jkw_83RN
    I sacrificed sleep, time with my son, and plenty of nights partying...but it was well worth it because I make more than the girls that wanted to party all the time and I am able to provide a stable lifestyle for my son.
  4. by   military spouse
    Quote from 777RNThatsMe
    Sold my nice couch and chair, sold all my horse stuff..sold anything I could sell to get to school. Fought my ex to move the kids to school 3 hours away. Lost all dignity when being degraded for crap I didn't deserve in school.... (truly). Lost 1/2 the hair on my head (doc says from stress; we'll see now that I've graduated and passed my RN nclex and got a job starting monday). Lost my nice figure and gained an awful one. Lost poverty.....lost an abusive ex....lost time with young children as they watched me struggle through school, shut them "off" in my mind and concentrate on school....

    Let me tell you what I gained: 36,000 in school loans. But it gets better from there. I gained my dignity. I gained the confidence that I am valuable and can make a difference in someones life. Gained the respect of my kids who watched me struggle for their betterment. Gained time I now will have with my kids and an income to support that as time goes on. Gained the ability to help people's quality of life on my job...gained alot more knowledge than I had before. Gained respect of even my abusive ex - showed him I COULD do it (he told me to quit school and work as a secretary to support my kids).... I gained weight but the ability to buy a new home gym which I will now have time to use daily. I gained the ability to buy a brand new SUV which is now parked in my garage, ready to take us 3 hours away tomorrow so I can start my new job.... where I wil gain expertise and polish my skills to be worthy of being called an RN (a title anyone should be proud to have earned).... I have gained more faith,...more hope...more wisdom. Simply put I gained everything ..not to mention the ability to support my kids well......promote a schedule that will be beneficial to them...etc.

    So yes I sacrificed...it was hard (4 years counting prereqs)...but I'm now building my life. Kids are still young, now we have time ....and will have more time as time goes on and my income grows.... God willing that I never make a mistake that I should loose my license.

    I don't count what I've sacrificed...but what I've gained.
    Congratulations! You're awesome!
  5. by   777RNThatsMe
    Thanks to all who responded to what I had to input on this post. I took off for a few days and am just checking back now. Truly ..... I just put one step in front of the other and PUSHED (prayed until something happened!).... I am now seeking which steps I'm led next...probably to some missioinary work as well as supporting my kids. You know the bible tells us what we give up...we gain. And truly..it's the facts... and I never made it through nursing school on my own that's for sure... no, I was carried and led by His footsteps all the way.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    During nursing school I suffered an L4/L5 injury and, now, sharp pain runs down the back of my leg upon walking. I probably would be able to walk without pain today if I had not chosen nursing.

    In addition, I owe $20,000 in student loans.
  7. by   Justhere
    Lost time with my two kids. Lost my patience with my two kids and husband. They couldn't understand why mommy couldn't help them with their homework. My daughter ended up going to summer school because she was behind in her reading. Left a Monday-Friday 7a-4p job with a wonderful little boy. To work 7p to 7a Friday thru Sunday. No vacations for 2 years, planed a Walt Disney World vacation but had to cancel it becaus I had to have bilateral hernia repair from tugging and pulling on patiences, tore them back out the first clinical rotation I had 6 months later. Neglected my husband, who now thinks being able to get some more than once a month is a treat. Graduated, and passed boards. Couldn't go back to my job with my little sweetie because he weighed so much and I didn't want to have to have surgery again, so I took the job they offered me in the nursery. He passed away 8-18-06. So now I have to live with if I had gone back would he still be with us.
  8. by   MarySunshine
    *I didn't buy any new clothes for 4 years except budget scrubs.
    *I got less sleep.
    *I saw less movies/TV and stopped reading any non-school books (used to be an avid reader).
    *I didn't have much of a social life and rarely had a "day-off" because I also worked full-time.

    Honestly, I wish I had a better attitude and perspective, but I remember my nursing school years very bleakly.

    Was it worth it? I'm not sure yet, because it took four whole years of my life that I did not enjoy. But I do enjoy my job now and I'm proud of being a nurse. I'm thrilled with its flexibility and options and think it's a great career choice for me. Sometimes I think "bartending would have been great, too" but that's just on the bad days!
  9. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Probably, realistically: my marriage.

    I can't say that if I HADN'T gone to nursing school that I would still be married. And, it wasnt school that did that in, so much as the first year in the trenches when I could never get home (my 8 hr shift was normally 10-12) and had to work 6 shifts a week to make ends meet.

    But, both my ex and I now have bach degrees, in large part due to what I could make on my ADN salary (and student loans that I will probably be STILL paying back w/ my social security check in retirement).

    And my kids do have a good life. They live equally between us in the same town and both of us have sufficient standards of living and work opposite shifts so someone is ALWAYS available for the kids.

    And, I like who I am. And that is something that can't be taken for granted. And, you can't put a price on it.

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