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The other day at work I had a series of small issues with a patient. First, I couldn't get the CPM to fit right no matter what adjustmants I made. So I brought in our floor "CPM expert" to help get... Read More

  1. by   whitecat5000
    I'm the sepsis/declining patient queen!

    I can figure it out before the computer (though I wish the docs would believe me more.)

    I transfer a patient on average at least once a month (I work Med/Surg.)
  2. by   joanna73
    Therapuetic communication, particularly diffusing agitated residents. As far as "hard skills", IM injections and catheterizations.
  3. by   edmia
    What a great question!

    I'm good at being a nurse. Really.

    IVs, foleys, anything technical that needs figuring out, communication with people (everyone loves me at work, mainly my patients), messes that need cleaning up, organization of my work space, suctioning, wounds (Love them!), hemodynamic instability, anything!

    Now if management could just figure out a way to recognize my greatness once in a while, work would be awesome ;-)

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  4. by   nurseprnRN
    When I was in ICU I was a real pro at anything technical-- calibrating, troubleshooting, jury-rigging, making it work right. I was also one of the folks allowed to make vent changes on ABG results and wean people without getting every little step approved by some resident who knew less than I did. I still love ABGs. And I was tagged to be the first nurse to take an IABP pt in our unit.

    Now I'm the computer publishing/Mac geek in my professional organization.

    In winter camping there's nobody better than me in starting a fire in bad conditions.
  5. by   mappers
    I'm good at computers. When someone's screen is doing something funny or they're getting error messages, they call me. Plus I think I'm getting a good reputation for starting IVs. There are nurses better than me, but coworkers are asking me to take a look at the more difficult sticks.

    I'm good at patient education as well. Out of habit, I explain what I'm doing and what each drug does (I give chemo.) I've had countless patients say, "No one ever explained that to me before." I think that it all is explained to them initially when they have their chemo ed session, but people are so overwhelmed that they don't hear it all. Even if it is their 5th treatment, they still might learn something.
  6. by   AnonRNC
    I'm very good at breaking information down into understandable chunks for families, nursing students, new hires, etc.

    I can spot the most subtle seizures.

    I can always get "blood out of a turnip" and usually get an IV in too.
  7. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    I am good at diffusing hostile patients. I am te calm in the storm. I am also a great cheeleader for the patients and the staff. I love when i able to motivate someone to do their best.
  8. by   Seas
    I am great with sterile procedures like wound packing, dressing changes, etc. Type, depth, etc don't matter. Bring them on. I will not mess up sterility. My fingers work pretty well on the sterile field.
    I also make pretty good kerlix wraps if the dressing is on legs and such. My wraps will be very neat and tight. They won't start falling off easily.
  9. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I am good at assessment, emergency interventions, and I would like to think I'm a competent Code Team Nurse.

    I love the Code. It's not the "Adrenaline Rush" of it. It's the organized chaos of every instrument knowing their note, playing it beautifully, and keeping in time. It's the atmosphere of doing the best you can to save a soul. It's clarity. My brain sets up as an algorithm one with the cart, the EKG readout, and what each part of the patients body is trying to tell me. Watching cardioversion turn a Ventricular Anomaly into a gorgeous sinus rhythm, and feeling that bounding pulse once more.

    That first breath you take after the rhythm stays normal for at least a minute, and O2 Sats start creating up again as pink replaces blue and gray shadows, and life fills the shell death was trying to leave. A limb moves, pupils shoot back left-right, then on you. "What happened?"

    "You were trying to leave us." The muscles of the life saving machine rests, and the patient's second chance begins.
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  10. by   awalker1015
    I think I am good at therapeutic communication, starting IVs, drawing blood, and assessments. I'm also decent at emergency intervention , though it isn't often necessary at the clinic I work at.
  11. by   zorro_wrangler
    Quote from nursynurseRN
    Leech therapy! I always get those suckers to latch on!
    How do you get those suckers to latch on...?
  12. by   RN58186
    I haven't worked inpatients for a while so I am sure all my inpatient skills are rather rusty (although when I did I was good at most of them) but where I think I am really good is in palliative care. I not quite sure what it is there that people gravitate toward, but more than one manager and co-worker has told me that is where I really shine.
  13. by   Camperhead
    I'm REALLY good at starting foleys on really swollen postpartum women. I also get called to do venipunctures on newborns, although I'm not the best person at that. I get called for blood draws and IV starts on hard sticks. I always get the psych or anxiety patients since I'm apparently a very calming presence. I am the polar opposite of anxious. I'm good with computers. I always get called before IT. Always. Lol.