What age were you when you went to nursing school? - page 18

Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school? I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   LatinGirl
    I just graduated nursing school in Dec. at the age of 35.
  2. by   Fallen Angel
    Entered PTS (preliminary training school) at age 17 yrs, graduated 4 years later as RN....age 21 yrs. Graduated with BSNg at age 45 yrs.

    When I look back on all this....that's an awful lot of training to be forced into ending your career prematurely due to back injury "on the job".

    Take care....because no one will care as you do.
  3. by   hecete
  4. by   ann945n
    22 when I started RN course graduate December 2008 with my BSN at age 25
  5. by   jeanniern55
    I went at 45 kids grown you know the story, I had to pay for it myself so I took it very seriously most of the people I went to school with were late 20's early 30's I had a great time and am glad I went
  6. by   LadieRn
    I was 32yo when I started nursing school, 34yo when I graduated.
  7. by   Dreamer-RN
    I will be 32 years old when I start Nursing school this coming fall.
  8. by   nitewarrior
    Will turn 31 the day before my graduation this May!
  9. by   redem2
    Got out of HS at 16 and went to Nursing school.Graduated with BSN

    at 21. My older patients had a hard time following my instructions as

    I looked too young to be a RN. Thought i was still a student.

    That was 35 yrs ago!
  10. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Prereqs at age 20, nursing school at 22, finished on my 24th birthday!
  11. by   Niecee
    I was 48 when I got my LPN now I am 53 and trying to find a home study program to get my RN. I was 10 years old and had this dream of being a nurse but never had the money for books and had to work 60 hours a week to live, then I found out late in life that there was a thing called the PELL Grant in which the local college never told me about nor did they tell me about loans you could pay back later, so I wasted so many years. This was a crappy college for not telling students what there was out there that could be offered to students wanting an education. I also had an Aunt that went to LPN school after me, she was 67 when she graduated and worked 4 years in Mother Baby unit then retired.
  12. by   nurseladyhawk
    The ripe old age of 16.. High School 1/2 a day and college the other..
  13. by   njbikernurse
    Career mid-life crisis at 35! Went to 1 year LPN program. My oldest classmate was 61, and she was sharp as a tack. Now in RN program at 37. Don't think I could have done this as well right out of high school! Life experience helps you cope with the pressures of school................