What a weekend!!!

  1. Just recoverd from 3 in a row, friday, saturday, sunday. Friday night get this manic bipolar, and everyone knows how i feel about psyche patients. Had LOC and hypotension on the psyche floor after getting ativan and haldol. This guy was a total A##Hole! Called all the girls bi#$%S and C@#$S! threw everyone out of the room and everyone refused to take care of him for more than one shift, 'cept me, must of pissed sombody off cuz i had him all 3 days. Ambien and Xanax didn't touch him, next day i gave him haldol, worked like a charm, no hypotension. Begged and pleeded with the docs, even threatened them to get rid of him, they tried but no male psych beds available. Patient #2 a frequent flyer from a SNF, trached, on a vent, took a face plant our of his wc, all beat up and smelled really bad, bathed him not once, not twice but thrice (is that a word?) He stilled smelled, even tried washing his hair to no avail, heard form staff that worked at the snf he doesn't let anyone bath him. He got real squirrly, probably form pain and almost pulled out hi oral DHT, managed to keep his pain under control and he was ok till monday morning at 6:45 when i was getting ready to give report, got hypoxic, tachycardic, bp up tp 190/120!. Sx a few time, must of had a plug, pulls me over after i get him stabil and gives me a kiss ontop of the head, yuck, but it was a nce gesture. Patient #3. ANOTHER PSYCHE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 72 you female with schitz! Came to er in svt, broke her with adenosine and cardiziem boluses, was stable on the floor but kept pulling her moniter leads off. Insisted on being naked most of the night as well! Of course the house staff never reorders psyche meds. Made a big deal out of everything when i wnated to do somthing but would let me do it with out incident, she was entertaining, and relativly stable. Patient #4 wasn't mine but everyone on the unit was effected by her. 38 you female, non q wave mi. transferd to floor, had loc, hypoxia, coded, intubated back in the unit. retavased, pinked up, clot gone, brain stem bleed. They harvesed her organs late saturday night. Brought a tear to my eye. Actually made me finally fill out a health care proxy. Thank God I'm off til sunday and going to Myrtle Beach in 3 weeks!
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Wow, what a weekend is all I can say. I'm with you on the psych pt's. How sad for that 38 yr old woman. But how wonderful her family donated her organs.

    And, at least someone appreciated all your hard work! :kiss

    Have fun at the beach. Love that signature! I think Abe is my fav simpson, cracks me up!
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    What a weekend indeed. Glad you have something positive to look forward to. Psyche not my bag either.

    Now go cuddle with wife and babe to give you some pleasant experiences...if anything possitive came of it your health proxy signed!

    {{{{Philly hug}}}}
  5. by   Jenny P
    Hey Kewl, sorry your weekend was so bad. Enjoy your time off, rest up for your next shifts and remember: you can do anything; just make it through the next 3 weeks! The vacation will do you good.
  6. by   thisnurse
    i hate psych patients too. never know what the heck they are gonna do and i can never tell when they mean what they say.
    double bad cos they are sick physically AND mentally.

    ive had days like that too kewl...have fun at the beach!

    oh btw...did you let her be naked?
    i let them stay naked if its night and i just keep the door closed...unless they have a sitter...sitters dont like sitting with naked patients i have found...lol
  7. by   cmggriff
    Hey kewl,
    Sounds like a weekend off with my ex. Do you know her? BTW thrice is a word and you spelled it correctly. Gary
  8. by   CATHYW
    Oh-my-God, Kewl! What a night!
    Hope you enjoy Myrtle! There should be plenty of college kids there too! Are you gonna try to blend in with them? LOL!
  9. by   kewlnurse
    Funny you should mention that Cathy, 2 years ago we walked ito Dick's Last Resort, it's a restaurant/bar and over the pa system we hear "Attention all golfers, High school and college girls DO NOT FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE" I laughed my a$$ off. Well, I hve recovered form the weekend, and am ready to do it all again this weekend
  10. by   CATHYW
    You go, dude!