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regarding the provision of medical services to undocumented residents - illegal aliens. As students, we've had the opportunity this semester to have clinical experiences that include being with... Read More

  1. by   Alnamvet
    Quote from MryRose
    you are so wrong they are ILLEGAL A L I E N S!! :angryfire

    You are SSSOOOOOOOO wrong... you bet your A** they are in the welfare offices..... as soon as the ILLEGAL ALIEN foot lands my MY precious soil they flatten out on thier backs and create a child THAT I END UP PAYING FOR!!!

    You want to get rude and crude about this... come on ...

    Let's drive a wagin down thru town and scrape their little wetbacks off the street and drag them to the border....


    Wetbacks??? Where I come from, that is a racial slur...in fact, it is so offensive that I'm amazed that no one has caught it. A shame that you had to come this far, so desperate to win the war of words, that you have to use bigotry to make your point. I'll pray for you child :stone
  2. by   gwenith
    I am closing this thread for a time-out and moderator discussion.