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I will be a newly graduated nurse come May and am probably 100 lbs overweight. I was hoping to be working out and eating healthier and have lost some weight by the time I start my career but nursing... Read More

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    Quote from wonderwhy
    I mean no malice or disrespect but for those that believe addiction is a disease ( I do not and have been accused) addiction is addiction. Regardless of the substance. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, if there were a magic pill or formula it would have been disclosed long ago. My family is vegetarian with a strong focus on proteins. My baby at 14 jumps rope for a collective at least 3 hours a day. She is definitely into fitness and nutrition. You have to cut out animal fats, artificial foods ie. hydrogenated oil and faux sweeteners. We use honey and Agave Nectar for sweeteneers, very liyttle white sugar and read and know labels.Commercial burgers are filled with celluloes, saw dust which cause severe constipation and the beginning of most health issues.I adore veggie burgers, the black bean has Cumin which taste like Taco meay. Full of protein! Don't think "diet" think of delicious real foods for life, that keeps everything you have running right.Hipocrates, the Father of Medicine taught this "Macrobiotic Foods" in 532 BC but sadly, no one does it until they get a terminal diagnosis. I wish you the best
    Listen, addiction IS a disease and you don't get to just "choose" not to "believe" it. It's not a theory or a possibility that scientist are working on (even though scientific theories are facts thats another talk show). It's in the DSM and it is a disease.

    I dont understand why you're on a nursing forum if you're not a nurse and furthermore you seem totally disinterested in using your mind like a nurse.
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    You're judgmental to what you choose to believe is not an addiction and yet, what's in your closet?. You do not know that I am not a nurse.....or a Doctor. Did you dissect a cadaver in your education....hypothetical there brainiac
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    Do you think over-eating is an addiction?
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    Exercises is the best way to shed body weight.
  5. by   Been there,done that
    Refer to the Nurses’ Health Study regarding weight control and cortisol production from stress.
    We are pretty much screwed by the constant stress level.
    The physical demands of running around , like a chicken with your head cut off.. is NOT gonna do it.

    Hindsight is 20/20.. but I would have taken care of MYSELF first. Cardio every day, portion control, relaxation techniques.

    Patients do not give a rat's patooti if you weigh 99 pounds or 300 pounds.

    Best wishes, let us know how it's going.