Ventilator oral care

  1. Does your facility use kits for oral care for vent patients? If so, what brand?

    Sage recalled all of their oral care kits, along with a bunch of other stuff, and we have had to put multiple packs of stuff together to provide the same oral care we were giving with the actual oral care kits. I'm just curious what other facilities are doing if you were previously using that brand.

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  3. by   Okami_CCRN
    Our facility was using the sage products as well, we were able to contract another company for some oral care packets, but I will say I miss the sage stuff.
  4. by   Here.I.Stand
    That's what we've been doing as well.
  5. by   Cowboyardee
    Halyard makes oral care kits. AFAIK, reviews have been a bit mixed.
  6. by   AceOfHearts<3
    I miss the kits too- we've been doing the same thing. I feel like the oral swabs are like gold right now and it frustrates me.
  7. by   smf0903
    Thanks everyone! I was wondering if anyone else had come up with a better way other than scabbing various pieces/parts together to keep up with the high quality oral care.
  8. by   Meeshie
    My facility uses the Halyard Kimcare kit. Its not Sage but... its not awful.