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    another one- school buses - my daughter was injured ( thankfully not seriously ) when the bus was plowed into from behind -now granted she was sitting backwards - but she was young and foolish and had she had a belt she wouldn't have been sitting Indian style backwards- i don't get why buses don't have to have them - seems silly and stupid to me .
    Here's an interesting link pertaining to the lack of seatbelts on buses (school buses in particular).

    I'm not an expert, but it seems as though there are other ways, such as the 'compartmentalization' concept that allegedly make seatbelts on school buses less safe. That said, new European school buses come equipped with seat belts, so I'm not certain what the solution is.

    NHTSA statements argue against seatbelt use in heavy passenger vehichles such as school buses (which use the compartmentalization safety concept). Others claim the NHTSA statements are mere propaganda -- cost being the motivating factor for the absence of seatbelts.

    School buses in at least 16 districts in NYC have had seatbelts since the 80s ... Even if they're not required (based on the compartmentalization concept), the use of seatbelts on school buses would seem to implant the idea at a young age that seatbelt use is "natural". We would hope this would transfer into higher seatbelt compliance in the lighter vehicles most will occupy or drive in the future.

    FYI, one law states that the driver of a vehichle is responsible for ensuring seatbelt compliance for under-age passengers in any vehicle equipped with seatbelts ... I'm sure school bus drivers would ensure such compliance if the buses they drove were equipped with seatbelts.

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