UPDATE on my job situation and woes!

  1. I posted here about a month ago regarding my job woes....being fired from one facility for giving two prn meds together (xanax and restoril) and how here it is almost TWO yrs later and I can't even get an interview at other local hospitals.....I've been an RN for over 10 yrs now, have my BSN and CCRN certification with ACLS and PALS certification and yet no one will hire me.

    So today I got another email from my hometown hospital stating thanks but no thanks for the online application I put in for a F/T night position in their ICU.

    And a week ago, we had a vent pt in our unit...fairly unstable as pt was extremely anxious and nothing was touching the pt sedation wise...we dont use diprivan in our facility since the pulmonologist doesn't know much about it--or so he told a co-worker..
    Anyhow, a fellow RN was left ALONE in the ICU with this patient and the pt self-extubated TWICE for this nurse!! AND THEY still wouldn't allow the CNA to come back to the unit. She begged them for help and they wouldn't give her any!!!! AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH! I can't take it anymore.

    Moving is not an option.....I don't really want to go agency....but I am really getting to the end of my rope here.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i'm confused.
    in the first part of your post, it sounds like you haven't been working for a couple of yrs.
    yet you reference the pt who extubated herself...
    so are you currently working?
    and you want to quit?

  4. by   missdeevah
    i too, am confused by your post...do you or do you not have a job?
  5. by   steelcityrn
    me three....confused, unless that was a old co-worker who told her about the situation in the unit.
  6. by   happydays352
    I think she's trying to get another job because the one she's at is really bad, but no one else will hire her?
  7. by   missdeevah
    Quote from happydays352
    i think she's trying to get another job because the one she's at is really bad, but no one else will hire her?
    i thought she started off by stating that she got fired. unless she got another job after that, but doesn't like the job?
  8. by   everthesame
    In the thread the OP referenced, she stated she had been at her current job for 18 months and voiced concerns over what she considers to be unsafe staffing practices on the unit.
    To the OP, if you can't get a position at another hospital, maybe you should look into a transfer within the hospital where you currently work. If you feel your current unit's staffing is unsafe, you need to get out before you find yourself in a situation where you could lose your license. I assume you are like me and can't afford to just quit your job so maybe a transfer is a viable option.
  9. by   SaderNurse05
    Confused as well.