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Last week she came into the nurses station and urinated while she told us something that was going on with a patient. We were shocked...I'm not talking a little dribble...pant leg was clinging to... Read More

  1. by   santhony44
    Quote from Celia M
    I'm sorry I don't remember from your previous posts whether management has been informed of the problem and if they have done anything about it. If not tell them now, in writing with dates etc, if they do know keep up with written documentation and if nothing is being done go up the chain of command or to HR. This poor lady ssounds as though she may be struggling with some psychological issues and needs help. I would also class her as an infection control, PR and harrassment problem. Good luck
    I agree with Celia. I think she's got both psychological and physical issues.

    Normal people don't subject their co-workers to their personal physical problems. Accidents happen, but the millions of dollars of incontinence pads/briefs etc. sold annually attest to the fact that most of us don't want other people to know about them.

    Your management needs to document the issues and deal with them. Disability or no. Even people with mental disabilities aren't allowed to walk around in public undressed, for example.

    I think your co-worker needs both a physical and a psychological evaluation.
  2. by   Katnip
    Has this woman ever wet herself or passed any other body fluids/odors in front of a patient or their family members? Although many are too polite to bring it up to management you know somebody out there will raise Heck about it.
  3. by   RunnerRN
    Okay, either you're a troll or you work at the most out of tiouch hospital in the world!
    I refrained from replying to your first post because you got plenty of good advice - and all I could really add was "that's gross!"
    I'm just completely shocked that this woman urinated in front of you guys!!! I would go to my manager and explain again the problem. Then go to HR. Then to the president of your facility. If that didn't work, how about a simple anonymous letter to a local paper? (just kidding....but only a little). You might even go so far to refuse to work with her.....
    Good luck. I really hope something gets done about this, and quickly. Maybe if enough of your coworkers get behind you, management won't be able to ignore it anymore!
  4. by   MrsMommaRN
    i just keep waiting for the punch line on this one it sounds so unbelieveable. you have to bring this to the attention of management, infection control, the health department, someone. her behavior is that of a dog to stand there talking to you while she urinates in your face literally.
  5. by   bcskittlez
    Thanks for brightening my day even though I know it is really getting to you. But it's just so funnyyyyy!!
  6. by   muffie
    pt urinating at nrsg station, ok, but staff? i think i remember you saying she is not a nurse but some kind of therapist? surely one of us could never be so disgusting! this gal belongs on a farm! all kidding aside what a touchy topic. how to proceed. one of my galpals did perineal physio and had huge success with regaining control and preventing surgery for incontinence. this woman must reek!!!!! i'd be standing up to chart at your nusing station, no chairs for me no thanks!!!
  7. by   juls02
    seems to me she has become mentally unstable. it sounds as though there is some mental illness showing through. i know it doesn't make matters any better for you. just a thought. if management doesn't handle it properly, keep going up the ladder. eventually it will hit someone who will give a flip and take care of it. if that doesnt' happen, call your board of nursing and ask for help on how to handle it. the board is to help support us and should be used for such support.
  8. by   BabyRN2Be
    Since I missed this thread earlier, what type personnel is she? I take it from one of the posts she is not a nurse, and that someone mentioned she was a therapist. What kind?

    I agree, I don't buy that line that she can't use incontinence products because she's too skinny and that the pad (or brief) won't fit in her pants. From what I understand, pads for incontinence can be very thin.

    I'm sorry that you all are having to go through this... it does sound like she needs some help.
  9. by   mercyteapot
    Beyond whatever underlying physical conditions are causing these problems, it sounds to me as if there are mental health issues as well.
  10. by   tictac
    I don't have any advice to add, as I agree with what everyone else has said. But I just have to say this is unbelievable and I cannot imagine working with this woman. She needs an intervention from the higher ups, but it doesn't sound like they care. I thought it couldn't get any funnier, until I read the part about modeling for the hospital billboard! Good luck to you. You really do have our sympathy.
  11. by   suzy253
    Quote from earle58
    i believe i read in the employee handbook, that the towel you bring to work, to use as a soaker pad, must be color-coordinated with the outfit one wears.

    for instance, this fellow here, would benefit from using a towel in any of the earth tones.

    Leslie, you crack me up. We really do have to get together some time. We're so much alike it's almost frightening. :wink2:
  12. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    Leslie, Thanks for the guffaw. As for the dilemma, I would not even try gentle cues... I would work my way up the ladder, as someone had previously mentioned. Ivanna
  13. by   smk1
    truly disgusting! Management needs to be aware of the issue.