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Hello Everyone, I am a Unit Clerk working in B.C., and I will be entering into the BsN program next year. I have just recently become a unit clerk, after an 8 month course through the local... Read More

  1. by   AlabamaBelle
    I worked for 8 years as a unit secretary - the experience was invaluable. While in school and doing clinicals, I was able to save precious minutes and seconds because i knew where to look for anything in a chart. I was quite popular with those people I did clinicals with!

    Unit clerks/secretaries are invaluate to a unit. A good one can make the difference between a really big mess or a smoothly running machine.

    So, the best advice is to hold your head up high, do your job the best way you know how to it. Don't let the turkeys win! And never let them see you sweat!

    Cindy, RN
    former Unit Secretary