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Hello Everyone, I am a Unit Clerk working in B.C., and I will be entering into the BsN program next year. I have just recently become a unit clerk, after an 8 month course through the local... Read More

  1. by   muffie
    we have an amazing wc who is twelve steps ahead of anyone. so organized, spoils us, great sense of humour, knows everything and where everything is, used to make am coffee until she gave coffee up boohoohoo member of the team- no way- she is the queen
  2. by   grace90
    I highly value unit clerks! Our facility has *1* from 11p-7a for ALL the floors including ICU, and then ER has it's own. I worked 11p-7a for 2 years, and learned to put in my own stat orders, put a chart together, etc., because one UC can only be on one floor at once, and if there was a stat c-section or stat orders in ICU, that's where the clerk needed to be. Now that I work 7p-7a I get 4 hours with a ward clerk, and BOY is it nice. A few months ago we had a patient go bad right at the end of our shift on the ortho/neuro unit:uhoh21: , and orders were flying, and changing, and I about hugged the day shift unit clerk because she was keeping up like nobody's business. That particular unit clerk has helped me out several times like that.
    So, NO, unit clerks are NOT useless by any means! (And I have never asked one to get me coffee, although there is one of the night UC's that will make it when she comes by the units if she sees us yawning/drooping:wink2: )
  3. by   meownsmile
    I totally agree, unit clerks are worth solid gold to me. They do (at least ours does) so many things that help us out. They do leg work for us they dont have to, retrieve blood from the blood bank,, pharm runs, field phones,, OMG<, i HATE working without a clerk. Id rather run 10 patients per team than be short the ward clerk. Maybe i can do their work, but they make mine a whole lot easier. GO WARD CLERKS!!!
  4. by   grace90
    Quote from TazziRN
    Wow....if it weren't for our clerks this place would fall apart!!!! Yes, whatever they do we can do just as well, but with them here it frees us up to do our jobs without having to worry about the desk stuff.
    Actually, I don't know that I can do everything a ward clerk does. The computer system for entering orders is so complicated sometimes, and these ward clerks sail their way around it so quick it blows my hat off.
  5. by   AuntieRN
    I was a HUC for about 4 years. I remember one nursing student telling me one night that I was only a "stupid unit secretary..what did I know anyways"...well let me tell you what...she made a mistake saying that to me...she was overheard by one of the RNs on the floor who turned quickly on her heals and as politely as she could with steam coming out of her ears...told her..."you need to be nice to the unit clerk and CNAs. They will make you or break you. They will make your shift heaven or hell. You know what...she was right....*wink* I have been both a HUC and a CNA for many years...if a nurse was rude to me or ticked me off...I would not do any of the extra little things that I usually did. It was the nurses responsibility to make sure she did not have any stat orders or that her orders were processed by pharmacy..it was not the HUCs job...but I would make it my job when I knew they were all busy...it was the nurses job to make sure the call lights were answered....I would answer them when I was not too busy and the nurses were....when I was a CNA I was only responsible for giving half of their pts baths...I would do all of them if I knew the nurse was busy and she would help me....heck there were nights when I was the HUC that I would go to the restroom and the nurses would be pushing written orders under the door saying please can you get me this ASAP or they would be banging on the door...DR so and so is on the phone I can't help him I told him you would help him in a second....I loved my job though...
    Now that I am a new nurse...I respect my clerk and CNA..I know how hard their jobs are and I don't even want to find out what my job will be like without either of them.
  6. by   SillyLilly
    I did not read many of the posts, but I respect the unit clerks. One of them I became friends with. (when i was a nurse extern i worked on many units) One I dont like....... but i dont look down upon her in anyway. I know, sadly though, that not everyone feels the way I do.

    And im sure it was said, that a unit clerk can make or break an RNs day. And your day is rough enough. Give the unit clerk a break, and they may do the same for you..... why is that so freakin hard to do!?!?
  7. by   fgoff
    As part of our nurse leadership class the students had 2 'clinical' days with our hospital HUC!!

    They learned from both sides how valuable the HUCs are!
    They make or break the shift!
  8. by   runningcirclesaround
    OMG, I would die without my unit clerk, If you worked where I work you would be valued not treated this way. I think you work at the wrong hospital. If I had to put all my own orders in and do all the stuff you people do I wouldn't have time to take care of my 5-9 patients that I have daily. Shame on nurses who say you are useless
    Runningcirclesaround. P.S please copy the chart for me so I can send the patient out. I don't have time to do it and get the patient ready to.:kiss
  9. by   runningcirclesaround
    amen to that
  10. by   Creamsoda
    definately I value them. I work in ICU and CCU. We obviously dont have time to answer phones, so thats what the UC does. They do phones, during days, call to look for staff, book procedures, and other changes into the computer, they do our payroll as well. In CCU sometmes there is no UC, but patients are not as criticaly ill, so we have to answer phones which is a pain in the but, so its great when we have one.

  11. by   Agnus
    Quote from Jenni_H
    Hello Everyone,
    I am a Unit Clerk working in B.C., and I will be entering into the BsN program next year. I have just recently become a unit clerk, after an 8 month course through the local college. What I want to know is if the majority of nurses value their unit clerks? As I am only 20 years old, I've dealt with a lot of older RN's commenting on how young I am and that "Unit Clerks aren't supposed to be so young...". But by far, the worst comment I've heard was when an RN told me that it was a waste of time taking the Unit Clerk course, because anything we can do, can be done by a nurse, and that we are useless and replaceable!!! I do feel a definate heirarchy amongst the nurses and unit clerks here in my town. Some of the nurses just think we are there to do whatever they want. I work in ICU, and while the nurses sit around reading magazines or playing on the computer (when they don't have patients), they yell at me to "page staffing", "sort this chart out!", ect. I know what my duties as a unit clerk are and I am very meticulous and like to be busy, but when there are only 2 patients in the unit, and the Dr hasn't been in to write orders, there is only so much that I can do. If I sit down for one minute, I'm barked at and told to go fetch the nurses coffee. I don't feel that I use my knowledge like I could, I feel more like a maid than a unit clerk. I am posting this because I am hoping for feedback as to how unit clerks are treated or if they are valued in other hospitals.
    When I saw the title of your post my first reaction was, try getting along without one.

    Obviously you are working with idiot nurses. It is NOT your job to be their servant. I have yet to see "fetch coffee for nurses" part of a UC job discription.

    It sounds like the nurses you have the misfortune to work with (yes I said with not for) have too much time on THEIR hands. I do not know the type of facility or unit you work on but it is foreign to me to have nurses with only two pt on a unit, with time to sit around, or have no patients.

    Perhaps these nurses are so hostile to you because they are worried about thier own job security since there seems to be so little work for them or you. I would find an other place to work. Apparently they are afraid that if you are there and they don't have enough patients to stay busy that their jobs are at risk. The fact that you do something that they could do represents a threat to them under these circumstances because they realize if this situation continues someone will eventually be let go and they don't want it to be them.

    They may or may not even be conscious about this.

    No most places apreciate their UC and find it hard to function without them. I for one apreciate what you do and could not do my job as a nurse without you.

    Oh, one more thing. Can I get YOU dear UC,a cup of coffee or tea and what do you take in it?

    Ok I lied it is not foreign to have only 2 pts on a unit or time on my hands. It's just that experinence was earlier in my short career, and I believe a rareity most places. Even then we valued the UC and missed him/her when not there. (sometimes in the very low census situation you described the UC left early) Somehow when ever that happened there came times when we really wished we had the UC.
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  12. by   pickledpepperRN
    When we get a post open heart patient back onlyone of our experienced unit secretaries is familiar with the orders.
    It takes the charge nurse or "heart nurse" at the desk to do the orders and make the necessary calls.

    No float is able to do it. We have two on nights and two on days. When they are off an extra RN must be scheduled. It is truly a matter of life and death for our patients.

    Plus they are friends.
  13. by   Euskadi1946
    I used to be a unit clerk/monitor tech while I was in nursing school and I was never referred to as being usless. I learned a great deal from the nurses on the unit which helped me in my nursing classes. Thank God for the unit clerks they are a vital part of the nursing team.