At my hospital, Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina (on the eastern side of the state), the administrators have just installed the new Pyxis System (all this without even... Read More

  1. by   boggle
    I love our pyxis for supplies, .....BUT...., ours is stocked and programmed so we can withdraw BUNDLES of syringes, or WHOLE BOXES of alcohol wipes, WHOLE SLEEVES of drinking cups, etc, and charge those as floor stock We almost never run out of stock now.

    We have an emergency override that opens all the doors for those true emergencies.

    It's up to your hospital to decide how the pyxis will be programmed and stocked. It can be a tremendous help or a nightmare.

    It sounds like your hospital has made its choice.
  2. by   SICU Queen

    Completely UNBELIEVEABLE, but somehow... I'm not surprised. What is nursing coming to?
  3. by   Teshiee
    Like many of us we use the PYXIS for meds only....That sounds so trifling what they are doing putting floor stock in the machine. I know in some hospitals they use Omnicell for supplies it can be a real pain in the ass. I guess they want to keep control over cost. Hell if they are willing to be that stingy they should give you guys a raise.
  4. by   nell
    One of the great things about this board - learning the good and bad about things you wouldn't have ever heard of.

    If our hospital starts talking about a Pyxis for supplies (or if one just shows up in place of our supply cart) I'll know the things to look for and the questions to ask.

    It does sound like an appropriately programmed supply Pyxis can help control costs and ensure adequate supplies. We certainly run out of a lot of things on our carts, and having to enter charges into the computer is a pain (some things have to be typed in) and things are often missed. On the other hand, our most recent new employee (5 months) has yet to recieve a working Pyxis code ....

    Thanks for this board Brian!!!
  5. by   dianah
    Pyxis good so far for po and iv/im meds, great for narcs (count once a week!! Small area, so no real discrepancies -- RNs pretty responsible). As I'm in a Radiology Dept, doing sedation and procedures (including heart caths), we have a small locked tackle box-thing filled with emergency meds for allergic reactions (remember, we give a LOT of IV and IA iodine) and D50 (pts mostly NPO, get diabetics w/bottomed-out sugars at times). We couldn't see us running to Pyxis while the welts popped up or pt trying to breathe w/laryngeal edema (worst-case imagined, of course). If we use anything from THE BOX, we call Pharm and they send up a new, locked box. Have them in each CT room, in MRI and where IVPs are done. List of meds on top of ea. box. Works for us.
    Suggest: present to managers how other hospitals use Pyxis (i.e., NOT for individual alcohol swabs), and give arguments for change a strong slant toward PATIENT SAFETY (Risk Management!!!), INFECTION CONTROL and nurse efficiency (can't give good pt. care when running to get individual swabs, etc, so pt care will suffer, problem will ultimately affect pt [customer] satisfaction and they'll go elsewhere, etc, etc. Use the jargon for your cause). Good Luck!!
  6. by   Spstudent
    Hi there..

    This is my very first post here!

    I just wanted to respond to the pyxis situation. The hospital that I work in keeps EVERYTHING in the pyxis.. yes, we have alcohol wipes, styrofoam cups, urinals, everything! But, we have two units: one is for standard supplies, and the other one is for medications.

    I'm not a nurse yet (junior year student) so I'm not sure exactly how the med pyxis works, but I'll tell you how we get around some of the annoyances:

    First of all, we take large amounts of supplies out of the pyxis at once, and charge them all to floor stock. We simply just leave them other places, or put them in our pockets. No one has complained about this, (namely supervisory types) because I don't think they really pay attention. Also, our crash cart is always kept fully stocked, so that in a code, we don't have to fumble around for things. It is then promptly stocked up again after the code (incidently, we had a code a few weeks ago, and they couldn't find half the things to re-stock it in the pyxis!)

    As far as the med pyxis goes, I'm not sure how the nurses do this, but they always have pockets full of nitroglycerin... (cardiac floor) and the only time I ever see them working with the pyxis is when they are doing regular timed meds.

    Good luck!

  7. by   adrienurse
    It is your administration that decided to place the non-pharmaceutical supplies in the pyxis system (can we say cheap b****rds). They can to told to stop doing this. I really like our pyxis, much better than the meditrol sytem we had before.
  8. by   NSDRN
    I also work at PCMH and wanted to clarify that as Boggles said our pyxis' also allow you to pull out entire boxes of alcohol swabs, cups, syringes, etc.

    The unit I work in has not installed the pyxis' yet, but I have floated to units where they are in operation. When you need alcohol pads, guaze, etc you pull out an entire box and place in a drawer or wherever. On the unit each pt.'s room will have it's own supply pyxis.

    Only the items we now charge for will be charged for with the supply pyxis system. The point of putting non-chargeables in the pyxis is to ensure that we always have these items in stock.

    Just wanted to clarify.
  9. by   SherRN
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    It is your administration that decided to place the non-pharmaceutical supplies in the pyxis system (can we say cheap b****rds). They can to told to stop doing this. I really like our pyxis, much better than the meditrol sytem we had before.
    We had Meditrol also. Never thought anyone else did. I went to HOU and took the 1st class on it at Owen Pharm. We have just gotton Accudose. We are all learning to get out of the way when the drawers open. Luckily we do not have supplies in there yet.
    But every time you turn around you have cheaper supplies. The best one yet was the OB stool square is now 1/2 its former size. I guess a S--- Window is the same no matter what size.:roll
  10. by   preciousnurse
    I cannot believe you guys who say that you keep alcohol wipes in the Pyxis. I just grap some in the morning at the station or clean utility and keep them in my pockets. We have two the things, one for supplies and the other for meds, however we have floor stock of sterile gloves 4X4's, alcohol pads, baby lotion and soap etc.... I cannot believe that. You also should have your code cart already stocked. Ask your upper management why they are doing it like this and point out to them that the Pyxis machine will save them loads of money just being stocked with the stuff that it is supposed to be stocked with. It has saved us tons of money, plus it is really cool once you get used to it. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Remember, it only takes one person to make suggestions to get stuff happening if you have sluggish upper managment.
  11. by   Heidi
    i AM AMAZED. WHERE I WORK WE HAVE FREE ACCESS TO ALL THE ITEMS YOU STATE.However DRUGS/narcotocs are in locked drug cupboard, for controlled drugs we have a controlled drugs book which we sign in and out, the rest is either ward stock or imprest from pharmacy.
  12. by   Flo1216
    OUr system sucks because supplies are never listed under what they actually are. They are usually under some obscure name that I would never even think of. It is very frustrating.
  13. by   nimbex
    your situation raises some serious questions. In NY, we had the full pyxis, all supplies. You removed even gloves, they were charged to the patient and kept in the room, alcohol swabs too, a whole box of 4x4's. Now joint commission says only 24hr. worth of supplies can be kept in a room.

    How can we charge a patient for multiple supplies, yet only 24 hrs. worth and keep up with the corporate compliance policies that demand accurate billing???!!!!! There seemed to be so much more waste as nurses horded supplies for the needed convienence which defeats the purpose of the pyxis!!!!

    IN NC, my hospital is going to a scan system for supplies, you scan like a check out what you pull and charge to the patient. Meds only are in the pyxis.

    When we instituted the med pyxis this past year, pharmacy implemented without nursing. BUT nursing demanded weekly meetings with pharmacy until all the kinks were worked out. Talk to your manager about meeting to resolve this ASAP. GOOD LUCK

    In NC